16 Jun RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD Brings New Value to Radeon

The PC gaming graphics industry today has very few players but many problems. Today’s PC gaming enthusiast market essentially has only two graphics players remaining, AMD and Nvidia. There is a constant back-and-forth between these two players in terms of bringing new features that gamers want and need. AMD’s new Radeon 300 series does just that while […]

16 Jun RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD 6th Generation Processor Brings Best-in-Class Game Streaming to Windows™ 10

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, offers gamers new opportunities to stream games and content from their Xbox One to their PCs. This functionality is unique to Windows 10 and requires a certain set of parameters to be met. One of these parameters is ample PC hardware to perform the appropriate decoding for a smooth, high- quality game […]

11 Jun For Advanced Micro Devices It Was All About Carrizo At Computex 2015

Computex is an electronics expo in Taipei, Taiwan held every year for tech companies to show off their latest and greatest products to press and the rest of the industry. While you see more and more phones, tablets and datacenter hardware there, it’s still a PC show. Advanced Micro Devices has been one of the companies […]

10 Jun Synaptics Gaming Strategy Becomes A Reality At Computex 2015

Computex historically had been a show that focused on the PC market and over the years has added smartphones, tablets and datacenter infrastructure. There was still a lot of PC content and that included offerings for the gaming enthusiast. So was no surprise that Computex 2015 is the show where Synaptics showed off their progress in […]

29 May Google And Nvidia Shield Kick Off The Latest Fight For Cord-Cutting Living Room Electronics

I’ve been connecting digital devices to my TVs for over 25 years now and outside of a few devices, interactivity has been a “less than perfect” experience. Devices either did too little, did too much, were hard to use and setup, didn’t have the right content or just didn’t have staying power to be relied […]

26 Apr NVIDIA SHIELD: What You May Not Understand About The New 4K Streamer

In the consumer space, NVIDIA has dedicated much of the last four years building up their gaming footprint by investing to improve the overall gaming experience, wherever the gamer wants to game. NVIDIA is currently delivering leadership products and technologies in gaming tablets, handheld gaming, the highest-end gaming PCs and cloud gaming. The gaming console eluded NVIDIA […]

10 Apr VR is About to Take Off- Musings After Attending VR LA

There’s no denying that VR has been a hot topic on the tongues of many out there, some with serious ambitions, others mostly with empty ones. I recently was able to attend an event in Los Angeles by the name of VR LA, which was started by a small team of people passionate about VR, […]

23 Mar Synaptics Expands Into Gaming Market

Synaptics is best known as the company that brings the latest and greatest in natural user interfaces with touchpad, touch screen, and more recently the fingerprint sensor technologies to phones, tablets and personal computers. Synaptics is really a “human interface company”, and they want to utilize their technology in ways that enable for the best user […]

09 Feb Will Microsoft’s Windows 10 Win With PC Gamers?

After attending Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in Redmond last month, I’ve written a bit about Microsoft’s Windows 10; for consumers, enterprises and on the Surface Hub and HoloLens. Now it’s time to talk about gamers. To this day, Microsoft still internally struggles at the corporate level in what seems like the eternal battle between PC and Xbox console gaming. Microsoft wants […]

30 Jan Is Windows 10 Microsoft’s Consumer Comeback OS?

I had the distinct pleasure attending Microsoft’s event in Redmond last week where they brought out a myriad of new products like HoloLens and Surface Hub and disclosed many more details on Windows 10, in particular, the consumer features. In the totality of the event, I think Microsoft score big in that they projected that they could innovate and that […]

08 Jan Advanced Micro Device’s FreeSync Becomes A Reality At CES 2015

Last CES, Advanced Micro Devices touted a new way of enjoying desktop gaming with their Project FreeSync which looked to introduce dynamic display refresh to the gaming audience. They coined the term “FreeSync” after the fact that their solution promised to utilize already existing industry standards in order to bring dynamic display refresh capabilities at […]

07 Jan RESEARCH NOTE: Why the Industry Needs Technologies Like AMD FreeSync

For quite some time the gaming hardware industry has been looking for ways to resolve the age-old problem of screen tearing caused by the confusion between the GPU and monitor. This primarily occurs on systems where the GPU (graphics processing unit) is capable of generating frame rates far greater than what the monitor is capable […]

30 Sep Nvidia Shield Tablet With LTE: Awesome Mobile Gaming For $399

A few months back, I wrote about how Nvidia’s SHIELD tablet gave us a look into Nvidia’s mobile gaming strategy. I also talked a bit about its feature set of the initial SHIELD tablet with WiFi and 16GB of storage. Nvidia today launched an LTE-based SHIELD tablet with 32GB of storage, priced at $399, $299 with an AT&T […]

22 Jul Nvidia Shield Tablet: Mobile Gaming Strategy Gains Clarity

Nvidia announced today two new members of the SHIELD family, the SHIELD tablet and the SHIELD controller for gaming. This comes on the heels of the Nvidia SHIELD portable released a year ago. I think the SHIELD tablet will get a warm reception by the press and gamers for multiple reasons and a much better […]

03 Dec Xbox One: Buy Now, Later, Or Never?

Outside of tablets, phones, and touch notebooks, it appears that some of the hottest electronics in the U.S. this holidays are the new game consoles, the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. I have used many consoles since playing Pong as a kid in 1977, have planned and developed gaming PCs in a prior […]

27 Jun Nvidia Demonstrates It ‘Gets’ Consumers With Their Shield Delay

Yesterday, in a blog post, Nvidia NVDA +0.47% announced they were delaying shipments of SHIELD until next month. Nvidia cited 3rd party mechanical issues as the culprit.  Having extensively used SHIELD for the past week, it is a very mechanically complex unit, very much akin to a combination between a smartphone and the highest quality game controller, so this doesn’t […]

26 Jun The Real Reasons Microsoft, Sony Chose AMD For The Xbox One And PS4

It has been two weeks since E3, the world’s largest gaming show, and the final pieces of the game console puzzle are starting to come into place.  The public knows what the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 look like, what theywill run, what they won’t, digital rights management and their price.  Ironically, I have […]

25 Mar New Game Console Success Isn’t a Foregone Conclusion

In the next few days, Microsoft is expected to announce their next generation console, dubbed the “XBOX 720” at this year’s GDC (Game Developer Conference).  This is right on the heels of Sony’s recent PS4 announcement and lackluster sales announcements for Nintendo’s Wii U.  These new game consoles will sell, but just not as well as they once did.  Gaming and the gaming industry has changed […]

08 Jan NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD Connects Disparate Gaming Worlds

Even before CES 2013 officially began, NVIDIA announced a new product that rocked the gaming world.  NVIDIA announced Project SHIELD, an NVIDIA-branded mobile gaming device that connects different world of gaming, across modes, displays and content. My first visual impression of SHIELD when I saw it was that it looked like a high end portable game […]

07 Jan Why Nvidia’s Project Shield is Disruptive to Game Consoles and Portable Game Devices

NVIDIA tonight announced one of the most disruptive products in their history, called Project SHIELD, a portable gaming device that also signifies a vertical integration move.  Put simply, Project SHIELD is an NVIDIA-branded, Android-based portable game device with a 5” 1,280×720 display that can play Android and PC games.  It will be available in “Q2, 2013” at a […]