15 Jul ARM ‘All-In’ With Mobile GPU Compute

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few years, you know that smartphones and tablets have been blowing the doors off of the tech market compared to the personal computers.  Inside of every one of these devices is what’s called an “SoC”, or system on a single chip. Each SoC has distinct […]

25 Jun Instagram Video More a Threat to TV and Camcorders than Vine

Last week, Facebook announced Instagram Video, giving users the ability to take 15 second videos, add special effects and share with their friends. Instagram Video is nearly a feature-by-feature copy of Vine and has been reported to be negatively impacting Vine already. I believe, though, that Instagram Video’s biggest impact will be more on TV viewing and Camcorders than […]

14 Jun RESEARCH NOTE- ARM Mobile GPU Compute Accelerates UX Differentiation

Executive Summary Users continue to demand more from their mobile devices and many mobile device designers are using Mali-T604-based SoC products today to meet those ever-increasing demands. Additionally, designers are starting to enable and enhance mobile device user experiences through GPU compute.  OEMs and software vendors are investing to accelerate image processing, computational photography, game […]

23 Apr Samsung Leveraging Galaxy S4 Camera Features from Point & Shoot Line

Smartphone cameras are one of the most competitive areas of technology.  This is because OEMs know many consumers may choose their phone based on the quality of the camera, particularly as consumers use their phone as their primary camera.  For years, Apple AAPL -0.55%’s iPhone held the top camera spot without equal but over the past few years, it […]

16 Apr Facebook Home’s Uniquely Flawed Experience Examined

Facebook announced last week their new experience for Android smartphones, called Facebook Home. This is Facebook’s first major attempt to control more of the phone’s experience without actually selling a phone.   Facebook Home is pre-installed on the HTC First and also users of select HTC and Samsung phones can install it from Google Play.  I primarily […]

05 Apr Why Google Shouldn’t Be Concerned About Facebook Home

Yesterday, Facebook announced “Home”, a skin that runs on top of Android, pulling consumer’s Facebook experience up to literally the lock–screen of the phone. The demos werefast, fluid, and very different than anything Android has to offer.  A lot of thepress coverage ensued that talked about the big threat this could bring to Android.  Techpinion’s own […]

02 Apr What’s Really Happening At Tessera’s DigitalOptics Subsidiary?

It has been a busy few months at Tessera’s DigitalOptics subsidiary.  At this year’s Mobile World Congress, they demonstrated some of the most innovative technology I saw at Mobile World Congress, called “mems|cam”. Mems|cam could be very disruptive as it has the potential to redefine the entire smartphone camera industry by allowing consumers to take high definition, […]

05 Mar Lytro-Type Cameras for Smartphones Coming Soon?

Lytro fascinated many with the first mass marketed camera that enabled the user to alter the focal point dynamically after the picture was taken. The camera won a lot of awards but also came with some downsides, too. The Lytro’s opening price point was high at $399, was packaged an unorthodox tube form factor, and the output […]

04 Mar Are MEMS-based Smartphone Cameras the Next Big Thing?

Last week I attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, the world’s largest gathering of the mobility industry. At MWC, I focused my time researching new phones, tablets, apps, cloud services and their associated technologies. One of the most interesting technologies I saw was a MEMS-based camera by DigitalOptics Corp, which I believe could be the next big thing […]

26 Feb Asus FonePad Phone Functionality not as Odd as it Seems

After having spent a few days in Barcelona at this year’s Mobile World Congress, I have had the chance to play around with a few mobile “toys”. A few of these devices caught my eye and the Asus FonePad was interesting not in form factor, but utility. The FonePad is essentially a 7″ Android tablet […]

19 Feb The Nvidia Tegra 4i: A Step Forward in Smartphones

Nvidia today announced the Tegra 4i, a smartpone chip with an integrated LTE modem on the same physical die.  This is a follow-on to the Tegra 4 that was announced at this year’s CES 2013.  Nvidia is making some very bold claims about the Tegra 4i versus Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800, and while there are no 3rd […]

29 Jan Leaving the iPhone- How Windows Phone 8 Stacks Up

Approximately six weeks ago, I made the decision to stop using my iPhone 4s and immerse myself in Android, which I did for about a month.  I wrote about that here.  After Android, I wanted to try out Windows Phone 8 for an extended period of time and I want to share my experiences with you. My […]

16 Jan Who Won the Smartphone Chip Wars at CES 2013?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is best known for gigantic 4K TVs and Android-powered refrigerators, but this year’s CES brought brand new smartphone chips from Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm.  While information is still limited, all three of these players brought their best to the game and I wanted to share with you what I saw and heard at […]

15 Jan Leaving the iPhone- How Android Stacks Up

About a month ago, I made the decision to stop using my iPhone 4s with the possible outcome of leaving the iPhone for an Android or Windows phone for an extended period of time.  I don’t want to use the term “never”, because that’s limiting.  As promised, I wanted to share with you my experiences with Android so […]

08 Jan NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD Connects Disparate Gaming Worlds

Even before CES 2013 officially began, NVIDIA announced a new product that rocked the gaming world.  NVIDIA announced Project SHIELD, an NVIDIA-branded mobile gaming device that connects different world of gaming, across modes, displays and content. My first visual impression of SHIELD when I saw it was that it looked like a high end portable game […]

01 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Mobility is Not PC: Technology-Driven Differentiation in a PC+ World

While having very different origins, the mobile and PC markets are starting to merge. Smartphones are an extension of the reliable, regulated and high quality feature phone purchased from mobile operators vs. the PC which comes from an open, unregulated, and price-driven beginning. Dividing the middle are media tablets that now offer features from both […]

31 Dec The Most Significant Consumer Technology Products of 2012

One great thing about a tech industry in transition is that manufacturers amp up the amount and breadth of the products they announce.  2012 was a transition year for PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and there were so very many great options to choose from. My selection criteria for my favorite, significant products was simple: I personally used […]

18 Dec Leaving the iPhone

I have used the iPhone since the 3G as my primary phone and have enjoyed my experience very much.  It was, quite frankly, ahead of its time in almost every conceivable way.  It “felt” better, had more apps, better apps, great camera and a built-in iPod.  Better in every way until now.  I am strongly considering […]

17 Dec Dell’s “Five Forces” Will Define its Future

Dell held its second annual Dell World conference in Austin, Texas last week.  This young and energetic conference was a refreshingly honestand candid look at Dell’s transformation from PC assembly to global services and solutions.  Where most corporate conferences focus on selling what’s in or about to enter the sales cycle, Dell World focused on telling Dell’s story for the rest […]

14 Nov SingTel refuses to be a Commodity

If you live in the U.S., you probably would rarely consider using your wireless carrier, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, for apps, particularly those written by them.  Now think about apps you use for social media, voice commands, and food reviews, finding and planning local events, reading the news or apps to view and manage your photos […]