Moor Insights & Strategy analysts participate in writing columns or as contributors to different publications on topics such as disruptive trends, usage models, technologies, products, and companies. We also have a blog and publications.

Forbes is a leading media property providing business information services and lifestyle editorial content designed to serve the needs of business leaders, professionals, investors, and affluent consumers. The website is focused on the theme of wealth—how it is created, how it is managed, and how it can be enjoyed. Patrick Moorhead has a weekly column here. Also, John Fruehe, Mike Krell, Gina Longoria, Scott McCutcheon, and Chris Wilder are all contributors to the Moor Insights & Strategy channel on






CIO serves Chief Information Officers (CIOs), other IT leaders, as well as the ecosystem that surrounds and interacts with them,, CIO Executive Programs, CIO Strategic Marketing Services and CIO magazine are produced by CXO Media, an award-winning business unit of IDG Enterprise. Patrick Moorhead contributes to CIO in his section named “Riding IT’s Fourth Wave”. You can find his columns here.

Tech.pinions is an opinion platform for technology industry thought leaders. Tech.pinions exists to bring you the most informed and original opinions on all the latest technology industry happenings. What makes Tech.pinions different is that all our content is in the form of a column or editorial analysis. You can find Patrick’s previous columns here.