05 Nov HP Spectre Folio: One Of The Most Unique Devices I’ve Ever Reviewed

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HP Spectre Folio.  HP INC I have spent nearly 30 years in and around the personal computer market as a PC manufacturer, for the leading PC desktop search engine of its time, a PC processor company and today with my firm researching the entirety of computing device industry.  When I was younger, I used to […]

03 Aug RESEARCH PAPER: Active Alignment Will Be Critical For Future Optical Systems Manufacturing

New usage models and applications for technology products, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, created a need for computers to “see” the outside, physical world. We refer to this as “computer vision”. As these usage models and markets evolve, higher quality imaging systems are needed to enable better optical performance. Consumer expectations for thinner […]

11 Jul Microsoft Surface Pro One Week Review: Making A Good Experience Even Better

The Microsoft Surface Pro has been the pride and glory of the Surface line and has gone through the most revisions of all the Surface products Microsoft has launched. I have actually used every single version of Surface, so I have some history.  Microsoft effectively created the Windows detachable 2-in-1 category with the success of […]

23 May Microsoft Launches Faster Surface Pro With Improved Battery Life, LTE, And Inking

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The New Surface Pro Microsoft builds the Surface devices as a showcase for its product and services meanwhile targeting Apple with their design. While Surface sales declined last quarter, overall, Microsoft has created the detachable PC market and has been very successful with it. It’s definitely beyond hobby status as its driving a multi-billion-dollar business. […]

03 May Microsoft Goes After Google With New Education Products And Services

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Microsoft held its special Education event on Wednesday, and announced a handful of new products and services designed for and geared specifically towards teachers and students. While Microsoft dominates the installed educational base, Google Chromebooks and G Suite have grown in popularity in K-12 over the past few years as have Apple MacBooks for high […]

09 Feb Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro Shows Promise Of Augmented Reality In Phones

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(Source: Anshel Sag) While 2016 was the year everyone got hyped about virtual reality (VR) as headsets started to enter the market, the same could be said of augmented reality (AR) in 2017. There was a glimpse into that future in late 2016 with Lenovo ’s launch of the Phab2 Pro—Google’s and Lenovo’s first AR […]

07 Dec Microsoft Gives More Details About The PC’s Future At WinHEC, And It Looks Brighter

WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Community) is Microsoft’s string of conferences designed to get hardware developers jazzed about developing for the Windows platform. Microsoft’s goal, like anyone with an ecosystem, is to get their fair share of resources committed to their platform. At this year’s WinHEC 2016 in Shenzhen today, Microsoft laid out what could possibly […]

07 Dec Microsoft Surface Book With Performance Base-Two Weeks In Review

Microsoft has been on a roll as of late. They’re doing great with Azure public cloud, substantially increasing Office 365 subscriptions, fielding a much improved Dynamics, and were first with an AI and CaaP ecosystem. So how about hardware? Well, Surface is on a $4B annual revenue run-rate and they just launched their first all-in-one, […]

13 Nov How The Amazon Fire HD 8 Review Compared To Apple iPad Mini 2 And AT&T Trek 2 HD

It’s getting very close to the gift-giving time in the U.S. and Western Europe. While the tablet market is way down from where it used to be, over 200M could be sold in the next year. I still use an 8″ tablet at night to crank through my content like reading the news and social media, […]

12 Nov Amazon Fire HD 8 Review: Tablet Reduces Specifications To Hit Low Price

Check out the Amazon Fire HD 8 compared to the Apple iPad mini 2 and the AT&T Trek HD 2 here. Amazon.com has become a respected, household name in many countries around the world. Its reliable service, low prices and Prime memberships keep consumers flocking to it. An Amazon package hits my door literally every […]

26 Oct Microsoft Launches Surface Studio, Surface Book Performance Base And Windows 10 Creators Update

I attended Microsoft’s launch today in New York City and wanted to provide my first impressions of the event. Microsoft has built a very large, $5B annual run-rate Surface business through a combination of creating premium and differentiated experiences plus heavy brand investment and discipline. Today’s announcements were additive to the Surface line, but the […]

22 Sep The Samsung Note7 Recall Was Handled Pretty Well So Far, All Things Considered, But Not Perfect

Samsung Electronics recently issued a voluntary recall on their newly released Galaxy Note7 devices, saying the battery cells of the device have the potential to overheat and pose a safety risk. Obviously, any recall is a serious matter and doesn’t ever look good for the company in question. However, I think Samsung has handled the […]

15 Sep Apple’s New Chips Change The Semiconductor Landscape

(Image Source: Apple) Apple is very well known for developing its own semiconductor IP when it finds it necessary to improve the experience or deem its suppliers to not meet its needs. This is why Apple has been developing its own custom ARM SoCs since day one while still licensing its GPU IP from Imagination Technologies. This includes […]

31 Aug The Samsung Galaxy Note7 Will Appeal To Business End Users – A 30 Day Review

I spent the better part of the past 30 days with Samsung’s latest phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 as a business phone. Net-net, I believe business users will enjoy the experience like I did and embrace the many business-friendly features that it has. Samsung was the company to create the device category that we now […]

23 Aug Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 Could Encourage Enterprise Upgrades

Samsung’s DJ Koh proudly announces the new Note7 in a NYC event (Photo credit: Patrick Moorhead) I attended the Samsung Galaxy Note7 launch in New York City a few weeks back and already wrote some of my thoughts about the Note7 from a consumer perspective, but there remains a lot more to be said about the […]

12 Jul Pokémon GO And Google Tango Would Be A Match Made In Heaven

(Image source: Anshel Sag) In less than a week after its release Pokémon GO has become a global phenomenon. According to SimilarWeb, Pokémon GO has surpassed Tinder in the US for installs on Android devices. It has also nearly passed Twitter for daily active US users. Currently, the US, New Zealand and Australia are the only […]

15 Jun Lenovo’s Flexible Phone And Tablet Steal The Show At Lenovo Tech World 2016

At last week’s Lenovo Tech World 2016 in San Francisco, Lenovo launched two major products: their Lenovo PHAB2 Pro and Lenovo Moto Z. While the PHAB2 Pro is the first phone built with Google Tango, the Moto Z is the first device to have externally hot swappable modules called Moto Mods. During their press conference announcing […]

13 Jun Industry Analyst Perspectives On The Apple WWDC 2016 Keynote

(Photo credit: Patrick Moorhead) I was in-person and live at Apple’s WWDC keynote in San Francisco. The following are my quick takeaways from the event. Watch and watchOS: Apple is focusing on exactly what they should be with watchOS, and that’s speed, ease of use and upping the ante in health and fitness. With the first […]

11 Jun What Apple *Should* Talk About At WWDC

Tomorrow, I leave for San Francisco to attend WWDC. You have probably seen 50 articles predicting what Apple will announce at WWDC. What I’d like to talk about is what I think Apple should announce or discuss at the conference. Image credit: Apple Improve and expand Siri Siri was first out with a mobile agent, but Microsoft Cortana, Google Voice/Now/On […]

10 Jun Why Is The Modem Still The Unsung Hero Of Mobility?

The unsung hero of the mobile world is not the CPU, it isn’t the GPU, it isn’t even the memory. All of those components have grown extremely quickly in recent years in terms of processing capability, capacity and the ability to shrink thanks to improvements in process technology. The CPU and the GPU seem to […]