24 Aug HP Rebuilds High-End Gaming Offerings With New OMEN Products And Partnerships

(Image: HP) Although the PC market has been considered stagnant and lacking in innovation, the gaming segment has mostly been an outlier, showing the most growth outside of new form factors like convertibles. In the boutique gaming space, a small crop of unique players provide their own take on the highest-end of the high-end PC […]

04 Aug HP Spectre 13: A Month With What Could Be The Sexiest Laptop Alive

The Spectre 13 “piston-hinge” enables this laptop’s insane thin profile (Photo credit: HP Inc.) In any very competitive market, it is extremely important to have a premium line so that you can have a successful “better” in a “good”- “better”-“best” product lineup. HP Inc. has amped up their premium notebook game over the last few […]

13 Jun Industry Analyst Perspectives On The Apple WWDC 2016 Keynote

(Photo credit: Patrick Moorhead) I was in-person and live at Apple’s WWDC keynote in San Francisco. The following are my quick takeaways from the event. Watch and watchOS: Apple is focusing on exactly what they should be with watchOS, and that’s speed, ease of use and upping the ante in health and fitness. With the first […]

11 Jun What Apple *Should* Talk About At WWDC

Tomorrow, I leave for San Francisco to attend WWDC. You have probably seen 50 articles predicting what Apple will announce at WWDC. What I’d like to talk about is what I think Apple should announce or discuss at the conference. Image credit: Apple Improve and expand Siri Siri was first out with a mobile agent, but Microsoft Cortana, Google Voice/Now/On […]

10 Jun Why Is The Modem Still The Unsung Hero Of Mobility?

The unsung hero of the mobile world is not the CPU, it isn’t the GPU, it isn’t even the memory. All of those components have grown extremely quickly in recent years in terms of processing capability, capacity and the ability to shrink thanks to improvements in process technology. The CPU and the GPU seem to […]

01 Jun Synaptics’ New Security Adapter Takes PC Fingerprint Security Literally Anywhere

Synaptics is an understated innovator in the human interface and end user experience technology space, and many of the hottest smartphones, tablets and PCs have their technology inside. The Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple iPhone 6S, Dell XPS 15, Microsoft Surface and Surface Book, and HP ENVY are just a few of these products I’ve personally used. One […]

31 May AMD’s 7th Generation APU Brings Many Performance Tweaks And The Last Hurrah Before Zen

Advanced Micro Devices has already told us that 2016 was going to be the year of graphics, but the reality is that they also have a lot going on in their CPU and APU division as well. In fact, in addition to Advanced Micro Devices’s newly announced 7th Generation APUs in 2016, the company is […]

12 Apr Microsoft Shows Strong Windows 10 Progress at BUILD, More To Go

Microsoft has made strong progress with Windows 10 and more is needed to guarantee long-term success beyond commercial and consumer PCs, detachables and XBOX One. This isn’t some revelation or criticism, just an observation. Eventually, Windows 10 must make its way into volume smartphones, consumer tablets, wearables, cars and home automation. I attended the BUILD conference […]

05 Apr The HTC Vive Shows Us Virtual Reality Is Not Just About Games

The HTC Vive is the beginning of a fundamental change to the way we compute. While other authors are reviewing the HTC Vive itself today, I will talk about the evolution of the platform and software ecosystem. (Image source: Anshel Sag) I’ve spent the last year deep inside Virtual Reality, putting on every headset and trying […]

16 Mar Four Months With The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Credit: Microsoft) The PC market has seen brighter days, especially when it comes to the traditional desktop power form factor. In Q4 2015, the PC market continued to struggle, but according to IDC’s data there was a bright spot in the PC space that belongs to convertibles and detachables. This is […]

15 Mar AMD Delivers Affordable Enterprise Client Computing With HP’s EliteBook 725 G3

HP EliteBook 725 G3 (photo courtesy HP Inc.) Advanced Micro Devices lately has been best known for their consumer products, namely their processors and graphics cards after acquiring ATI. The company used to have fairly strong enterprise offerings in the datacenter for servers, but never really had very strong ambitions in the enterprise client space. […]

01 Mar Huawei Enters PC Market With Super-Thin Windows 10 MateBook 2-in-1 #MWC16

Huawei Technology Co. isn’t known for being a PC players, but they are a player in the telecom infrastructure business, #1 in LTE and recently became a global rising star in the smartphone world. Huawei has been consistently gaining market share globally and is now solidly the number three smartphone vendor in the world behind […]

27 Feb Dell XPS 15 The Best 15″ Premium Consumer Notebook I’ve Experienced So Far

Dell XPS 15 (Image courtesy Dell) The notebook market is one that has always been extremely competitive with some vendors eliminated from the market and others absorbed by competitors. This has led to some serious consolidation in the market, particularly in the high-end where it is increasingly difficult for notebook makers to make a compelling […]

21 Feb HP Makes Bold Move Into Modular Enterprise Workspace With Elite x3 Smartphone #MWC16

HP Elite x3 next to Mobile Extender I have been researching modular compute use cases for over twenty years. Historically, modularity and extensibility have had a mixed rate of success and typically, success or failure is directly related to the experiential “signal loss” of the base use case and the extended use case. Two examples: […]

17 Feb Microsoft Receives The Ultimate Windows 10 Security Proof Point From U.S. Department of Defense

Many enterprises, their customers and employees are asking what it will really take to better help secure their phones, tablets and PCs. The challenge has become exponentially difficult with more and more deployed enterprise mobile end points combined with the increased sophistication of hackers and the rise of millennialism, where Starbucks, co-working facilities, home, and the gym […]

16 Feb We All Need To Get Serious About Protecting Company Data With Hardened, Multi-Factor Authentication

(Image credit: Pixabay) The world is becoming a less and less secure place due to the plethora of hacks that have happened over the course of the past few years. Companies like Sony, T-Mobile, Anthem, Target and their customers have been victims of countless cyber-attacks that resulted in many people’s information being compromised. These breaches have […]

15 Feb RESEARCH BRIEF: Hardened Multi-Factor Authentication Increases Enterprise PC Security

The internet and mobility have made enterprise security monumentally more difficult. Employees can take mobile devices with them everywhere they go, but these smartphones, tablets, and notebooks vary wildly in terms of security features to prevent unauthorized access. Increasing numbers of endpoints became convenient targets of hackers looking to gain access to enterprise data. Many major hacks in the […]

03 Feb Intel And Qualcomm Partner (Yes, Really) To Move WiGig 60 GHz 802.11AD Wi-Fi Forward

For the longest time, the 802.11ad space, also known as WiGig by others, was a conglomeration of different 60 GHz Wi-Fi technologies. There have been many companies that have announced technologies utilizing 60 GHz Wi-Fi technologies including Intel, Nitero, Peraso, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics and SiBEAM. Even though many of these companies are members of the Wireless […]

20 Jan HP Inc. Proved They Have Sustained Premium PC Prowess At CES 2016

Spectre’s front-firing B&O speakers (Credit: Patrick Moorhead) Four years ago as Hewlett-Packard, the company appeared to deprioritize the premium PC space. The company seemed a lot more focused on the much higher volume, mid-range and entry-level space than the lower volume, yet higher profit margin space dominated at the time by Apple. It’s a tough space, particularly […]

20 Jan Dell Does It Again At CES 2016

Five years ago walking the halls at CES I’ll admit, Dell the PC company looked like they just weren’t that interested in the client PC category. No one should ever form their opinions based just how one trade show was presented, but it was hard to shake that. Boy have things changed at Dell’s Client […]