28 Aug Intel Had One Thing To Accomplish At Its Data-Centric Summit, So How’d It Work Out?

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Intel’s Lisa Spellman kicks off its Data Centric Innovation Summit in Santa Clara.     PATRICK MOORHEAD I had the opportunity of attending Intel’s “Data-Centric” Innovation (DCI) Summit last week with a small group of industry analysts, financial analysts, and press and wanted to share with you my quick thoughts. This event seemed a bit financial-analyst […]

29 May How Semiconductor Manufacturers Can Drive The Next Phase of Cryptomining

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been going through cycles of boom and bust over the past few years with the most recent run seeing Bitcoin’s price going as high as $19,000. Today, the price hovers around $7,100 which while not as high as $19,000 is still significantly higher than it was only a year ago […]

05 Mar 5G Won’t Happen Without National Instruments Test And Measurement Equipment

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As anyone even tangentially related to the mobile space knows, Mobile World Congress took place last week in Barcelona, Spain. My firm, Moor Insights & Strategy, had two analysts attend, Anshel Sag (mobile devices and tech) and Will Townsend (carrier equipment and datacenter networking). The premier mobile tech conference, MWC, offers a chance for carriers […]

04 Mar Does Anyone Other Than A Few On Wall Street Want The Qualcomm – Broadcom Deal To Go Through?

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Source: Qualcomm On Tuesday, Qualcomm investors will decide the fate of the Broadcom-Qualcomm deal.  After very careful analysis and consideration, I do not like this deal, as I believe it would result in the destruction of both Qualcomm and Broadcom, would slow down 5G deployment and future “Gs”, and would limit competition in many markets. As […]

27 Feb Qualcomm Raises Wireless Stakes With Full 5G Modules And More RF Offerings

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Just when we all thought Qualcomm had made all of its Mobile World Congress 2018 announcements last week, the company pulled a few more rabbits out of its hat today, this time, related to full 5G turnkey digital, analog, and processor modules and even more RF expansion. While the digital 4G LTE and 5G modems […]

22 Feb 5G Set To Massively Boost IT Infrastructure Spending Of $326B By 2025

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(Moor Insights & Strategy Copyright 2018) $326B IT investment attributed to 5G by 2025 Everyone is talking about the massive implications for 5G on various industries and how the technology is poised to disrupt the way we do many things. Many of these innovations and fundamental changes to cellular networks and device connectivity come from […]

22 Feb Intel Expands Its 5G Ecosystem With Dell, HP, Lenovo PCs And Spreadtrum Alliance

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Intel leads the industry in end to end 5G. The closer the industry gets to shipping 5G, the bigger the war is heating up between the biggest players in the industry and Intel is without a doubt right in the thick of it. Everyone is already familiar with Intel’s recent efforts to deliver drones and […]

11 Jul Intel’s New Xeon Scalable Processors Are Its Broadest Datacenter And Carrier Play Yet

Intel is a giant in the in the server chip space commanding 99% market share, and in compute for the data plane of datacenter storage and networking, 50 to 75% share. This may lead some to believe the company’s datacenter growth prospects are dim. Not so fast. First off, cloud, HPC and AI are growing […]

10 Jul Baidu Adds Momentum To NVIDIA’s Lead In AI

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It is not much of an exaggeration to say that Artificial Intelligence (AI), in its present form, would not be possible without NVIDIA GPUs. NVIDIA has enjoyed near-universal support from some of the largest adopters of Machine Learning technology, as NVIDIA’s speedy GPUs accelerate the training and use of the Deep Neural Networks that enable […]

30 Jun Has AMD Secured A Spot In The Datacenter?

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When AMD exited the server market back in 2012, it held 10% market share. While not a large chunk of the market, the legacy of Opteron and relationships with OEMs and big datacenter customers translated into market significance. This was important, as this market significance assured broad software ecosystem support when AMD released a new […]

