Christopher Wilder is the firm’s lead for cybersecurity and industrial IoT. He has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, intelligence, and physical security experience. His life’s work is at the convergence of physical and information security – Internet of Things (IoT), networks, electronic surveillance, and operational intelligence. Wilder began his career in Naval intelligence and from there expanded his career in the intelligence community (IC) by protecting and securing dozens of critical infrastructure projects and special operations facilities worldwide. In addition to working with of many of today’s top security technology and service providers, he is the personal advisor to several heads of state and government agencies on cyberwarfare, counter-terrorism, and infrastructure development/deployment.

Chris has spent the past two decades working with dozens of the largest technology firms on go-to-market, technology architecture, M&A, and marketing and content strategy.  His expertise is in applying Edge/IoT solutions across multiple industries including supply chain, manufacturing, data centers, transportation & aviation, and security.

Chris has served as the Chairman & CEO for Industrial IoT firm Tiga Energy Services Inc., CTO for a private security firm focused on the convergence between physical and cyber security, Chief Marketing Officer for an Open Source Real-Time Communications Firm, and as a communications  executive for HP Labs covering IoT, security, augmented reality, and teaching drones to learn via cognitive computing. Chris has been on the ground floor for several successful (and not so successful) startups and serves as a Managing Director and technology advisor for a London- based investment fund focused on energy and technology. He provides ongoing advice, due diligence, and counsel to multiple venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds worldwide.

Chris is the co-author of the best-selling business book, Influencing the Influencers (ISBN: 0978964306) and author of multiple technology eBook publications such as Big Software Has Arrived, The CTO’s Guide to SDN, NFV & VNF, Carrier Cloudification: What Telecom Executives Need to Know, The Essential Guide for Telecom Service Providers Adopting Big Data Solutions, and The No Nonsense Way to Accelerate Your Business With Containers. Chris is also a frequent contributor to The Boston Globe, New York Times, Forbes, TechTarget, Light Reading, and other leading publications.

Chris has a degree in Marketing and has achieved an executive certification from The California Institute of Technology for Machine Learning and Big Data.  Fun fact, he has expertise in deploying “Red Team” physical/cybersecurity operations, intelligence and sitrep assessments, executive protection, and medical/operational evacuation.