17 Aug Why do Products like the Google Nexus Q Launch?

At Google’s I/O developer conference in June, Google boldly announced the Nexus Q, a $299 streaming music sphere.  Last week, Google stopped selling the Nexus Q and cancelled all consumer pre-orders, saying buyers would get the unit for free.  It appeared obvious to just about everyone except Google that the Nexus Q value proposition was incredibly weak.  […]

14 Aug Deciphering Microsoft’s Latest Windows Blog on Windows RT

For over 20 years, I worked with Microsoft as a customer or a technology partner. Microsoft has a huge job in guiding their enormous Windows ecosystem down certain paths, and over those two decades I have seen many flavors of communication styles. For Windows 8, Microsoft has adopted a significantly different way of communicating with […]

31 Jul Microsoft Office 2013′s Biggest Risk Could be its Visual Design

Microsoft Office has been the staple of productivity for years, particularly for businesses. Therefore, whenever big changes happen to the product, it’s a big deal. Literally millions of IT departments and users shoulder the burden to learn every new version in hopes of squeaking out every ounce of corporate productivity. Microsoft’s latest version is in […]

24 Jul How Android Raises the Experience Bar with Nexus 7

As a technology insider who has actually planned, developed, and launched products, I have always believed it was important to spend inordinate amount of time living with new and emerging technology products. Only this way, can you get the “feel” of a product; where it is and where the category is headed. With regards to […]

17 Jul Human-Computer Interface Transitions will Continue to Drive Market Changes

As a former executive and product manager for end consumer products and technologies, I have planned and conducted extensive primary research on Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI) or Human Machine Interface (HMI). A lot of this research was for the industrial design of consumer products and their mice, keyboards, and even buttons. I conducted other research for […]

14 Jul Don’t Judge Intel’s Ultrabook Initiative by IDC or Gartner’s Q2 Reports

Last week, IDC and Gartner released their Q2 PC sales-out numbers, who published that PCs “stalled” or were “flat”. In both reports, there were commentaries on Intel Ultrabooks. Gartner had a subhead in their press release that said, “Ultrabooks Had Little Impact on Overall Shipments in the Quarter“. IDC went on to say that, “Ultrabooks […]

10 Jul Are Wearables the Next Wave of Computing?

Two weeks ago at Google I/O, Google thrust wearable computing into the mainstream, public eye by performing one of the most incredible stunts I had ever seen on the technology stage. Wearing Google Glass and communicating via real-time voice and video, daredevils jumped out of a blimp, landed on the Moscone Center roof, rappelled down […]

10 Jul KingsIsle Already Leads Where Gaming Hopes to Go

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Last month, Los Angeles hosted the world’s largest and most influential game trade show, E3. As with all years, we saw a combination of cool games, new products, and trends that are emerging or well on their way to being obvious. This year, one of the biggest trends focused on the rise of free-to-play (FTP) […]

03 Jul Did Google Borrow the Idea for Google+ Events?

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Google made numerous announcements at their Google I/O developer event held last week in San Francisco. One major announcement was a new capability embedded into Google+ called “Google+ Events”. This new feature enables users to invite members to off-line, in-person venues and allows attendees to upload and share content before, during and after the event. […]

02 Jul Why Apple Needs a 7 Inch Tablet

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Last week, most of the tech industry was consumed with Google I/O, Google’s annual event to woo software and hardware developers to Googleand consequently away from Apple and Microsoft. In addition to Google Glass-adorned daredevils jumping out of blimps and scaling down the sides of buildings, the Nexus 7 Tablet, the first full-featured, no-compromise tablet […]

29 Jun Google Nexus Q: A Confused Product

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Wednesday, Google kicked off their annual developers conference in San Francisco. Dubbed Google I/O, the conference is targeted atdevelopers in the Google ecosystem. It is meant to woo them so that they keep developing for the ecosystem and if Google had their way, leave the Apple and Microsoft ecosystems. Many positive things came out of […]

25 Jun Can Windows 8 PC Partners Trust Microsoft?

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Less than two weeks ago, Microsoft shocked the technology world by announcing Surface, a Microsoft-branded family of convertible PCs with the latest version of Windows. One of the convertibles featured NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 and Windows RT and the other, a third-generation IntelCore i5 Processor with Windows 8. Details on pricing, availability, battery life and distribution […]

19 Jun Surface Changes the Microsoft, OEM Dynamic Forever

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Yesterday, Microsoft announced Surface, a Microsoft-branded line of Windows tablets and convertibles. While details on battery life, pricing and availability were not available, Surface looks very impressive at first glance. The most unique feature is the thin keyboard case that converts the device into an extremely portable notebook. By competing with their own PC customers, […]

15 Jun HSA Foundation: for Show or for Real?

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I recently spent a few days at AMD’s Fusion Developer Summit in Seattle, Washington. Among many of the announcements was one to introduce the HSA Foundation, an organization currently including AMD, ARM, Imagination, MediaTek, and Texas Instruments. The HSA Foundation was announced to “make it easy to program for parallel computing.” That sounds a bit […]

08 Jun Apple’s New MacBook Pro a Boost for GPUs

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Last week, Appleintroduced the “MacBook Pro with Retina display”, their latest in flagship and premium notebooks starting at $2,199. The new notebook upgrades nearly every component inside in addition to the design outside. The biggest departure from prior designs is its display, named the “Retina display” which can display over 5M pixels at 2880×1800 resolution. […]

05 Jun Ultrabooks: Progress a Year Later?

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One year ago almost to the day at Computex 2011, Intel introduced Ultrabooks to the world. The first generation of Ultrabooks was nice, but they were also homogeneous (exception Dell XPS 13) and very expensive, limiting access to many demographics. So are things any different a year later? After seeing what Intel’s Ultrabook partners launched […]

29 May AMD’s Trinity Removes Historical Battery Life Objections

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AMD has been long perceived as providing less notebook PC battery life than its primary competitor, Intel. While AMD did score wellin specific usage models, Intel performed a better, particularly in modes where the system was idle or in sleep mode. Most of the de-facto battery life benchmarks heavily weighted idle times when the system […]

25 May Facebook Camera affirms Instagram Acquisition about Removing the Competition

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Late yesterday, Facebook launched “Facebook Camera”, an iOS mobile app for pictures. Facebook users can take, enhance with filters, upload, view and comment on friend’s pictures. Sound familiar? It should after Facebook’s $1B acquisition of Instagram. Facebook Camera affirms that the Instagram acquisition puts all questions to rest on why it was purchased. Facebook purchased […]

22 May Why Apple is Wrong About Convertibles

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On Apple’s last earnings call, CEO Tim Cook responded to a question on Windows 8 convertibles by saying, “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those aren’t going to be pleasing to the user.” At first glance, this makes total sense, and from the company that brought us iPod, iPhone and iPad, this […]

21 May UPDATED: Facebook’s Flawed IPO Strategy

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UPDATE: Facebookis down 13% as of 10AM today, May 21, in heavy trading. Last Thursday, Facebook executed the world largest IPO in history based on value. Valued at over $100B, the investment bankers like Morgan Stanleyand Facebook should be congratulated and giving each other high-fives, right? It really depends on how you look at it. […]