14 Nov NVIDIA Brings AI To DC

Nearly every enterprise is experimenting with artificial intelligence and deep learning. It seems like every week there’s a new survey out detailing the ever-increasing amount of focus that IT shops of all sizes put on the technology. If it’s true that data is the new currency, then it’s artificial intelligence that mines that data for […]

14 Nov Qualcomm Fires On All Cylinders At 5G Summit 2019

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I had the opportunity mid-October to spend time with Qualcomm at its 5G Summit in Barcelona. There was a bit of excitement with the separatist protests that occurred the same week, but I came away with a new appreciation for how the company is shaping 5G now and into the future. I would like to share my […]

14 Nov Samsung Hits The Accelerator On Streaming Content At SDC 2019

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In perhaps Samsung’s boldest public acknowledgment yet that video content is an essential element in its entertainment strategy, the company announced at the Samsung Developer Conference that it would open its smart TV platform, Tizen, to third-party manufacturers. Sang Kim, Samsung’s SmartTV Product VP, noted that Samsung customers have cumulatively watched 1 billion hours of […]

14 Nov IBM Launches New Storage Solutions Geared Towards AI And Container Environments

IBM lives at the intersection of disruptive technology and real-world solutions. There are no two more disruptive technologies in the enterprise today than artificial intelligence and containerized applications. Artificial intelligence is in the enterprise. Nearly every IT organization has either already deployed, or is preparing to deploy, some sort of AI solution. The problem with AI […]

14 Nov Samsung Improves And Expands The Mobile Experience With One UI 2

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A few years ago, I believe the general industry consensus was that Android phones didn’t provide the best overall smartphone experiences. The hardware may have been ahead in certain areas, but some felt Android phones felt a bit sluggish, maybe even the experience degraded over time and seemed complex.  After my experiences with the Galaxy […]

14 Nov Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 For Zoom Rooms Widens Its Smart Office Value Proposition

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Collaboration tools are huge in tech right now, with heavyweights (think Microsoft, Google, Cisco) young upstarts (such as Slack and Zoom), and veterans (think Poly) alike all vying to get in on the action. This flurry of activity is due in part to technological advancements in video and audio services, and to other factors such […]

14 Nov Lattice Sampling CrossLinkPlus FPGAs For Embedded Vision Systems

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Lately I’ve been paying extra close attention to Lattice Semiconductor as I watch its rapidly improving focus and financials. In the past year, it installed respected AMD veteran Jim Anderson as CEO (along with a crack team of other FPGA industry veterans), and has really doubled down on its efforts to become the low power […]

12 Nov Research Paper: Dell EMC PowerOne Accelerates IT Transformation Through Autonomous Infrastructure

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This paper will explore the dynamics driving automation in enterprise IT organizations and demonstrate how new products like Dell EMC’s PowerOne meet evolving business needs by delivering cloud-like services to the business while freeing IT resources from the mundane tasks that bog down productivity. You can download the paper by clicking on the logo below: […]

08 Nov Arm Adds More AI Firepower

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As I covered in a recent article on the status of startups building chips for AI, the AI accelerator market will become quite crowded over the next 12-18 months. Not to be outdone, Arm is now extending its neural network processor family, adding logic designs for mid-range and entry-level devices to the flagship Ethos-N77, which targets higher-end […]

08 Nov Rayvolt’s X One Redefines The E-Bike Category With 21st Century Technologies

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While people like to talk about electric and autonomous automobiles, another real battle in the transportation category is occurring in the e-bikes market. It’s for good reason: according to Mondor Intelligence, the global e-bike market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.39% between 2019 and 2024. In U.S. dollar terms, Mondor estimates that global […]

05 Nov Who Is ‘Really’ Leading in Mobile 5G, Part 6: Policy, Regulation And Consortia

Everyone wants to talk about mobile 5G and how they are leading in the space. However, the reality is that mobile 5G is a broadly encompassing wireless standard that will change the way we view the future of cellular communications and the possibilities like never before. As such, it takes a deeper understanding to evaluate […]

05 Nov Who Is The Leader In AI Hardware?

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A few months ago, I published a blog that highlighted Qualcomm’s plans to enter the data center market with the Cloud AI100 chip sometime next year. While preparing the blog, our founder and principal analyst, Patrick Moorhead, called to point out that Qualcomm , not NVIDIA , probably has the largest market share in AI chip volume thanks to its leadership […]

05 Nov More Exciting Smart Solutions To Consider For The Home And Office

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The holidays are fast approaching, and with that, I’ve been bombarded with a multitude of incredibly cool and useful solutions for the home and office that deserve consideration. Between now and early December, I will shed some light on an exciting mix of products that I believe solve real problems in an innovative and useful manner. […]

05 Nov Poly: The Comeback “Mojo” Is Building

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Poly has an undeniable track record of innovation and leadership, including both major components of Poly (Plantronics + Polycom). Given the recent merger, I looked forward to the analyst briefing last week to meet the key leaders, and learn about their current plans. As a unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) industry veteran and former CEO, […]

05 Nov IBM Upends Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claim

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Quantum supremacy was supposed to be a significant benchmark to signal that quantum computers could finally solve problems beyond the capability of classical computers. The term “quantum supremacy” was first used in a 2012 paper by one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists, John Preskill, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech. Last month, a leaked […]

28 Oct AI Hardware: Harder Than It Looks

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The second AI HW Summit took place in the heart of Silicon Valley on September 17-18, with nearly fifty speakers presenting to over 500 attendees (almost twice the size of last year’s inaugural audience). While I cannot possibly cover all the interesting companies on display in a short blog, there are a few observations I’d […]

28 Oct Quantum USA Vs. Quantum China: The World’s Most Important Technology Race

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China understands the strategic importance of quantum technology to both its economy and its military. Many analysts, researchers, politicians, and military leaders believe as I do – the United States has allowed China to take the lead in many areas of quantum research. Once quantum technology matures, it will have a profound effect on almost […]

28 Oct Why Microsoft’s Foldable Surface Duo Smartphone Could Be Successful

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I attended Microsoft’s fall event in New York City today and you can find my analysis of the Surface Pro, Laptop, Neo and Earbuds announcements here. In this analysis, I wanted to take time to discuss the biggest bombshell of the event, which is that Microsoft will ship a Surface phone during Holiday 2020 that folds […]

28 Oct Microsoft Widens Surface Line With Pro X, 15″ Laptop 3, Neo Foldable, New Processors And Earbuds

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Today I attended Microsoft’s annual fall hardware event in New York City, timed conspicuously right before the western selling season begins. The company’s Surface line gains more and more traction every year, for a lot of reasons (see my recap of last year’s Surface event here for a taste). Canalys reported that the entire Microsoft Surface line […]

28 Oct Arm TechCon 2019: 15 Years And Getting Stronger

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This week I’m attending the 15th annual Arm TechCon event in San Jose, CA. TechCon is Arm’s premier industry event, where developers, analysts, and media gather from all around to hear the latest from the semiconductor giant. Over the last several years, Arm has been working to stake out its claim in the so-called “5th wave of […]