16 May AMD Targets Machine Learning With New Radeon Vega Frontier & Optimized Software

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Advanced Micro Devices  (AMD) has shared more details about its upcoming Vega family of GPUs, as well as information regarding the progress the company has made with its open-source ROCm software stack for HPC and Machine Learning (ML). These new Vega GPUs look like they have sufficient performance to be in the same ballpark as […]

15 May Why NVIDIA Is Building Its Own TPU

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The blistering pace of innovation in artificial intelligence for image, voice, robotic and self-driving vehicle applications has been fueled, in large part, by NVIDIA’s GPU chips that deliver the massive compute power required by the underlying math required for Deep Learning. While NVIDIA continues to reap the benefits of its investments in GPUs, there has […]

15 May How Well Has AMD Delivered On Their 2015 Financial Analyst Day Promises?

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They say time flies when you are having fun and 2017 has certainly been a lot more enjoyable for Advanced Micro Devices since 2015. Unlike financial analysts who cover Wall Street, I’m less concerned with the day to day and week to week stock price fluctuations and balance sheet as I am with extended trajectories […]

11 May NVIDIA GPU Cloud: It’s Not What You May Think It Is

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NVIDIA made a slew of important announcements at its annual GPU conference today, including new hardware, new software and a new design win (Toyota) for self-driving cars. I will cover these announcements in a separate article. But one announcement in particular has created some confusion that I’d like to help clear up, and that’s the […]

09 May Samsung’s 5G Efforts Place Company Among Top 5G Leaders

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Samsung Electronics  has been in the telecommunications business for decades; 2017 marks the company’s 40th year in the industry. Samsung has been involved in the development and adoption of virtually every cellular technology from GSM and CDMA to WiMax and LTE. It comes as no surprise that Samsung is also heavily invested and engaged in […]

05 May Security Is A Constantly Moving Target, Isn’t It Time To Secure The Hardware?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cybersecurity is a different beast than it was 10, or even 5 years ago. While traditional cyber threats such as adware and spam emails are certainly still alive and kicking, the threat surface has grown enormously with the advent of IoT, mobility, BYOD, and the cloud. It’s a […]

25 Apr ARM Introduces First Image Signal Processor Since Apical Acquisition, Targeted At ADAS

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Rearview mirror image with the Mali C71 versus uncited competitor ARM Holdings,   a wholly-owned subsidiary of Softbank Group Corp, announced today the launch of the Mali-C71 image signal processor (ISP), the first product in their new Mali camera family, designed specifically for the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) inside of automobiles. The automobile industry is […]

18 Apr Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review: Back With a Vengeance

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Samsung Galaxy S8 It has been a mixed bag year for Samsung. On one side, the company has been performing very well in their components business, but it’s been a challenging one in smartphones. Samsung ceded the #1 smartphone spot to Apple and the Note7 was a low point. Samsung’s credibility was on the line […]

16 Apr AMD’s Ryzen 5 Launches To Predominantly Positive Reviews

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AMD Ryzen Last Tuesday, Advanced Micro Devices officially started selling their Ryzen 5 desktop CPUs, the mid-range follow-on to the more premium-priced and positioned Ryzen 7 desktop processor I wrote about here.  AMD has been shipping Ryzen 5 for weeks into the channel and into system builder OEMs but Tuesday was the first day that […]

13 Apr Google’s TPU For AI Is Really Fast, But Does It Matter?

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After nearly a year since the introduction of the Google TensorFlow Processing Unit, or TPU, Google has finally released detailed performance and power metrics for its in-house AI chip. The chip is impressive on many fronts, however Google understandably has no plans to sell it to its competitors, so its impact on the industry is debatable. […]

11 Apr Getting A Taste Of 5G Experiences With Gigabit LTE

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(Source: Anshel Sag, Moor Insights & Strategy) I have been traveling around the world quite a bit lately, because a lot of changes are happening in the wireless industry. Carriers around the world are upgrading their 4G LTE networks to 4G LTE Advanced Pro, which is capable of delivering Gigabit-class LTE speeds. Yes, 5G is […]

10 Apr RESEARCH BRIEF: A Glimpse Into the 5G Future: 48 Hours With Gigabit LTE

As 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) continues to mature, the industry is looking toward new technologies like Gigabit LTE to help consumers transition to 5G. Gigabit LTE is a marketing name for 3GPP’s (3rd Generation Partnership Project) LTE Advanced Pro technology, included in 3GPPP Release 13. This technology is part of the 4G LTE family […]

10 Apr AMD Acquires IP And Acquihires Nitero Team, Maker Of 60 Ghz Wireless Chips For VR/AR

There have been many acquisitions in the VR and AR space in both the hardware and software in the least 24 months, but none of them could have been less expected than the one Advanced Micro Devices did today with Nitero.  Today AMD announced the company acquired the IP and acquihired all the employees of […]

30 Mar Intel Touts Manufacturing & Technology Leadership: Moore’s Law Is Alive And Well

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For quite some time now, many chip industry watchers have questioned the future sustainability of Moore’s Law. Named after Intel founder Gordon Moore, this industry constant observes that semiconductor densities double every 2 years, and has underpinned the industry for 52 years. Recently, some have also begun to question whether Intel has lost its vaunted […]

29 Mar Samsung Galaxy 8 Event: Analyst Quick Take

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Today I attended the Samsung launch of the Galaxy 8 and 8+ smartphones in New York City and wanted to provide my quick take. Overall, the value proposition is very strong for both of the phones, and it appears Samsung has a winner on its hands. Any price surprises could change that assessment, of course. […]

24 Mar NVIDIA Scores Yet Another GPU Cloud For AI With Tencent

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NVIDIA’s speedy GPUs and Machine Learning software have unquestionably become the gold standard for building Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. And today, NVIDIA added TenCent to their list of cloud service providers that offer access to NVIDIA hardware in their clouds for AI and other compute intensive applications. This marks a significant milestone in the global […]

23 Mar Intel Forms New AI Group Reporting Directly To CEO Brian Krzanich

As we have been writing for a while now, artificial intelligence will transform pretty much everything we do in our lives in the next five years. This isn’t some new technology early on the hype curve. AI is actually in use today helping us to match faces, identify photos, videos, the spoken word, doing our […]

23 Mar Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon 835 Dazzles In GPU Performance

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Qualcomm has been known as one of the leading wireless chip suppliers and has also been considered one of the best SoC makers. Qualcomm has shifted from calling the Snapdragon 835 an SoC or chip and transitioned towards calling it a platform. This is fair considering how many different processors reside on a Snapdragon SoC, […]

17 Mar Why Intel Is Buying Mobileye, And What Does It Need To Do To Be Successful?

In a move that Intel hopes can propel it to the forefront of The Next Big Thing, Intel announced it would purchase Mobileye, an Israeli company that makes sensors and cameras for driverless vehicles. Buying a leader to become a leader is never cheap: Intel will pay $13.3B for the firm, a 34% premium over […]

15 Mar NVIDIA Introduces Jetson TX2 For Edge Machine Learning With High-Quality Customers

Expanding on their Jetson TX1 and TK1 products for embedded computing, NVIDIA announced last week their Jetson TX2 platform—a hardware and software platform the size of a credit card designed to deliver AI computing at the edge. NVIDIA touts Jetson TX2 as delivering “unprecedented deep learning capabilities,” and based on the form factor, it may […]