17 Aug VirtualLink: Everything USB Type-C Is Supposed To Be

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Source: Anshel Sag As a tech analyst, I am a close follower of forward-looking technologies like DisplayPort, USB Type-C, and VR. For the longest time, the hopes and dreams of technologies like DisplayPort Alt Mode and USB Type-C have been limited by the complexity of the PC ecosystem. Now, the VirtualLink consortium (comprised of leading VR innovators […]

01 Aug Samsung Sneaks Out Sexy New Galaxy Tab 4 Prior To Unpacked Event

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.  SAMSUNG While Samsung’s Galaxy phones get all the headlines, the company is doing well in the tablet market. IDC’s Q2 2018 tablet tracker had Samsung Electronics in the #2 tablet unit market share position shipping 5.3M units, second only to Apple. The tablet market has skewed into what I consider low-end […]

31 Jul HP’s Vision And Approach For Immersive Computing Is Unique

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HP’s Sarah Clevinger shows off the breadth and capability of combining the HP FitStation with HP’s Sprout for helping scan people and help them find the perfect footwear.  ANSHEL SAG, MOOR INSIGHTS & STRATEGY As I’ve spent time working and researching the immersive computing industry there have been a lot of nuanced observations that I’ve […]

26 Jul Qualcomm Removes Many Investor Unknowns At Its 3rd Quarter Earnings Announcement

While the biggest news of yesterday was that Qualcomm walked away from its NXP acquisition based on China inaction, I wanted to cover more broadly the totality of what was covered and more importantly, what it really means.  I believe that most of the Qualcomm future shareholder unknowns were cleared up and that is important […]

23 Jul Qualcomm Extends 5G RF Leadership With New 5G Modules

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The new Qualcomm QTM052 Antenna Module.  QUALCOMM The 5G race is in full swing, and there’s lots of competition for leadership in the space. Qualcomm has again and again re-asserted its dominance, vying against players like Intel , MediaTek and Samsung Electronics . Many companies made major announcements about their 5G ambitions around MWC earlier […]

23 Jul Ookla Data Shows Unsurprisingly That Qualcomm-Based Smartphone Wireless Faster Than Apple iPhone’s

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OOKLA (OOKLA) Qualcomm issued some Ookla Speedtest data today that should surprise absolutely no one who understands modem and carrier network technology. Ookla’s recently-released user data showed that Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-based Android smartphones with the X20 modem outperformed the Apple iPhone X/8/7 between 192% and 11% on a variety of carrier network tests. The Ookla […]

20 Jul Mapbox Ushers In The Next Generation Of Mapping With New SDKs

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  A glimpse of the new Mapbox Vision SDK. MAPBOX Right now, a lot of people are very excited about the future of technologies like AR, VR, AI, and autonomous vehicles. However, as I’ve written before, most of these technologies are relatively useless without contextual awareness. I have also written in the past about the importance […]

20 Jul HP Launches New Entry Workstation Lineup With The Z2 Mini G4 Stealing The Show

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Z2 Mini G4 HP Yesterday, Hewlett Packard Inc. launched “Z2,” a new family of entry-level workstations, along with a new supercharged business desktop with workstation ISC certifications. Workstations, for those unfamiliar with the term, are very high-end personal computers used by financial traders, 3D and 2D designers, movie studios—some are even embedded into advanced equipment like […]

19 Jul Isn’t It Time We Stop Calling Synaptics The “Touchpad” Company?

This week during our July 4th “break” I had been reading some articles about Synaptics. While Synaptics does still manufacture and has the dominant share in computer touchpads and fingerprint readers, most of its business is related to mobile and IoT, not just PCs. So, isn’t it time to ditch the “touchpad” moniker? I like […]

