09 Jun Lenovo Shows Off PHAB2 Pro, First Google Tango Commercial Device, At Lenovo Tech World

Google’s Project Tango has been one of Google’s longest running projects that had yet to deliver an actual product, until now. It all started with Google’s NVIDIA-based Project Tango augmented reality devkit tablet almost exactly 2 years ago. At that time, NVIDIA was the only partner developing Project Tango devices, but later on both Qualcomm announced and […]

16 Feb We All Need To Get Serious About Protecting Company Data With Hardened, Multi-Factor Authentication

(Image credit: Pixabay) The world is becoming a less and less secure place due to the plethora of hacks that have happened over the course of the past few years. Companies like Sony, T-Mobile, Anthem, Target and their customers have been victims of countless cyber-attacks that resulted in many people’s information being compromised. These breaches have […]

15 Feb Qualcomm’s New Smartphone Chips Go After Mid-Tier Asian Markets, Straight At MediaTek

Last Thursday at Qualcomm’s Financial Analyst Day the company made a slew of chip announcements ranging from the industry’s 1 Gbps wireless LTE modem to a custom designed smartwatch SoC and platform called “Snapdragon Wear 2100 SoC”. In between those, Qualcomm also announced a few very overlooked chips that help strengthen Qualcomm’s position in the mid-tier […]

11 Feb Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem Delivers Gigabit LTE And A Scalable Architecture

Qualcomm has been the global unit and revenue market share leader for years in modem technologies used in smartphones, tablets, PCs and IoT (Internet of Things). One of the reasons they have maintained this lead for so long is that they are typically first to market with new generations of modems. Today at their investor conference, […]

03 Feb Intel And Qualcomm Partner (Yes, Really) To Move WiGig 60 GHz 802.11AD Wi-Fi Forward

For the longest time, the 802.11ad space, also known as WiGig by others, was a conglomeration of different 60 GHz Wi-Fi technologies. There have been many companies that have announced technologies utilizing 60 GHz Wi-Fi technologies including Intel, Nitero, Peraso, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics and SiBEAM. Even though many of these companies are members of the Wireless […]

04 Jan Lenovo Expands X1 Brand Across Product Line At CES 2016

Lenovo is a company that has generally been synonymous with quality and innovation while ensuring that their products also deliver new utility and battery life. This is the company who popularized 2in1s with the Yoga line, put a tablet battery into the hinge, and recently added pico projectors to tablet models- they aren’t afraid to […]

18 Nov The Nvidia Shield Gaming Tablet Benchmarks Remarkably Well At $199

Yesterday, I wrote about how NVIDIA Shield Tablet has been my go-to 8″ tablet the last year. What I didn’t fully appreciate, however, was just how much NVIDIA has improved the software and drivers to keep it competitive with other tablets and leading edge SoCs from Samsung and Apple prior generation iPads. Very rarely if ever have I […]

17 Nov Nvidia Shield Tablet: Still The Best 8″ Gaming Tablet And Now $199

Some people have commented that I change my tech like they change their shoes. They’re right. I do change out my smartwatches, phones, tablets, 2-in-1s, notebooks, desktops, graphics cards, CPUs, robots and home IoT devices- a lot. It’s not because I dislike the tech, but that its part of my job- to evaluate technology based […]


You can download the benchmarks here. The following devices were tested: NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 ($199) Apple iPad mini 2 ($269) Apple iPad Air ($369) Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ ($699) Benchmarks used: Geekbench 3 Kraken 1.1 Octane 2 Basemark OS II V2.0 3DMARK Slingshot GFXBench Notes: MI&S still researching GeekBench MC to evaluate whether it […]

11 Nov Apple iPad Pro Benchmarked: It’s A Performance Beast, Well Above iPhone, iPad And Samsung

I spent the last week with the Apple iPad Pro and thoroughly reviewed it here. I couldn’t help myself but run a few preliminary benchmarks while I was at it and wanted to share those as well. Net-net, the Apple iPad Pro is a performance beast among mobile devices. The Apple iPhone 6s Plus already laps […]

11 Nov BENCHMARKS: Preliminary Apple iPad Pro Benchmarks

You can download all the gory details here. I will update this as I get more information and research some of the anomalies I found. Let me know if you have any questions or see any anomalies you’d like checked out. Notes: MI&S still researching GeekBench MC to evaluate whether it accurately reflects mobile software […]

11 Nov Apple iPad Pro Review: An iPad You Can Do A Whole Lot More With

Apple iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard I spent over a week using the new Apple iPad Pro and want to share my experience, one that interestingly enough, changed my opinion on the device from launch day until now. With the iPad Pro, you really have to use it to truly experience it and understand it, but […]

12 Oct Amazon Fire Tablet Performs Quite Poorly, As One Would Expect For $50

Three weeks ago, Amazon.com launched their new Amazon Fire tablet in what sounded like an incredible $65 (without ads on the lock screen), $50 with ads. A few weeks back, I wrote here about a few things I thought were important to consumers to further research if they were considering buying the Fire for them or […]

12 Oct Amazon Fire Tablet Benchmarks

You can download the benchmarking details here. This includes: System configurations System specifications Benchmark results Benchmarking Notes: Testing was conducted on October 11, 2015. Systems were run stock, were not jail-broken, with WiFi turned off, background apps closed, in the same room with the same ambient temperature. The only exception was where “WiFi on” was required by […]

17 Sep Read The Fine Print Before Buying The $50 Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon.com today released for sale a tablet that sounded too good to be true…. a 7″ quad core tablet for a mere $50. It took me about 15 minutes to realize that there were a lot of “fine print” to the deal and I think you need to be aware of them before you buy or […]

15 Sep RESEARCH BRIEF and PRESENTATION: MU-MIMO and 802.11ad Wi-Fi Evolve the User Experience

In addition to 3G and 4G, Wi-Fi has been one of the backbones of the growth of wireless technology and devices, including the growth of the IoT (internet of things). Wi-Fi has gone through many stages in its evolution including multiple versions of 2.4 GHz 802.11 standards including 802.11a/b/g/n and 5 GHz 802.11ac.All of this is was enabled […]

08 Sep Dell’s Deal On The Microsoft Surface Pro Speaks Volumes On Companies And PC Market

What never changes is that the PC industry is in an ever changing state of change. (Say that three times fast). Over the last few years, the PC’s biggest competitors have been tablets but now I believe it is itself. This has resulted in declining margins on hardware and results in an environment where service, […]

01 Sep Cisco And Apple: Not-So-Strange Bedfellows?

When the news of the collaboration between Apple and Cisco Systems hit the wires on Monday, the announcement took many by surprise. But even as it seemed odd to many that the two tech giants were working together, it is also completely understandable. Both Cisco Systems and Apple battle for dominance in business communications; they just approach […]

07 Aug Windows 10: Does It Deliver to PC Enthusiasts?

  It’s been a little more than a week since Microsoft launched Windows 10 as an upgrade to existing Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 users. Windows 10 hits nearly every end customer segment and sub-segment out there, but I want to focus first on enthusiasts, the sub-segment who typically uses desktops and skew to buying more […]

16 Jun RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD 6th Generation Processor Brings Best-in-Class Game Streaming to Windows™ 10

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, offers gamers new opportunities to stream games and content from their Xbox One to their PCs. This functionality is unique to Windows 10 and requires a certain set of parameters to be met. One of these parameters is ample PC hardware to perform the appropriate decoding for a smooth, high- quality game […]