19 May IFS World Conference: It is True — Enterprise Application Vendors Must Embrace The Internet of Things (IoT) or Die Trying

  Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the IFS World Conference in Boston MA.  IFS is virtually unknown in North America, but their legacy and reputation has been strong since its founding in 1983 in Linköping, Sweden.  The company develops Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Service Management (ESM), and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. […]

20 Dec Voice Control Will Disrupt the Living Room

In what seems to be a routine in high-tech journalism and social media now is to speculate on what Apple will do next. The latest and greatest rumor is that Apple will develop an HDTV set. I wrote back in September that Apple should build a TV given the lousy experience and Apple’s ability to fix big user challenges. […]

13 Dec Apple iCloud Shortcomings Provide a Competitive Opportunity

Apple iCloud launched two months ago to huge fanfare and punditry. It’s no surprise given the huge future opportunity with the cloud. Also, it was a big deal for Apple given their past online endeavors had been so unsuccessful that even Steve Jobs issued out one of the few apologies Apple had ever made. In that case, it […]

06 Dec Windows 8 on ARM Decision Driven by Phones and Consoles

There has been a lot written about the possibility of Microsoft not supporting the Windows 8 Desktop environment on the ARM architecture. If true, this could impact Microsoft, ARM and ARM’s licensees and Texas Instruments, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm are in the best position to challenge the high end of the ARM stack and are publicly supported by […]