20 Jan HP Inc. Proved They Have Sustained Premium PC Prowess At CES 2016

Spectre’s front-firing B&O speakers (Credit: Patrick Moorhead) Four years ago as Hewlett-Packard, the company appeared to deprioritize the premium PC space. The company seemed a lot more focused on the much higher volume, mid-range and entry-level space than the lower volume, yet higher profit margin space dominated at the time by Apple. It’s a tough space, particularly […]

20 Jan Dell Does It Again At CES 2016

Five years ago walking the halls at CES I’ll admit, Dell the PC company looked like they just weren’t that interested in the client PC category. No one should ever form their opinions based just how one trade show was presented, but it was hard to shake that. Boy have things changed at Dell’s Client […]

18 Jan Reasons To Be More Bullish On A 2016 Commercial PC Refresh

Last week’s IDC and Gartner Q4-2015 report on PC sales sent a shock-wave through the industry. The stock market responded with a sell-off of major PC-related names like Advanced Micro Devices, HP Inc. (fka Hewlett-Packard), Intel, Lenovo, and NVIDIA. While I was disappointed in the Q4 numbers, I also have a good grasp of what was behind […]

04 Jan Lenovo Expands X1 Brand Across Product Line At CES 2016

Lenovo is a company that has generally been synonymous with quality and innovation while ensuring that their products also deliver new utility and battery life. This is the company who popularized 2in1s with the Yoga line, put a tablet battery into the hinge, and recently added pico projectors to tablet models- they aren’t afraid to […]

06 Nov HP Inc. Takes Innovation Risks With New Line Of Commercial PCs

In the PC and mobile world, with new processor launches come refreshed product lines. HP Inc’s latest commercial offerings are no different as they’ve introduced the latest and greatest technologies into their new commercial laptops, SFF (small form factor) PCs and room computing solutions, including their AIOs (All-in-one). As Hewlett-Packard has split in two, the […]

03 Nov Microsoft Truly Takes PC Hardware To New Levels With New Windows 10 Devices

Less than a month ago, I attended Microsoft’s Windows 10 Devices Day in New York City along with hundreds of journalists and around twenty other industry analysts from around the globe. This event’s purpose was to update the industry on Microsoft’s latest Windows hardware, as a follow up to the Windows 10 software launch earlier […]

08 Sep Dell’s Deal On The Microsoft Surface Pro Speaks Volumes On Companies And PC Market

What never changes is that the PC industry is in an ever changing state of change. (Say that three times fast). Over the last few years, the PC’s biggest competitors have been tablets but now I believe it is itself. This has resulted in declining margins on hardware and results in an environment where service, […]

03 Sep Can Intel’s Skylake Help Invigorate The Consumer PC Market?

Intel has been talking in detail about their new Skylake CPU architecture for months and is in the process of launching the actual products piece by piece over the past few weeks. There is no doubt that the SI channel, retailers, OEMs and tech-savvy consumers have long been awaiting Intel’s release of Skylake-based 6th Generation […]