Paul Smith-Goodson is the Moor Insights & Strategy analyst-in-residence for quantum computing.  His interest in quantum computing and quantum mechanics began shortly after Richard Feynman delivered his historical speech at the M.I.T. conference on the physics of computation in 1981.  He has been following quantum computing research, news, and trends since then. 

Because of wide-ranging interests, his technical knowledge spans several subjects, including e-commerce, IoT, data communications, call center analytics, search engine optimization, space weather, GPS, and high frequency radio.

Most recently, Paul was the Senior Vice President of Technology for HySky Technologies, Inc., a one-of-a-kind nationwide, low-power HF digital data network.  HySky uses predicted propagating frequencies and a proprietary waveform for frequency hopping transmissions that are virtually indistinguishable from natural static crashes.  Paul holds patents on HF radio frequency management , geo-location, and HF antennas.

Paul also worked for AT&T, Compuserve, and Worldcom where he held various positions in global operations, sales, marketing, data engineering, international network strategy, and strategic acquisitions.

His hobbies include chess, astronomy, amateur radio. He has also published several science fiction stories.