11 Oct Whose Processors, Intel or AMD, are Used in the Giant Verizon Cloud?

There has been a lot of dialogue around the brand of processor used in the giant Verizon Cloud. We know the servers themselves are AMD SeaMicro, but are the CPUs Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron?

Extremetech’s Sebastian Anthony wrote an article entitled, “Exclusive: AMD’s Verizon server win was actually a massive win for Intel.” He writes, “Basically, it seems like AMD is trying to make it look like Verizon opted for an Opteron-powered SM15000 SeaMicro server, but in actual fact the vast majority of the servers purchased by Verizon are the Intel Xeon E3-powered SM10000.” Anthony cites a Dean Takahashi article entitled, “Verizon builds its cloud with AMD micro servers“. Then BSN’s Anshel Sag covers the controversy in an article entitled, “Intel Spreads FUD About AMD’s Verizon Data Center Win.” We know have a good old controversy on our hands.

On an analyst conference call, I asked Verizon whose processors were being used, AMD or Intel, or both, and here is what Pat and I got back, word-for-word…

The answer is both, we are using the Intel Xeon class processors and a bunch of our infrastructure is using the Intel. Recently we switched to AMD Opterons, and as you wonder why, one of the things we are looking for is increasing the memory per host and the Opterons allow us in a single socket configuration to address more memory, and so all of the new deployments we are putting out there are carrying 64GB per host and the 8-core Opteron processors.

I’ll let you determine exactly what that means.