10 May Discrete Graphics: The Sky is Not Falling

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Ever since the Intel Ivy Bridge launched, people are coming out of the woodwork to declare that the discrete graphics card market is dead, which of course would be negative for companies like NVIDIA and AMD. This is a case of deja vu as I have heard this nearly every year for the last 5 […]

07 May HTC One X International: Trading in My iPhone 4S?

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HTC announced the HTC One family in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2012. The HTC One X was one of the bigger standouts as it indicated the best in breed of Android phones available on the market. Some even said it would threaten the iPhone. Does it live up to the hype? I had the […]

01 May Immersive Social Games Bringing Families Together

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The big discussion on social games recently is centered around games like Farmville and companies like Zynga, whose recent IPO generated a lot of attention. I see a much more interesting phenomenon taking place where new, cross-generational and immersive social games are bringing families like mine closer together. It’s an interesting phenomenon that goes back […]


NVIDIA today launched one of the most significant initiatives in the history of the company that, if delivered as promised, could propel them into a position as a top enterprise technology player. Called “NVIDIA VGX”, NVIDIA strives to remove many of the remaining barriers that have stood in the way of full cloud VDI implementations, […]

30 Apr HP And IBM Need To Be Very Afraid Of Dell

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I recently attended Dell‘s Annual Industry Conference (#DAAC) in beautiful Austin, Texas. I have staged and attended many conferences like this before and this was similar to those, but also different in many ways. I’ll get into later. One thing that kept repeating through my head was that Dell has all the characteristics to drive […]

24 Apr Yahoo!: Tactics Masquerading as Strategy

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Last week on Yahoo!’s earnings call, CEO Scott Thompson outlined six points the company would pursue to return the company to a proper focus. When I looked at the list, they all made sense as operational principles or evenaction items. The big problem is that unfortunately, operating principles or action items aren’t a strategy, and […]

17 Apr Two Sides of the Consumer Coin to Windows RT

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Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled via a blog the different Windows 8 editions and comparing the different featuresand functionalities. There are three versions, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT. One of the biggest changes in Windows 8 versus previous editions is the support for the ARM architecture with NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments, and the […]

13 Apr Windows 8 Store: with 99 Metro Apps, is it Behind Schedule?

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It has been over 6 since months since Microsoft held its Windows 8 BUILD event for ecosystem partners. These partners included application developers, OEMs, ODMs, and hardware partners. At BUILD, Microsoft officially launched its application development tool, Visual Studio 11 Express Betaand provided the first instructions on how to best develop apps for the new […]

10 Apr Facebook is for Old People

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“FACEBOOK IS STUPID AND FOR OLD PEOPLE“, my 12 year old daughter texted me yesterday after FaceBook offered to purchase Instagram. If you have teenage or pre-teen girls or boys, this demonstrative behavior isn’t anything new. What I didn’t fully understand at the time is what a firestorm the acquisition set off in the community. […]

04 Apr Microsoft Windows 8 on ARM: Ready for Showtime?

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As we head toward the availability of Windows 8 in Q4, the amount of information available about X86-based platforms dwarfs that of ARM-based platforms from NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. One example is the Consumer Preview (CP). The Windows 8 CP on X86 (Intel/AMD) was and still is openly available for any consumer on the […]

03 Apr Google Created the Mess and Now Must Fix Android Tablets

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Android for phones by any measure has been a success, while Android for “premium” tablets by every measure has been a disaster. According to IDC, the iPad held 55% market share of all tablets in Q4 2011. When you remove lower end tablets like the Fire and Nook and leave “premium” tablets at $399+, best […]

02 Apr HP Reorg: Who Wins and Loses? (UPDATED)

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Ten days ago, HP rolled out a sweeping reorganization that combined the printing with the PC division and centralizedmarketing, communications, and major account sales inside the rest of HP. Initial reaction has been split, and it tends to split across the two lenses by which people look at HP; enterprise and personal computers. As in […]

27 Mar What Apple Needs to do to Stay Ahead with the iPad 4

Apple once again delivered a high quality experience with the “new” iPad, aka iPad 3. Like phones, Apple has again managed to deliver enough to stay ahead as they did with the iPhone 4s. The new iPad didn’t deliver a knockout blow to Android, but certainly eliminated many gaps that could drive many premium ($499+) […]

23 Mar HP and Dell Must Fight Apple in Devices (There Is no Higher Ground)

For the last few years, Apple has derailed the largest PC manufacturers in phones, tablets and high-end consumer PCs. Apple has done this with a relentless focus on the experience all the way from pre-purchase to support, and everything in-between.  As a PC manufacturer and chip supplier for 20 years, it’s disappointing to see what appears as a slow retreat from markets Apple occupies. […]

21 Mar NVIDIA Solved the Ultrabook Discrete Graphics Problem with Kepler

When Intel released their first Ultrabook specification, one of the first component implications I thought of were the impact to discrete graphics.  My thought process was simple; based on the Intel specifications for battery life, weight and thickness, designing-in discrete graphics that were additive to Intel’s own graphics would be difficult, but not impossible. By additive, I mean […]

09 Mar Apple Borrows NVIDIA’s Tegra Vision for the new iPad

On Wednesday, Apple announced “the new iPad” to the excitement of the press and ecosystem partners.  There were many interesting themes and sub-themes that played out over the course of the event.  The most interesting theme I noticed was that of accentuating the visual experience with their Retina Display, game and photo editing demos.  While Apple has led many […]

06 Mar Windows 8 CP Tablet Experience: Distinctive yet Risky for Holiday 2012

A little less than a week ago, Microsoft launched to the public the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (CP). This is a follow-on to the Developer Preview (DP) that I’ve been using on a tablet and all-in-one desktop since it was introduced last September at the Microsoft BUILD partner conference. After 6 months and reportedly 100,000 code changes, is Windows […]

27 Feb Intel “Ivy Bridge”: Everyone Please Calm Down

I have been reading various reports and re-reports on Intel’s supposed 8 week slip of Ivy Bridge products.  I was a PC OEM for 9 years and at AMD for 11 years and the reports just didn’t add up to me. So I reached out to my industry ecosystem contacts and Intel and confirmed my suspicions.  The industry really […]

27 Feb NVIDIA’S Tegra 3 Leading the Way for Smartphone Modularity

I have been an advocate of modularity before it became popular to do so. The theory seems straight-forward to me, in that if the capabilities of a smartphone were outpacing the usage model drivers of a rich client PC, then consumers someday could use their own smartphone as a PC.  Large displays, keyboards and mice still exist in this […]

21 Feb The Case for Intel’s Future Smartphone Success

In my many weekly conversations with industry insiders we discuss Intel’s chances in mobility markets, specifically smartphones. Few people are betting against Qualcomm and for very good reason in that they are entrenched at handset vendors and their 2012 roadmap, at least on paper, looks solid. What few are discussing is how Intel will pick […]