16 Jul Microsoft Updates Microsoft 365 With Free Teams, Workspace Analytics, AI Enhancements And Nudges

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Microsoft gearing up for Inspire 2018 partner show in Las Vegas July 16-18. MICROSOFT As I have said many times before, the stakes are very high in the space the industry refers to as “the future of work.” The future of work encompasses the new ways workers get things done in a modern age of heterogeneous […]

14 Jul Is the Vive Pro Really Worth it?

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Credit: HTC Vive This blog was written by Patrick “Pico” Moorhead. You can see his bio below If you aren’t familiar with “VR” or virtual reality, it is an image or 360-degree world that is 3D to the eye, using two ocular lenses in a VR headset with a compute engine that drives the experience. […]

09 Jul The New Microsoft Surface Go Finally Goes Head-To-Head With The Apple iPad

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The Surface Go MICROSOFT Since Microsoft introduced the Surface for Windows RT in 2012, the company never went directly head-to-head with the Apple iPad. For years, Microsoft and the Surface team intelligently focused on full-up, Windows detachable 2:1 computers that could run full Windows desktop programs and Store apps, and worked with multiple inputs- finger, keyboard, […]

06 Jul The 4 Biggest Takeaways From E3 2018

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The recent E3 video game conference in Los Angeles attracted over 69,000 attendees, including myself. The enthusiasm was palpable—there was so much ambient noise, I was tempted to wear my Boise noise cancellation headphones while walking the show floors. That inconvenience aside, there were a number of important messages that came out of E3 that […]

06 Jul Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ Refines The Smartphone Formula

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The new Samsung Galaxy S9+.ANSHEL SAG I have been spending a lot of time with Samsung Electronics ’s latest phone, the Galaxy S9+. I’ve been carrying it, as well as the Apple iPhone X, Huawei P20 Pro, and Google  Pixel 2 XL, all around the world with me. Out of all of these, the phone that […]

06 Jul HPE Discover 2018 Signaled The Next Stage Of The Company’s Future Under Antonio Neri

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HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri PATRICK MOORHEAD Last week, analysts Will Townsend (networking), Matt Kimball (compute), Steve McDowell (storage), Rhett Dillingham (cloud), and I spent most of the week in Las Vegas attending HPE Discover 2018, taking in all the latest announcements from the tech giant. This year’s event is notable, amongst other things, for […]

06 Jul Asus NovaGo Review: Always Connected PC With Crazy Productivity Battery Life

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Asus NovaGo I spent a decent amount of time with the Asus NovaGo laptop, and I recently took it with me on a 4-day trip to Cisco Live. On this trip, I only brought the NovaGo and no other PC (which is rare for me). This allowed me to fully experience the NovaGo in my […]

28 Jun Should Technology Augmentation Allow Us To Be Better Than Our Normal Selves?

I have written before in Forbes about Wellsmith and how they are working with Cone Health to deliver a new digital care platform. In that piece, we learned how Wellsmith uses consumer-centric devices to support a consumer’s journey to a better quality of life. Of course, the quantified self and using devices like Fitbit to […]

25 Jun Why I Switched To The Samsung Galaxy S9+ As My Primary Phone

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Photo Source: Anshel Sag As a technology industry analyst, I form parts of my opinions on the status and future possibilities of technology by using various devices. I did tech products, strategy, and marketing for over 20 years before I started my analyst firm, so that’s to be expected. I use one new product (phone, […]

19 Jun Eye Tracking Has The Potential To Completely Change AR And VR

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Eye Tracking Technology Note: Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Anshel Sag made significant contributions to this blog. AR and VR are still in the growth phase of development with billions of R&D and content money being poured in annually. A lot of that money is being invested in technologies to improve the experience as the […]

18 Jun Lenovo Ups Its Collaboration Game With The ‘Switzerland’ Of UC Devices

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Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 700 in action The collaboration market is on fire as of late. Technological advancements have simplified and increased the quality of video and audio services, and when combined with the increased connectedness of the conference room, huddle spaces, coworking remote working, and chat-based productivity tools are disrupting many businesses. I cover this […]