20 Mar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: If You Were Ever Thinking Of Swapping Out Your iPhone, Now’s The Time

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event with Moor Insights & Strategy analysts Anshel Sag and Mark Vena, where Samsung released its new line of phones. You can find Moor Insights & Strategy Senior Analyst Anshel Sag’s coverage of the S20 here. You can find my coverage of the S20 lineup here, as […]

06 Mar We Know The New Samsung Galaxy S20 Is An Awesome Consumer Phone, But How About For The Enterprise?

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Many have predicted that 2020 will be the year that 5G really takes off and I believe that. Last year most major carriers announced their plans for 5G network deployment and in the US, every major carriers have some kind of 5G network based on mmWave, sub6 GHz, or both. Additionally, we’ve seen 5G-enabled devices […]

06 Mar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review: A More Refined Foldable Phone

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Last week, Samsung released its new line of Galaxy S devices and its newest foldable device, the Galaxy Z Flip. You can find my event coverage of the S20 here and Moor Insights and Strategy Senior Analyst Anshel Sag’s coverage of the S20 here. The Z Flip is Samsung’s second, arguably third, go at a […]

02 Mar Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Line Marks A Generational Leap For Samsung

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There have been a lot of leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 line of phones. The company’s new line of Galaxy S phones promised to mark a generational leap in the phone’s specifications and capabilities—hence the jump from S10 to the S20. Now that we’ve seen the full specifications of the new Galaxy S20 […]

02 Mar Like It Or Not, The Future Is Full Of Foldables

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I first got a chance to play with Lenovo’s prototype foldable devices 3 years ago at Lenovo Tech World, and I’ve been excited about the emerging category ever since. It’s not just me, though—lots of people recognize the potential of foldable devices. Foldables were back in the news last week with the unveiling of its new Galaxy […]

03 Feb Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Long-Term, Twelve Week Review

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It has been around three months since Apple started shipping its new generation of iPhones. The quicker-take reviews are out but I wanted to do a longer-term, twelve-week review. For Android users, I also try to do as many comparisons as I can if you’re interested in flirting with Apple and iOS. The iPhone 11 […]

03 Feb Samsung Launches Category-Defining Galaxy XCover Pro For Frontline Workers

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Samsung is a company I follow very closely in a number of areas. Lately, the Samsung newsroom has been abuzz with consumer electronics news from its various announcements at CES 2020 (see my coverage here if interested). Samsung launched a number of intriguing new devices at the consumer electronics extravaganza, including my personal favorite, the new Samsung […]

12 Dec MediaTek Surprises With Dimensity 1000 5G Smartphone SoC

MediaTek has a long history of being a competitive player in the smartphone market. The company’s position has always been one that many have considered being a mid-tier and low-end solution provider with many of the most popular phones in the world selling with its chips in volumes that would surprise anyone. However, most of […]

14 Nov Samsung Improves And Expands The Mobile Experience With One UI 2

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A few years ago, I believe the general industry consensus was that Android phones didn’t provide the best overall smartphone experiences. The hardware may have been ahead in certain areas, but some felt Android phones felt a bit sluggish, maybe even the experience degraded over time and seemed complex.  After my experiences with the Galaxy […]

28 Oct Why Microsoft’s Foldable Surface Duo Smartphone Could Be Successful

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I attended Microsoft’s fall event in New York City today and you can find my analysis of the Surface Pro, Laptop, Neo and Earbuds announcements here. In this analysis, I wanted to take time to discuss the biggest bombshell of the event, which is that Microsoft will ship a Surface phone during Holiday 2020 that folds […]

14 Oct Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Enables New Vertical And Horizontal Commercial Use Cases

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As I sit here today with the new Samsung Galaxy Fold in my hands, I can’t help but think about how Samsung is enabling new smartphone use cases while everybody else is cranking out improvements and incrementalism to its smartphones. After taking the new and improved Fold for a spin, I feel like it is […]

03 Oct Analyst Take: It’s A Mixed Showing For Apple On iPhone Launch Day

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I had the opportunity to attend Apple’s fall event in Cupertino today. Coming on the heels of the IFA Berlin event which analyst Mark Vena covered here, Apple’s fall event signals what the company will be selling for the western holidays and in Q1. While Apple has been successfully diversifying its business over the last two […]

03 Oct After A Month-Long Review, I Believe The Galaxy Note10+ Is The Ultimate Business Smartphone

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The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is the newest in a long family of Note devices that the company released in August. After four weeks of use, the Galaxy Note10+ has been an impressive business workhorse. This review goes more into detail on the productivity and business side of the Galaxy Note10+ and how Samsung has set […]

22 Aug Samsung’s Galaxy Note Becomes Its Own Line With The Note10

Today, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Note 10, available in three different models at different price points. I recently published my review of the Galaxy S10+ (which you can find here, if interested), and I’ve been looking forward to seeing how Samsung would up the ante with the new Note. Without further ado, let’s take a […]

19 Aug 5-Month Review: Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ And Buds

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I’ve had the pleasure of using many Android devices, dating back to the Google  G1 and all the way up to the Galaxy S10. However, it’s not often I get an opportunity to review a smartphone with a complimentary pair of equally impressive earbuds. I have been using the Galaxy S10+ with the Galaxy Buds since they […]

27 Apr Who Are Apple’s iPhone Contract Manufacturers?

This coming Monday, a highly anticipated trial between Qualcomm and Apple will start in San Diego. The legal showdown is the next, important chapter of a two-year conflict between the two technology powerhouses and now, in this trial, Apple’s contract manufacturers. You can get caught up to speed on the prior two years here. Next week’s […]

26 Feb Samsung Blew Me Away At Unpacked 2019

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Last week, I attended Samsung’s Unpacked event in San Francisco and am attending Mobile World Congress 2019 this week. Held on practically the eve of MWC Barcelona, Samsung utilized Unpacked to unveil an impressive new array of devices (yes, including that foldable phone you’ve been hearing so much about). I wanted to talk about a […]

05 Feb Samsung Galaxy Note9: A Flagship Phone For Busy Millennials

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Upon the Samsung Galaxy Note9’s release in August 2018, I immediately pushed aside my Galaxy S9+ and made it my primary Android device. While one might not expect this upgrade to make much of a difference, considering the devices’ similar specifications, it really has. After using it for nearly 6 months, I can say that […]

21 Jan Why Didn’t Apple Use Qualcomm’s Modems In 2018 iPhones?

Like I said last week in my article entitled “If The FTC Case Against Qualcomm Seems Like a Clown Show Right Now, It’s Because It Started That Way”, if you haven’t been following the FTC versus Qualcomm case and are in the tech industry, you probably should. What’s likely at stake are future inventors’ rights to monetize […]

10 Jan Initial CES 2019 Observations: Patrick Moorhead

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I spent the week in Las Vegas and wanted to share with you my initial CES 2019 observations: What happened: Intelligence: Amazon Alexa dominated the show with its services and partners while Google tried really hard to catch up with Amazon, even going so far as to build a roller coaster ride to get attention. […]