20 Jul HP Launches New Entry Workstation Lineup With The Z2 Mini G4 Stealing The Show

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Z2 Mini G4 HP Yesterday, Hewlett Packard Inc. launched “Z2,” a new family of entry-level workstations, along with a new supercharged business desktop with workstation ISC certifications. Workstations, for those unfamiliar with the term, are very high-end personal computers used by financial traders, 3D and 2D designers, movie studios—some are even embedded into advanced equipment like […]

07 Feb HP Inc. Ups The Ante With New Mainstream Business Notebooks And Mobile Workstations

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New mainstream HP EliteBook 800 notebook line. HP Inc. has been on a roll lately, recently re-attaining the #1-unit market share position in PCs. Today the personal computing and printing company announced new iterations of its mainstream (not premium) EliteBook 800 Series notebooks and ZBook portable workstation line, geared towards a younger, more “modern” workforce […]

16 Feb We All Need To Get Serious About Protecting Company Data With Hardened, Multi-Factor Authentication

(Image credit: Pixabay) The world is becoming a less and less secure place due to the plethora of hacks that have happened over the course of the past few years. Companies like Sony, T-Mobile, Anthem, Target and their customers have been victims of countless cyber-attacks that resulted in many people’s information being compromised. These breaches have […]

07 Mar MWC: Stop The Eight Core Mobile Chip Marketing Madness

I spent this week in Barcelona attending Mobile World Congress. Vendors from across the globe came to MWC to market their mobile ideas, opinions, hardware, software and services. I paid particular attention to handset makers and mobile SoC developers. I saw some very positive things from both these groups, but I saw one very disappointing thing that […]

30 Jan Is Windows 10 Microsoft’s Consumer Comeback OS?

I had the distinct pleasure attending Microsoft’s event in Redmond last week where they brought out a myriad of new products like HoloLens and Surface Hub and disclosed many more details on Windows 10, in particular, the consumer features. In the totality of the event, I think Microsoft score big in that they projected that they could innovate and that […]

12 Nov NVIDIA’s 2nd Generation Maximus: Dawn of the Hybrid Designer (White Paper)

NVIDIA is shipping their latest Kepler-based, 2nd generation Maximus solution.  Maximus utilizes Quadro and Tesla cards inside workstations combining visualization with compute for manufacturing, media and entertainment, and energy markets.  The 2nd generation Maximus solution enables the melding of design and simulation, resulting in substantial enterprise value but also ecosystem disruption.  Moor Insights & Strategy explores NVIDIA’s vision, the […]

15 Jun HSA Foundation: for Show or for Real?

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I recently spent a few days at AMD’s Fusion Developer Summit in Seattle, Washington. Among many of the announcements was one to introduce the HSA Foundation, an organization currently including AMD, ARM, Imagination, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments. The HSA Foundation was announced to “make it easy to program for parallel computing.” That sounds a bit […]

15 May NVIDIA VGX Technology (White Paper)

NVIDIA  launched one of the most significant initiatives in the history of the company that, if delivered as promised, could propel them into a position as a top enterprise technology player. NVIDIA launched VGX at their annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC). Moor Insights & Strategy analyzes the new NVIDIA VGX platform and you can download the […]

10 May Discrete Graphics: The Sky is Not Falling

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Ever since the Intel Ivy Bridge launched, people are coming out of the woodwork to declare that the discrete graphics card market is dead, which of course would be negative for companies like NVIDIA and AMD. This is a case of deja vu as I have heard this nearly every year for the last 5 […]