John is a senior analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, bringing in more than 20 years of enterprise experience to the table.

With a career that began in the channel and then quickly progressed to OEM vendors, John spent more than half of his career working with two of the largest server OEMs where he spent countless hours interacting with some of the largest buyers of enterprise technology. It was here that he saw how economics were driving the market, affording him the opportunity to leave the industry leader, Compaq, to pursue the newest disruption in the enterprise (Dell).

Knowing that the server market was ripe for a another level of disruption, John took the opportunity to get deeper into the technology that was going to drive the next generation of data center changes, moving into the world of semiconductors where he drove both the marketing and business development for the AMD Opteron processor during some of its most critical times.

Armed with the knowledge that that the world of networking and communications would be the stage for the next revolution in enterprise technology, John became the Vice President of Marketing for NextIO, a startup that was trying to take advantage of changing networking patterns to drive better efficiency through I/O virtualization.

John focuses on key areas of disruption in enterprise products, primarily:

  • Network virtualization where software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) promise to bring new agility to companies by breaking the long-held lock on the network and delivering a new level of flexibility
  • Open networking that will break the vertical “black box” of how networking devices are built and marketed, giving customers more choice and putting them more in control of their networks
  • Scale out data centers where thousands or tens of thousands of both physical and logical nodes can transform businesses towards the next generation of software-driven applications and services
  • Edge computing where the logic and processing of the core network moves out closer to the users and the data to help harness the information that lives so far from the core now
  • Scale up x86 servers that add a new twist to the idea of scale up by bringing
  • Cloud-based enterprise software and services

As a 20+ year veteran of the enterprise business, John understands the interrelationships of not only the hardware, but of the business decisions that drive customers to take action. His background in both sales and marketing puts him close to the decision-making process and his time spent wandering through the aisles of some of the largest data centers in the world provides him with insight about not only what and why customers buy, but also how they deploy.

After moving from the channel, to OEM systems providers and then a silicon provider, John most recently served as the Vice President of Outbound Marketing at NextIO, an I/O virtualization appliance vendor.

Key career highlights of his results include:

  • Developing the positioning, messaging and tools that allowed Dell to rapidly expand their server market share, catapulting the business to the #2 spot in NA in less than a year
  • Overseeing’s business transformation to a dynamic XML-driven sales engine
  • Working with AMD to understand the needs of one of the world’s largest hyperscale customers, complete with a TCO analysis that allowed the company to capture tens of millions in CPU sales
  • Completely revamped NextIO’s marketing methodology, doubling customer reach while reducing marketing costs by 58%

John’s unique talent is helping businesses transform technical and high level concepts into actionable strategies, customer-focused messaging and proven go-to-market activities that help drive their enterprise products.

John earned a B.S. in Economics from Illinois State University and also completed the Strategic Marketing program at Rice University.