10 Jan Initial CES 2019 Observations: Patrick Moorhead

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I spent the week in Las Vegas and wanted to share with you my initial CES 2019 observations: What happened: Intelligence: Amazon Alexa dominated the show with its services and partners while Google tried really hard to catch up with Amazon, even going so far as to build a roller coaster ride to get attention. […]

15 Mar AMD Delivers Affordable Enterprise Client Computing With HP’s EliteBook 725 G3

HP EliteBook 725 G3 (photo courtesy HP Inc.) Advanced Micro Devices lately has been best known for their consumer products, namely their processors and graphics cards after acquiring ATI. The company used to have fairly strong enterprise offerings in the datacenter for servers, but never really had very strong ambitions in the enterprise client space. […]

16 Feb We All Need To Get Serious About Protecting Company Data With Hardened, Multi-Factor Authentication

(Image credit: Pixabay) The world is becoming a less and less secure place due to the plethora of hacks that have happened over the course of the past few years. Companies like Sony, T-Mobile, Anthem, Target and their customers have been victims of countless cyber-attacks that resulted in many people’s information being compromised. These breaches have […]

15 Feb RESEARCH BRIEF: Hardened Multi-Factor Authentication Increases Enterprise PC Security

The internet and mobility have made enterprise security monumentally more difficult. Employees can take mobile devices with them everywhere they go, but these smartphones, tablets, and notebooks vary wildly in terms of security features to prevent unauthorized access. Increasing numbers of endpoints became convenient targets of hackers looking to gain access to enterprise data. Many major hacks in the […]

09 Mar Apple Announces Futuristic New MacBook

(Photo credit AP) I attended Apple’s announcement today in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts where Apple announced a new, grounds-up, MacBook line of notebooks, representing where Apple is driving the future of notebooks.  Branded simply “MacBook”, the future is 24% thinner, 16% lighter, fanless, with Retina Display and with a […]

15 May Why I Prefer PC Convertibles Over Traditional Notebooks

Ever since Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 at the BUILD event in 2011, it was apparent that the Windows PC future was touch, gestures, tablets, convertibles, and hybrids. Intel’s unveiling the following year at Computex 2012 with Microsoft Surface Pro a plethora of form factors solidified that future. To predict the future of PCs, one must have an opinion […]

18 Apr Laptop Comparison 2008 Versus 2013

You can download the file here. Sources: Top Selling Windows Laptops in US Retail 2008 (Source: NPD) “Top 10 Laptops” 2008 (Source: CNET Asia) Amazon Windows PC Best Sellers 4/12/13 (Source: Amazon, changes daily) Best Buy Online Windows PC Best Sellers Priced $400-499 4/13/13 (Source: Best Buy, changes daily)

29 May AMD’s Trinity Removes Historical Battery Life Objections

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AMD has been long perceived as providing less notebook PC battery life than its primary competitor, Intel. While AMD did score wellin specific usage models, Intel performed a better, particularly in modes where the system was idle or in sleep mode. Most of the de-facto battery life benchmarks heavily weighted idle times when the system […]

05 Feb AMD’s Risky and Disruptive Ultrathin Notebook Strategy

Last week, I attended AMD’s annual Financial Analyst Day at their Corporate Headquarters in Sunnyvale.  They outlined their future corporate and product strategies as well as rolling out their new senior management team.One thing they discussed in more detail than others was “Trinity”, which they have positioned as their solution for ultrathin notebooks.  AMD is […]

22 Jan The Potential Losers if Ultrabooks Win

(Originally published on Forbes) Ultrabooks were one of the most discussed form factors at this year’s CES 2012.  This was due not only to Intel’s CES marketing push, but by all of Intel’s ecosystem demonstrating their prowess by showing their latest and greatest designs.  OEMs like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo showed their new designs with different industrial design, color, […]