16 Jun RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD Brings New Value to Radeon

The PC gaming graphics industry today has very few players but many problems. Today’s PC gaming enthusiast market essentially has only two graphics players remaining, AMD and Nvidia. There is a constant back-and-forth between these two players in terms of bringing new features that gamers want and need. AMD’s new Radeon 300 series does just that while […]

16 Jun RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD 6th Generation Processor Brings Best-in-Class Game Streaming to Windows™ 10

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, offers gamers new opportunities to stream games and content from their Xbox One to their PCs. This functionality is unique to Windows 10 and requires a certain set of parameters to be met. One of these parameters is ample PC hardware to perform the appropriate decoding for a smooth, high- quality game […]

27 Mar NVIDIA GTC: The Race To Perfect Voice Recognition Using GPUs

At the NVIDIA sponsored GTC 2015 (GPU Technology Conference) held last week, voice recognition demonstrations appear to have made the category a whole lot more interesting. It is safe to say that voice recognition and cognition has not changed much in tech user’s daily routine. My theory has always been and continues to be that until the […]

23 Mar NVIDIA GTC: NVIDIA Bets Big On Deep Learning

NVIDIA knows how to swing for the fences, and they did just that at this year’s GTC (GPU Technology Conference). At GTC 2015, NVIDIA CEO Jen Hsun Huang announced a multitude of new products, all of them having a very strong focus on Deep Learning. Deep Learning is a term coined by the industry which combines […]

02 Mar MWC: Qualcomm Confirms Custom, 64-Bit Kryo CPU Core In Future Snapdragon 820 SoC

Qualcomm confirmed today at their Mobile World Congress announcement today what I had expected, and that was that they will introduce a new custom CPU core in 2015. Around 10 days back, Qualcomm announced new 4XX and 6XX SnapDragon SoCs with ARM’s A72 core which I wrote about here. They positioned the A72 as mid-range, so that […]