06 Mar HP Inc. PC President Alex Cho: ‘Get Ready For The Return Of The PC’

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Ten years ago, when the Apple iPad was released, you could hear the PC industry’s collective shrug. Some like me thought it would impact the PC and the Mac, but most thought it would not. PC unit volumes were growing, there seemed to be a lot of competition, and netbooks, despite their lackluster quality and […]

12 Dec Intel Taps MediaTek For Its 5G Laptop Designs

Intel’s journey on 5G has been quite an interesting one. The company was it’s slated to compete with the likes of Qualcomm, Huawei, and Samsung in 5G. Eventually, after a few stumbles, the company fell short of expectations and ended up spinning off the majority of the company’s efforts in a $1 billion transaction with […]

02 Dec Microsoft Surface Pro X Three Week Review: Exceeded My Expectations For My Productivity Use Case

As a tech industry analyst, I’m in the enviable situation that I don’t have to rush out my reviews or hit a certain embargo deadline. I can take my time; wait for any updates I hear about from earlier reviews and make the experience mine. I can load all my data and apps, take a […]

21 Jun HP Takes Innovation Past Thin, Light And Low Power At Computex 2019

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Last week at Computex 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan, HP Inc., announced its updated lineups of business and consumer laptops that you can expect to see for corporate Windows 10 refreshes and the “back to school” buying season. HP Inc. announced growth last quarter in its PC business with a 2% improvement and big commercial gains […]

02 May Dell Refreshes Latitude Line Of PCs At Dell Technologies World 2019

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Yesterday I began my coverage of Dell Technologies World 2019 with my take on the company’s newly announced Dell Technologies Unified Workspace offering. Today I wanted to focus on another  announcement from Dell’s premier annual tech conference—the 10th generation refresh of Dell’s Latitude mobile PC line. We got a preview of what was to come earlier this year […]

10 Jan Initial CES 2019 Observations: Patrick Moorhead

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I spent the week in Las Vegas and wanted to share with you my initial CES 2019 observations: What happened: Intelligence: Amazon Alexa dominated the show with its services and partners while Google tried really hard to catch up with Amazon, even going so far as to build a roller coaster ride to get attention. […]

06 Jun Review: ASUS NovaGo Always Connected Windows 2-in-1 PC

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The new ASUS NovaGo Always Connected 2-in-1 PC The competition in the PC market is starting to heat up again. Now that the market has effectively reached its maximum size, we are starting to see more unique and new offerings from other players. One such of these offerings is the new ASUS NovaGo Always Connected […]

30 May HP ENVY x2 Review: Great For Insane Battery Life Use Cases

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HP Envy x2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 I had the opportunity to use HP’s first Always Connected PC, the HP ENVY x2 for nearly six months. This PC is part of Microsoft’s Always Connected PC initiative which is designed to bring constant connectivity to Windows PCs. To use Microsoft’s words, “Always Connected PCs are instantly […]

08 Jan NVIDIA Takes G-Sync To The Next Level With 65-Inch BFGD At CES 2018

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NVIDIA’s BFGD display technology When I first saw that NVIDIA was making a “BFGD”, I thought that they were going to be making something for Doom. However, these BFGDs are a short name for Big Format Gaming Displays. While new displays are usually not that exciting, NVIDIA has succeeded in making things interesting with their […]

08 Jan AMD Continues Their 2017 Momentum With New Ryzen And Vega Announcements At CES 2018

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AMD CEO Lisa Su presents at AMD’s 2018 CES Tech Day 2017 was a great year for Advanced Micro Devices on all measurements which was made all that more impressive given it was on the heels of the company suffering many years of challenges. No longer is anyone discussing AMD’s “survival,” but rather the industry is […]

07 Jan Intel Officially Launches New 8th Gen Chip With AMD Radeon RX Vega Graphics

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Intel’s 8th Generation Core Processor with RX Vega M Graphics Intel and AMD have been competitors for a very long time. But times have changed and AMD and Intel are now working together on something that truthfully helps both companies. That product is Kaby Lake G also known as Intel 8th Gen Core with Radeon […]

11 Jul Microsoft Surface Pro One Week Review: Making A Good Experience Even Better

The Microsoft Surface Pro has been the pride and glory of the Surface line and has gone through the most revisions of all the Surface products Microsoft has launched. I have actually used every single version of Surface, so I have some history.  Microsoft effectively created the Windows detachable 2-in-1 category with the success of […]

08 Jul Surface Laptop Two Week Review: Microsoft’s Stunning First Notebook Great For Today’s Use Cases

In May, Microsoft announced their very first ‘conventional’ laptop, the Surface Laptop. This laptop was one of the most recent Surface products Microsoft launched as part of the Surface line and the most conventional in terms of form factor. All the previous Surface devices were more unique in form or function that helped set apart […]

21 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: SPEC CPU 2017 & Changing Performance

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Benchmarks help determine the relative performance of different platforms, neutralizing technical differences so IT can better ascertain the actual workload impact. The SPEC CPU 2006 benchmark has helped IT generate a relative performance baseline for CPUs across different platforms for over ten years. But being more than a decade old means the benchmark no longer […]

21 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: AMD EPYC Brings New RAS Capability

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With each new enterprise platform transition, the reliance on technology increases. Today, businesses are looking to strategies like digital transformation to reshape their operations, but these new approaches to business will put more stress and reliance on servers. By digitizing, instrumenting, and capturing untold amounts of data, businesses can get a better handle on their […]

05 Jun Computex 2017: High-Performance PCs Steal The Show

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In previous years, Computex has suffered from a sort of identity crisis. This has been because many of Taiwan’s biggest computer and semiconductor companies have been overlooked as the growth and interest of smartphones has overtaken PCs. With the PC market having levelled off and the smartphone market having levelled off as well, a new […]

31 May What Does It Mean That Windows On Qualcomm Gets Support From ASUS, Lenovo And HP?

The personal computer has been evolving ever since the recent punch in the gut from smartphones and tablets. Since then, the bottom has literally fallen out of tablets, smartphones are flat, and exciting growth segments within the PC sector keep humming, albeit the market is at a much lower level. Consumer electronics players like Samsung, Huawei, […]

31 May NVIDIA Slims Down Gaming Laptops Below 20mm With New Max-Q Design

NVIDIA has without a doubt been the company leading the charge to bring desktop-class gaming performance into laptops. Thanks to NVIDIA, we have desktop processors like the GTX 1080 in notebooks and virtually every gaming notebook today is VR ready. Because of NVIDIA’s efforts, we have seen some laptop manufacturers sacrifice thickness for the sake of […]

30 May Intel Announces New X-Series High-End Desktop Processors And New i9 Line

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At Computex 2017, Intel made a series of major announcements regarding their latest high-end processor offerings. This included the introduction of a new X-series of processors which are designed to be the company’s high-end performance platform for power users and prosumers. The creation of the X-Series comes as Intel starts to feel heat from the […]

30 May ARM Introduces New Processor Designs For Datacenter, Mobility And AI At Computex 2017

This week at Computex 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, ARM Holdings announced their latest series of processor designs spanning mobility, datacenter and AI. While ARM Holdings doesn’t make chips themselves, they do design processor cores and other IP for most chip companies to utilize with their own designs. Just last month, ARM introduces their first ISP (image […]