21 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: AMD EPYC Brings New RAS Capability

With each new enterprise platform transition, the reliance on technology increases. Today, businesses are looking to strategies like digital transformation to reshape their operations, but these new approaches to business will put more stress and reliance on servers. By digitizing, instrumenting, and capturing untold amounts of data, businesses can get a better handle on their operations by turning data into insight. But as this reliance on data increases, protecting data assets—both in flight and at rest—will need to increase dramatically.

You can download the paper here.


Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Today’s Customer Needs
  • EPYC Brings A New Generation of CPU Technology
  • AMD Designs EPYC For Increased Reliability
  • Availability Features
  • Serviceability Features
  • Call to Action
  • Table 1: AMD EPYC RAS Features

Companies Cited

  • AMD