11 Oct Apple iOS Video Pipeline Experiment- Part 1

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With my new fourth generation iPod touch I now have a 720p video camera. I also have an iPad, and I wondered what I could do with them together.  As I have said in earlier blogs, one way I stay on top of today’s technology is to “stretch it” or make it do things it really wasn’t […]

19 Jan Google Nexus One First Impressions

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Since I first reviewed the T-Mobile G1 with Android OS last year, I was really looking forward to the improvements Google and HTC could bring to the end user experience with subsequent products.  The G1 felt like a beta piece of hardware and software at the time, but I was impressed about many things too.  The difference between the […]

17 Feb BlackBerry Bold as Mobile Cloud Workhorse

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Cloud computing is rising in interest even during these uncertain world economic times and AMD is taking an important leadership role in the creation of the cloud. And in opinion, smartphones are increasingly becoming one of the most important cloud clients. What makes smartphones cloud-unique is their portability and versatility. One minute a phone, the next a […]

01 Dec One Week with the New BlackBerry Storm

New and exciting smartphones are coming out every few months from the major players and November was no different. Smartphones include products like the 3G iPhone, the BlackBerry Bold, and the G1 Android, which I blogged about last month. These little guys do a lot more than make phone calls as they are slowly becoming […]

23 Oct T-Mobile G1 Android: First Impressions

It was Day 1 yesterday for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone and I wanted to share my early impressions of the device. 24 hours is NOT enough time to complete a full evaluation, as mobile devices like this are very personal and take months to fully explore and judge. But I think within 24 hours […]