27 Oct Hearing Aids Enter The ‘Autonomous Listening’ Age

There are many hearing aid manufactures like Miracle-Ear, Beltone, ReSound, ZOUNDS and Oticon, but the Signia Pure hearing aids are a revelation in technology-driven innovation. Much like Tesla Motors is pushing the limits on autonomous driving, Signia is exploring the limits of autonomous ‘listening’. It could be the start of a truly remarkable tech revolution for […]

09 Sep IFA 2016 Key Analyst Takeaways

(Photo credit: Anshel Sag) IFA is an absolutely enormous consumer electronics show based every fall in Berlin with countless conglomerates that show off all their latest consumer wares to press and consumers. This year’s IFA had no shortage of appliances or televisions as usual, but this year was especially marked by three major technology trends. […]

08 Sep Tech Industry Analyst Notes On Apple iPhone 7 And Watch Event

I attended Apple’s special event at the Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco today and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and highlights that came out of the event. Apple CEO takes the stage at today’s event (Credit: Patrick Moorhead) Watch Series 1 and 2 Apple is the #2 market share watch […]

13 Jun Industry Analyst Perspectives On The Apple WWDC 2016 Keynote

(Photo credit: Patrick Moorhead) I was in-person and live at Apple’s WWDC keynote in San Francisco. The following are my quick takeaways from the event. Watch and watchOS: Apple is focusing on exactly what they should be with watchOS, and that’s speed, ease of use and upping the ante in health and fitness. With the first […]

11 Jun What Apple *Should* Talk About At WWDC

Tomorrow, I leave for San Francisco to attend WWDC. You have probably seen 50 articles predicting what Apple will announce at WWDC. What I’d like to talk about is what I think Apple should announce or discuss at the conference. Image credit: Apple Improve and expand Siri Siri was first out with a mobile agent, but Microsoft Cortana, Google Voice/Now/On […]

09 Jun Wellness Wasteland: Technology Isn’t Where We Need It Most

When the average person walks into a hospital, they are surrounded by arguably the densest concentration of technology that they will ever encounter. The doctor’s arsenal of sensors, tools, software and data can be brought to bear against a host of diseases and ailments. The modern hospital is the epicenter of technologically-driven wellness. But when […]

24 May 10,000 Steps A Day: The Wrong Wellness Incentive

Wearable technology companies are seeing blue oceans in corporate wellness. With the consumer market for wearable tech brimming with choices, companies like Fitbit and Jawbone are offering corporate wellness programs orbiting their devices. By tying their device metrics to corporate wellness incentives, manufacturers can capture large swaths of consumers they might not otherwise access, and […]

17 May Apple iPhone Connected Us To Each Other, The Apple Watch Connects Us To Ourselves

Recently, principal analyst Patrick Moorhead and I had the opportunity to visit one of Apple‘s labs for studying human movement and activity. The investment into broadening the Apple Watch’s measurement abilities is nothing short of extraordinary. Near Apple’s campus in Cupertino, CA, is a cloistered facility where for the last three years, for six days a […]

04 Feb Intel Got Fit At CES 2016 And Even Reached Some New Heights At X-Games

Intel was all over the X-Games (Photo Credit: X-Games) You may have noticed this weekend that Intel was all over the X-Games. You couldn’t turn on the TV, web video or Twitter without seeing the company on and around the X-Games.  Intel’s love affair with sports started when Brian Krzanich took the reigns as Intel’s CEO […]

10 Dec Smart Garments Are Here: Jabil Steps Up Its Wearables Game With Clothing+

(Source: Christopher R. Wilder) Advances in sensor capabilities, batteries, form factors, and fabrics are making it easier for clothing manufacturers to seamlessly integrate garments with monitoring and electronic devices. Fitness equipment manufacturers have been developing devices and solutions for many years that monitor heart rate, pulse, body temperature, etc. But, only recently has the cost […]

01 Dec RESEARCH BRIEF: Jabil Steps Up Its Wearables Game with Clothing+

Advances in sensor capabilities, batteries, form factors, and fabrics are making it easier for clothing manufacturers to seamlessly integrate garments with monitoring and electronic devices. Fitness equipment manufacturers have been developing devices and solutions for many years that monitor heart rate, pulse, body temperature, etc. But, only recently has the cost to manufacture, integrate, and miniaturize electronic components been reduced […]

19 Nov NIGHTWATCH Smart Halter: A Great Example of ARM’s IoT Ecosystem Innovation And Diversity

NIGHTWATCH Smart Halter and Collar We’ve all seen examples over the past few years of complex IoT technology solutions to help solve real-world problems from a variety of small companies. In fact, last week while I was at the ARM Holdings annual industry analyst conference and TechCon, a gathering of the ARM ecosystem powers, you […]

03 Nov To Consumers, Today’s Healthcare Approach Is Like Getting Stuck On Mars

In healthcare, consumers are once removed from not just payment, but also decision-making. In spite of this disintermediation, health and wellness is innately individual. In parallel, consumer adoption of health and wellness related technology is soaring. It begs the question: As digital health approaches critical mass, who will lead the charge for healthcare consumerization and […]

22 Oct Fossil’s Entry Into Smartwatches Helps Legitimize The Wearable Technology Market

Fossil recently announced a line of smartwatches and so becomes one of the newest non-tech players in the wearable technology space. Companies like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas have all made forays into wearable technology, but some of them have failed and others have yet to attain major success. Nike’s band was abandoned, and Under Armour’s device with […]

16 Oct Motorola Puts The Personal Touch On Smartwatches

Motorola recently introduced their latest version of the Moto 360 smartwatch. This version made improvements over the previous generation and fixed a lot of issues. Since Motorola Mobility was acquired by Lenovo, they’ve actually been given more resources and more power to do interesting things, and that includes expanding the scope of their Moto Maker program. By expanding […]

16 Oct Motorola’s New Moto 360 – The Smartwatch that Delivers, Mostly

Motorola’s first generation Moto 360 was universally lauded as the best looking and functional smartwatch on the market, especially among the Android Wear watches. Even after Apple released the Apple Watch, many still believed the Moto 360 to be the truer to form watch on the market. But even being one of the best smart […]

10 Sep Intel IDF: High Risk, High Reward — Intel Steps Up Its Game

Source: Christoper R. Wilder At A High-Level Two weeks ago my colleagues, Patrick Moorhead (@patrickmoorhead), Jimmy Pike (@SR_fellow), and I (@skydevr) attended the Intel Developer Forum (IDF). This show is the place where hardware and software developers go to gaze upon new technologies, platforms, and solutions coming out of Intel. Like most vendor conferences, there was considerable […]

09 Sep For The Wearables Market To Grow, Data Plans Need To Change

From my experience, many consumers aren’t interested in a smartwatch until it has the ability to completely untether from a smartphone. Last week at IFA Berlin, we saw a slew of smartwatches from the likes of Samsung Electronics, Huawei, Motorola, LG Electronics, and others. Many of these smart watches primarily come with WiFi and Bluetooth […]

24 Aug How Consumers Will Fix The Healthcare System, Part II

As I wrote in my last column, consumers are going to be the ones that drive health care reforms in two ways. First, they’re using technology to improve their own health. Second, and the topic of today’s column, consumers will help revolutionize the way health care is delivered. Companies like Teladoc and American Well were first to […]

18 Aug How Consumers Will Fix The Healthcare System, Part I

Two weeks ago, my wife and co-practice lead, Jeanne, wrote an article about a topic you don’t see much in the Tech space. It generated a great deal of interest and shares, so we know it resonated with Forbes readers. She listed the several ways we, as a society, have become fatter and less healthy. […]