02 Nov Dell Upgrades PCs-As-A-Service Program

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Jeff Clark, Dell’s vice-chairman, Products & Operations taking industry analysts through the PC strategy “As a service” has become all the rage these days, whether it is with ridesharing (Uber and Lyft), grocery shopping (Instacart), home improvement (HomeAdvisor), and of course, datacenters as a service (Amazon.com AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, IBM Cloud).  We all […]

02 Nov My First Year With Apple’s iPhone

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Back view of the iPhone 7+ As a long-time Android user, I spent years avoiding iOS devices—I didn’t think they could really meet my needs and preferences. A year ago though, I finally broke down and bought my first Apple iPhone (for reasons I detailed here, if interested). After using my iPhone 7+ for a […]

02 Nov VMware Goes Deeper Into Networking With VeloCloud Acquisition

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VeloCloud corporate logo Today, VMware announced its intent to acquire start-up VeloCloud Networks. Founded in 2012 in Mountain View, CA , VeloCloud, has raised a significant amount of venture capital over the past five years due mostly to the company’s success in the software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) space. The start-up would bring nearly 1,000 […]

01 Nov Samsung’s New Note8 Enterprise Edition Puts Laser Focus On The Business User

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Samsung Note8 Enterprise Edition core value proposition Samsung has long put their best foot forward when it comes to addressing business users, especially when it comes to the Note line of products. That was expected to culminate with the Note7 but instead was delayed until the Note8 with a slight business focus on the S8. […]

31 Oct Cellular Gets a Big Bump from Qualcomm and Partners at 4G/5G Summit

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Photo Source: Anshel Sag Every year, Qualcomm holds an annual conference—called 3G/4G in previous years, but now known as 4G/5G. This year certainly had a major focus on the developments coming down the pipeline in 5G, but not without addressing 4G as well. While there weren’t any major 5G product announcements this year, Qualcomm and […]

31 Oct Arm Moving Up The Services And IP Food Chain At TechCon 2017

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Arm TechCon 2017 was held in Santa Clara, CA Last week I attended Arm Holdings TechCon 2017 in Santa Clara. Featuring over 100 speakers, the Arm Holdings’ multiday conference provided an opportunity for industry analysts and insiders such as myself to get a glimpse at the newest strategies and technologies the company has been developing—particularly […]

27 Oct Would A T-Mobile/Sprint Marriage Be A Match Made In Heaven?

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Over the past month, the rumor mill has been grinding again about a possible merger between T-Mobile and Sprint Corporation. The plot thickened this week as both companies reported strong earnings but did not hold their typical investor calls. I wanted to dive a little deeper into the speculation and offer my take. A tale […]

27 Oct Amazon And NVIDIA Simplify Machine Learning

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NVIDIA and Amazon.com have announced new Machine Learning software stacks in the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC), and a new 8 Volta GPU EC2 instance for immediate availability, respectively. While this announcement was completely expected, it is an important milestone along the road to simplifying and lowering the costs of Machine Learning development and deployment for AI […]

27 Oct Dell Technologies Demonstrates Leadership And Innovation In The Highly Fragmented IoT Marketplace

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Dell IQT event entrance Recently, the Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) team was on the road in New York City learning more about Dell Technologies strategy and vision for the Internet of Things (IoT). The event, called IQT, exhibited what the company is doing to make devices, networks, and infrastructure smarter. Dell Technologies is focusing […]

24 Oct Microsoft Expands Surface Lineup With 15″ And 13″ Surface Book 2, Shows Commitment To Space

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2, 15″ and 13″ I wrote last week about Microsoft shipping the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and I wanted to round out coverage talking about some unexpected Surface Book 2 announcements. The company announced new Surface Book systems simply called “Surface Book 2” and I wanted to give the rundown and […]

24 Oct Samsung’s Big Vision For Securely Connecting A Billion Consumer Devices

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Samsung Developer Conference This past week I was in San Francisco, attending Samsung Electronics’ Developer Conference (SDC 2017). This SDC is the 4thyear the event has been held in San Francisco, and it’s grown to a respectable size—over 5,000 participants, 1,000+ companies, in over 50+ countries represented. These aren’t WWDC or BUILD numbers, but then […]

19 Oct Microsoft Ships Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Positioning Itself For The Holiday Selling Season

This week, Microsoft made some expected Windows and unexpected Surface Book announcements. The company chose not to hold a big event this year as they did last year in New York City, (which I wrote about here), instead opting for a lower key, press releases, blogs, and one-on-one interviews.  I do not take that as […]

19 Oct You Will Care About Intellectual Property Sooner Or Later

I have been in high-tech for nearly 30 years, and while my father and older brother were knee-deep in intellectual property (IP) as IP attorneys, I always played on the IP outskirts in product, marketing, and strategy roles. Early in my career, I thought IP was for the lawyers and engineers to worry about, not […]

19 Oct The AT&T Foundry Is On A Mission: Business Transformation

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  AT&T company logo Most dictionaries define a foundry as a place that facilitates the act, process, or art of casting molten metal. It’s an interesting name choice for AT&T ’s innovation labs, but I get the analogy. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the first AT&T  Foundry facility, which was opened in Plano, […]

17 Oct Startup Accelize Simplifies FPGA Acceleration

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FPGAs have been the hot new topic in data center discussions, ever since Microsoft shared their FPGA successes at the HotChips conference in August. Xilinx  and Amazon Web Services continued to amp up the buzz by partnering with IP providers such as Edico Genome, Ryft Systems Inc., and NGCodec Inc., to deliver acceleration-as-a-service with Amazon […]

17 Oct Dell Technologies IQT: Doubling Down On The Internet Of Things

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Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell introduces IQT Day in New York City Last week, I attended the Dell Technologies IQT event in New York City—a coming out party of sorts for Dell’s much anticipated and expanded IoT strategy. Our senior IoT analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, Chris Wilder, published a research paper yesterday on […]

06 Oct Can Intent-Based Networking Solve The Data Breach Pandemic?

These days, it seems like there’s news of a new data breach almost daily. Has the move from on-premise to disaggregated computing and cloudification accelerated the problem? Are IT staff simply ill-equipped and over their heads when it comes to managing network security? I’ve written about intent-based networking in the past, which you can read […]

04 Oct Take Two Games And Call Me In The Morning: The Age Of Digital Medicine

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I recently attended the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC Fall 2017) in San Francisco and had a front-row seat for some of the latest developments in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). I was at VRDC to speak with leading developers, who are exploring substantive ways of taking advantage of the new technologies. One […]

28 Sep There’s No Easy Button For Wireless Telco Digital Transformation

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Easy button I’ve been in the technology industry for nearly thirty years. It’s been an interesting ride—one that has taken me from personal computing, wireless infrastructure, semiconductors to software and more. Much of that path has been paved with buzz words and semi-cryptic terminology that often requires a decoder ring. The same goes for the […]

28 Sep GlobalFoundries: A New Company With A Good Shot At Going Big, And A New TSMC Threat

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Sanjay Jha, GlobalFoundries CEO kicks off GTC 2017 I recently attended GlobalFoundries annual GTC 2017 semiconductor conference in Santa Clara and spent some time with company executives as well as some of the company’s biggest customers. GlobalFoundries GTC 2017 was full of major announcements and major customers getting front and center about their latest products […]