26 Jul Mac OS X Lion and the Future of Computing

By now, you’ve probably all heard or read about Apple’s new desktop operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, or just “Lion” for short. While I believe it is a really good operating system today, what I am most interested in is what it means for tomorrow. I’d like to share with you my thoughts on what […]

15 Jul The Revenge of Pen Computing?

I’ll admit, when I heard about HTC adding pen capability to its tablet, I rolled my eyes and wrote it off. Then I watched HTC’s promotional video on the HTC Flyer and read comments from respected journalists and analysts and knew then I needed to try it out for myself. You see, I have been […]

15 Jul Why Convertible PCs Are About To Become Very Popular

Convertible computers are those that can serve as a standalone media tablet and, when attached to a keyboard, can serve as a notebook. I believe that in 2013, these will be immensely popular. This is aggressive for many reasons, primarily because a convertible PC has never been widely successful. I’d like to share a few […]

13 Jul 10 Days With the HP TouchPad Tablet

As I have described in previous posts, part of my job entails forecasting future usage models for consumers and businesses. One of the various techniques I use is living with today’s tech and then extrapolating forward. I look at all sorts of hardware and software, and lately I’ve been looking at a lot of mobility […]

02 Jul The Future Personal Music Cloud

While many can easily see the need in the future for a Personal Video Cloud, there is a lot more uncertainty about a personal cloud for music. There seem to be three schools of thought for everything and this applies to the Personal Music Cloud, too. In this blog I will be talking about these different points […]

30 Jun The HTC EVO 4G Smartphone Signals Our Tech Future

The old days of annual phone announcements are gone forever. I say good riddance, because it was boring.  A week doesn’t go by without another smartphone announcement, and this is exciting not just for the consumer, but also for the technologist. Why for both? Consumers are finally getting the capabilities in their phones that they could […]

04 Jun The Personal Video Cloud and the iPad

When most tech people hear the word “cloud” they think of the apps and data in some massive data center that feeds consumers social media apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. Ironically, I hear very little about the “personal cloud”. I think the personal cloud in your home could turn out to be as significant […]

09 May BlackBerry PlayBook as Modular Desktop Workspace

Modularity in electronics is getting very interesting these days. You’ve seen the commercials…. phones as computers, computers as phones, tablets connected to HDTVs as entertainment centers….. That brings me to the BlackBerry PlayBook, whose capabilities, at least on paper, could serve as a decent desktop workspace. One of the more unique, modularity-enabling features of the BlackBerry […]

01 May Future Device Bridging: More than E-Mail

I have been spending some time with the latest media tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook and in my last write-up, I covered the BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge feature. While in its infancy, the PlayBook Bridge provides some advantages, particularly in enterprises with an investment in BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). To consumers, there is value in the shared browser, basically enabling tethering without […]

16 Apr 45 Days with the Motorola Atrix HD Multimedia Dock

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In my last entry, I looked at the Motorola Atrix 4G Lapdock™. It couldn’t replace my laptop today, but with some technology improvements, the use case gets a lot more interesting.  This time, I’m looking at another accessory for the Atrix 4G, the Atrix HD Multimedia Dock. After using it for 45 days, I’ll take a […]

14 Apr 45 Days with the Motorola Atrix Lapdock

The following analysis documents my personal user experience with the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Motorola Atrix Lapdock™. It is intended to provide a user-level overview and is not intended as a market analysis for the device. I also provide suggestions on how I would improve the design to be more appealing as a notebook replacement. Two Atrix […]

12 Apr At Work, Armed with an iPad and no PC

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While most see the iPad as a new product category, I have heard a few rumblings on the risks of the iPad “killing”  notebooks. Seeing that our industry is supposed to ship over 300M PCs this year, I thought it important to check it out for myself starting from a work usage model standpoint. I decided to […]

22 Mar The Motorola XOOM – A Notebook Replacement?

In my last entry, I introduced the Motorola XOOM and provided my initial impressions on the experiential things I liked, things I’d like to see changed, and the unknown in  XOOM usability. This entry is a short look at how the dock and keyboard work and what it would take for me to replace my notebook with the […]

21 Mar First Looks at the Motorola XOOM

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The following writeup documents my personal user experience with the Motorola XOOM. It is intended to provide a user-level overview after using it for a few weeks. While I will try to provide more useful feedback than the PR rep that after spending an hour with the XOOM said “Angry Birds is fun”, this is not […]

10 Mar Digital Media Adapters Part 13- Product Segmentation and Conclusion

Two and a half months ago when I started the DMA (Digital Media Adapter) for Living Room series, I had no idea how complex and difficult this would be. The sheer number of devices, content, and usage models was daunting. To boot, I don’t blog or evaluate products for a living, so much of this […]

03 Mar Digital Media Adapters Part 12 – HTPC Conclusion

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So far, I have looked at the AMD Fusion Theater PC (FTPC) on a wide variety of content, including video,music, pictures and games. I’d like to close out the AMD FTPC section of the living room DMA series by discussing some of the other variables compared to the other DMAs. Networking The AMD FTPC comes standard with a […]

28 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 11 – Games on the HTPC

So, here’s a brief recap for anyone just joining this series. I have looked at the following DMAs: Apple TV,Google TV, Boxee Box, WD TV Live Hub, Roku XD S, and the Xbox 360 S. Now I am looking at a Windows 7AMD Fusion Theater PC (FTPC). So far, I’ve looked at the video playback capabilities and the AMD FTPC’s ability to […]

21 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 10 – Photos and Music on the HTPC

In Part 9, I looked at how my new VISION Technology from AMD based Fusion Theater PC (FTPC) handled video, and it was definitely a champ. Today, I’m going to take a look at what I can do with other digital media that I frequently access in the living room. What can my FTPC do with my photos […]

16 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 9 – Video Playback and the HTPC

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In part 8 of this series, I introduced the concept of the Fusion Theater PC (FTPC). An HTPC built with a Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) using VISION Technology from AMD. In part 9, I’m going to start by looking at the first function of an FTPC. How does it handle video? Let me be blunt; the FTPC played […]

14 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 8 – The HTPC

So let’s recap where we are… I have looked at the following DMA’s: Apple TV, Google TV, Boxee Box, WD TV Live Hub, Roku XD S, and recently the Xbox 360 S. Now I will look at a Windows 7 Fusion Theater PC (FTPC). Living room PCs have had marginal success outside of the most sophisticated enthusiasts for a myriad of […]