Neal Robison is a Moor Insights & Strategy senior analyst in-residence covering gaming content and gaming services. Neal has spent over 25 years in the game industry, first as a developer at Apple and 3DO, as a VP at Sega of America and Vivendi Universal, and most recently oversaw developer relations and ecosystem at ATI, AMD and ARM. Now, as part of the Moor Insights & Strategy team, he brings the unique perspective of a veteran with a wide range of industry experience in graphics software engineering, launching console platforms, VR and AR, game publishing and marketing, and game development on mobile, PC and console.

Due to his experience on both the technical and the marketing side of the video game industry, Neal has a unique ability to translate complicated technical specs and the value of technology to the general consumer and the press. He has been utilized as a trusted voice to speak on behalf of the companies he’s worked for and has appeared in Time, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Forbes, PCWorld, CNN and numerous online outlets.

In addition to speaking at industry events like E3, GDC, SXSW, and both the Korea and China Game Developer Conferences, he has spent a great deal of time teaching about the gaming industry and the process used to develop game content for PC, consoles and mobile devices.  His teaching experience includes lectures at USC’s School of Cinema & Television, UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television, Harvard Business School and the Stanford University School of Business.

Over the course of his career, Neal has led global teams of more than 100 people, delivering up to 40 consumer products concurrently, resulting in $400M in sales.  Most recently in his positions at AMD and ARM, his teams have supported and evangelized leading software developers from Asia, Europe and the Americas, including annual co-marketing agreements worth up to $20M.

Before joining AMD and ARM, Neal served as Vice President of Game Development and Technology for Vivendi Universal Games and Universal Studios Interactive. Robison was responsible for the production of some of VUG’s marquee franchises including Crash Bandicoot, The Hulk and Chronicles of Riddick.

Prior to joining Universal Interactive, Neal served as the Vice President of Third Party Licensing at Sega of America where he managed business and marketing relationships with game publishers creating content for Sega’s hardware platforms.  As a technical evangelist at Sega of America, Neal’s team worked on the design of the Sega Dreamcast from its inception, assisted developers with technical challenges in developing games and in creating solutions to take full advantage of the Sega Dreamcast hardware.

Before joining Sega of America, Neal worked at The 3DO Company as the Director of Technical Marketing Services. He began his career in technology at Apple, where he managed QuickTime development tools, and served as lead engineer for several development projects, including the video communication system for the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C., and the graphics display system for the Grateful Dead.

Neal has served on several boards in the video game industry, including the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, the ESRB Ratings Advisory Panel, the PC Gaming Alliance, and Experts Group for Java Gaming Specification.