21 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: AMD EPYC Brings New RAS Capability

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With each new enterprise platform transition, the reliance on technology increases. Today, businesses are looking to strategies like digital transformation to reshape their operations, but these new approaches to business will put more stress and reliance on servers. By digitizing, instrumenting, and capturing untold amounts of data, businesses can get a better handle on their […]

21 Jun AMD EPYC Server CPU Launches With Broad OEM, ODM, ISV, IHV Support

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AMD EPYC processor The server CPU business has never been any easy one for anyone, even for Advanced Micro Devices, who once held 25%-unit share. Many companies have tried and failed to penetrate the enterprise “wall of Intel” the last decade and I have seen one go out of business, one get bought, many cease […]

14 Jun Apple’s Plan To Dominate Silicon

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Before creating my industry analyst and research company, I was fortunate enough to spend over a decade as an executive in semiconductors at Advanced Micro Devices and nearly another decade as a PC and server OEM at Compaq (purchased by HP), AT&T GIS and NCR (purchased then spun out by AT&T). I’ve met with some […]

13 Jun Globalfoundries On A Roll With 7nm And 5nm Announcements

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Fab 8 in Saratoga County, New York, where 7nm will be manufactured Recently, the fab wars started to heat up between the world’s leading chip manufacturers namely, Globalfoundries, Intel, Samsung and TSMC. Globalfoundries has been making a lot of major announcements including their 22FDX expansion in China in conjunction with the Chengdu government. However, the […]

09 Jun Globalfoundries Gets 22FDX China Vote Of Confidence With $100M Chengdu Investment

Globalfoundries is one of the world’s largest semiconductor fabs with some of the most prestigious customers including Apple, AMD, Broadcom, IBM and Qualcomm. The company operates manufacturing centers in Germany, Singapore, New York and Vermont and has a total of ten fabs operating an even split of 200mm and 300mm fabs. The company was formed […]

05 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: HPE Locks Down Server Security

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Security is a looming issue for businesses. The threat landscape is increasing, and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Emerging technologies like IoT, mobility, and hybrid IT environments now open new business opportunity, but they also introduce new risk. Protecting servers at the software level is no longer enough. Businesses need to reach down into the […]

31 May What Does It Mean That Windows On Qualcomm Gets Support From ASUS, Lenovo And HP?

The personal computer has been evolving ever since the recent punch in the gut from smartphones and tablets. Since then, the bottom has literally fallen out of tablets, smartphones are flat, and exciting growth segments within the PC sector keep humming, albeit the market is at a much lower level. Consumer electronics players like Samsung, Huawei, […]

31 May NVIDIA Slims Down Gaming Laptops Below 20mm With New Max-Q Design

NVIDIA has without a doubt been the company leading the charge to bring desktop-class gaming performance into laptops. Thanks to NVIDIA, we have desktop processors like the GTX 1080 in notebooks and virtually every gaming notebook today is VR ready. Because of NVIDIA’s efforts, we have seen some laptop manufacturers sacrifice thickness for the sake of […]

30 May Intel Announces New X-Series High-End Desktop Processors And New i9 Line

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At Computex 2017, Intel made a series of major announcements regarding their latest high-end processor offerings. This included the introduction of a new X-series of processors which are designed to be the company’s high-end performance platform for power users and prosumers. The creation of the X-Series comes as Intel starts to feel heat from the […]

30 May ARM Introduces New Processor Designs For Datacenter, Mobility And AI At Computex 2017

This week at Computex 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, ARM Holdings announced their latest series of processor designs spanning mobility, datacenter and AI. While ARM Holdings doesn’t make chips themselves, they do design processor cores and other IP for most chip companies to utilize with their own designs. Just last month, ARM introduces their first ISP (image […]

25 May IBM’s New PowerAI Features Again Demonstrate Enterprise AI Leadership

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Last November I wrote a column about IBM’s newly announced AI software toolkit, PowerAI. PowerAI fulfills a special niche part of IBM’s AI investment—aimed towards enterprises who want something in between Watson’s turnkey solution (“easy button” on IBM Cloud) and a totally DIY on-prem infrastructure or public cloud. PowerAI runs on IBM’s highest performing server in its OpenPOWER […]

25 May Intel Absolutely A Player To Be Reckoned With In Autonomous Driving Technology

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This Audi self-driving car I rode in looked surprisingly normal- with no computer in the trunk! Earlier this month, I attended Intel’s first Autonomous Driving Workshop in San Jose, where press and analysts enjoyed demonstrations and talks from both Intel, and a handful of their partners—BMW, Delphi, Ericsson, and HERE. The tangible news, perhaps, was […]

22 May Google Cloud TPU: Strategic Implications For Google, NVIDIA And The Machine Learning Industry

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Google  announced the 2nd generation of the company’s TensorFlow Processing Unit (TPU), now called the Cloud TPU, at the annual Google I/O event, wowing the industry with performance for Machine Learning that appeared to eclipse NVIDIA’s Tesla Volta GPU only one week after that chip was launched. (See below why I say “appeared”.) Unlike Google’s […]

20 May AMD’s Financial Analyst Day 2017: On The Cusp Of Greatness Again?

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AMD CEO Lisa Su shows AMD’s market focus at AMD’s FAD 2017 I attended Advanced Micro Devices’ Financial Analyst Day (FAD) last Tuesday at their headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. While I am not a financial analyst, but rather an industry analyst, I am looking for different signals than that audience, but I have found the […]

19 May What You Need To Know About The Latest Security Hacks

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I wrote recently about the changing face of cybersecurity—the expanding threat surface of the Internet of Things, mobility, BYOD and the cloud, and the different kind of attacks we’ve been seeing over the last several years in response to these changes. I emphasized the need for a more holistic approach to cybersecurity—protecting enterprise all the […]

18 May Why Complete End-to-End Fingerprint Security Matters

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Threats against UNSECURE fingerprint readers I saw a security demo last week that literally blew my mind and I have to tell you about it. But before I do that though, I need to set some context. Passwords are increasingly recognized as unsecure. Biometric authentication is becoming a popular alternative for added security and ease […]

18 May Google I/O 2017: It’s Really About AI And Machine Learning, People

This week I’m attending Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, in Mountain View, CA. The conference comes on the heels of a number of other big tech events (Microsoft Build last week, and Facebook F8last month), and I went into I/O hoping to see a lot of innovation, and some real, standout differentiation from these […]

17 May Google’s New Standalone Daydream VR Headset Fuses Daydream And Tango

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It has been known for quite some time that Google is working on a standalone VR headset. Standalone headsets are much more complex systems, because they incorporate not only the compute and display within the device but also the battery and tracking system. This can most easily be demonstrated by Intel’s Project Alloy VR headset announced […]

16 May RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD Lays The Foundations For Machine Learning With Radeon Vega Frontier & Optimized Software

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has shared more details about its upcoming code-named “Vega” family of GPUs, as well as information regarding the progress the company has made with its open-source ROCm software stack for HPC and Machine Learning (ML). Investors and AI practitioners alike would like to see AMD enter this market as a second […]

16 May What Should Google Discuss At Tomorrow’s Google I/O Event?

Many people are writing about what Google *will* discuss at tomorrow’s Google I/O conference, but unless they have clairvoyance, leaking, or guessing based on the schedule, it’s difficult to be definitive. I will be attending tomorrow and wanted to discuss what I think Google *should*discuss during the event. Artificial intelligence.:  Last year, Google rolled out […]