Job Description

Cloud computing services is one of the fastest growing – and rapidly changing – segments in the technology arena. And the opportunity to help shape its evolution has never been better. Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) is looking to bring its unique advisory and communication capabilities to this market through an experienced Senior Analyst who can quickly establish her/himself as a trusted advisor for cloud services providers, their suppliers and partners.

Specifically, the Senior Analyst will:

  • Establish and build active engagements with MI&S customers, helping map out strategies, chart their route to market, position their products and create the tools that can differentiate & drive demand
  • Attend and actively report on important industry events and announcements
  • Perform extensive and detailed research on clients, their direct and indirect competitors, and industry trends
  • Become a thought-leader in the cloud services space by publishing and speaking at external events
  • Work closely with other MI&S domain experts in servers/infrastructure, cloud, storage, mobile technology and networking to provide proactive advisory and sales support to MI&S clients and prospects.

They know the role of an industry analyst, or have been one in their recent past. As important, they possess the unique capacity to quickly synthesize emerging business trends and report them back in a forceful and compelling way to clients and the industry at large.

Desired Experience and Capabilities

The Senior Analyst at MI&S is a person with 10+ years of business experience in enterprise technology – in the enterprise services, OEM, or enterprise IT space. They are personally familiar with the cloud services industry, the key service providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace offerings across the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS layers, and individuals who are shaping the cloud services industry.

Successful analysts at MI&S must:

  • Possess an entrepreneurial attitude and approach. This position requires strong business development skills, and offers unlimited revenue potential for the analyst within the Cloud Services practice
  • Work tirelessly and independently to build relationships and credibility across the industry
  • Possess superior writing and presentation skills and be willing to interact on social media
  • Demonstrate strong collaboration, partnering, and influencing skills

About Moor Insights & Strategy

Moor Insights & Strategy is the voice of disruptors – the advocates of change. We know how technology change really happens inside large business – from the outside-in – and we know how to help amplify that change. We are changing the role of industry analysts in response to both the rapidly changing technology markets and the media that serve them. And the markets we address include some the most interesting technologies in the world today, such as mobility, IoT, cloud, the software-defined datacenter, and semiconductors.

What we do

  1. Research companies, markets, products and technologies to develop custom forecasts and custom insights.
  2. Evaluate TCO models, measures of merits, provide benchmark assessments.
  3. Advise on strategic corporate, product, marketing and technology plans. Marketing and product includes segmentation, value proposition, messaging architecture and messaging, distribution, launch, PR.
  4. Communicate our opinions on companies and coverage areas through white papers, blogs, contributed writing, webinars, trade show speaking, social media, and press citations.

How we’re different

We have actual industry experience. We have held executive-level positions in strategy, product, technology, and marketing. We are familiar with the problems our clients face, but we also have the problem solving ability of industry veterans. We know how to implement. Our advantage is the ability to identify the problems to be solved in a broad, one to seven year time horizon, anticipate the obstacles to solving them, create strategies to overcome the obstacles, and execute with precision to help companies reach their goals.

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