26 Jun ISC17: HPC Embraces Diversity As AMD & ARM Up The Ante Vs. Intel, IBM And NVIDIA

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Renewed Competition in HPC Will Enable Workload Optimization Intel has enjoyed a dominant position in High Performance Computing (HPC) processors for nearly a decade now, with only IBM  POWER offering a viable CPU alternative, since Advanced Micro Deviceseffectively, albeit perhaps unintentionally, exited the market in 2010. Meanwhile, NVIDIA has kept things interesting by delivering GPUs as […]

22 Jun HPE Leading The Pack With Support For AMD’s EPYC Datacenter Chip

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HPE President Antonio Neri and AMD CEO Lisa Su at AMD’s EPYC launch Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) made big waves in the industry this week with the launch of its 7000 series high-performance datacenter processors. I attended the pre-brief event in Austin, this past week, and I’ve already written my deep-dive on the launch, and […]

21 Jun AMD EPYC Datacenter Processor Analyses

Forbes: HPE Leading The Pack With Support For AMD’s EPYC Datacenter Chip, by Patrick Moorhead with contributions by MI&S staff Forbes: AMD EPYC Server CPU Launches With Broad OEM, ODM, ISV, IHV Support, by Patrick Moorhead with contributions by Anshel Sag RESEARCH PAPER: Power/Performance Determinism, by John  Fruehe RESEARCH PAPER: SPEC CPU 2017 & Changing Performance, […]

21 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: Power / Performance Determinism

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Today’s demanding workloads and complex environments leave businesses looking for every ounce of available performance from their systems. While CPU vendors strive to deliver the highest level of performance at all times, CPU manufacturing processes leave some variability that prevents vendors from capitalizing on every last drop of performance in an individual CPU. Because CPU […]

21 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: SPEC CPU 2017 & Changing Performance

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Benchmarks help determine the relative performance of different platforms, neutralizing technical differences so IT can better ascertain the actual workload impact. The SPEC CPU 2006 benchmark has helped IT generate a relative performance baseline for CPUs across different platforms for over ten years. But being more than a decade old means the benchmark no longer […]

21 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: AMD EPYC Brings New RAS Capability

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With each new enterprise platform transition, the reliance on technology increases. Today, businesses are looking to strategies like digital transformation to reshape their operations, but these new approaches to business will put more stress and reliance on servers. By digitizing, instrumenting, and capturing untold amounts of data, businesses can get a better handle on their […]

21 Jun AMD EPYC Server CPU Launches With Broad OEM, ODM, ISV, IHV Support

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AMD EPYC processor The server CPU business has never been any easy one for anyone, even for Advanced Micro Devices, who once held 25%-unit share. Many companies have tried and failed to penetrate the enterprise “wall of Intel” the last decade and I have seen one go out of business, one get bought, many cease […]

14 Jun Apple’s Plan To Dominate Silicon

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Before creating my industry analyst and research company, I was fortunate enough to spend over a decade as an executive in semiconductors at Advanced Micro Devices and nearly another decade as a PC and server OEM at Compaq (purchased by HP), AT&T GIS and NCR (purchased then spun out by AT&T). I’ve met with some […]

13 Jun Globalfoundries On A Roll With 7nm And 5nm Announcements

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Fab 8 in Saratoga County, New York, where 7nm will be manufactured Recently, the fab wars started to heat up between the world’s leading chip manufacturers namely, Globalfoundries, Intel, Samsung and TSMC. Globalfoundries has been making a lot of major announcements including their 22FDX expansion in China in conjunction with the Chengdu government. However, the […]

09 Jun Globalfoundries Gets 22FDX China Vote Of Confidence With $100M Chengdu Investment

Globalfoundries is one of the world’s largest semiconductor fabs with some of the most prestigious customers including Apple, AMD, Broadcom, IBM and Qualcomm. The company operates manufacturing centers in Germany, Singapore, New York and Vermont and has a total of ten fabs operating an even split of 200mm and 300mm fabs. The company was formed […]