17 Jul E3 2017 Key Analyst Takeaways: All About New Platforms

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E3 is one of the world’s biggest gaming shows and arguably the one with the most fanfare and attention from industry watchers. All the biggest game publishers make their biggest announcements of the year at E3, and many of their developer and hardware partners do as well. So naturally, E3 is a generally important show […]

31 May NVIDIA Slims Down Gaming Laptops Below 20mm With New Max-Q Design

NVIDIA has without a doubt been the company leading the charge to bring desktop-class gaming performance into laptops. Thanks to NVIDIA, we have desktop processors like the GTX 1080 in notebooks and virtually every gaming notebook today is VR ready. Because of NVIDIA’s efforts, we have seen some laptop manufacturers sacrifice thickness for the sake of […]

17 May Google’s New Standalone Daydream VR Headset Fuses Daydream And Tango

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It has been known for quite some time that Google is working on a standalone VR headset. Standalone headsets are much more complex systems, because they incorporate not only the compute and display within the device but also the battery and tracking system. This can most easily be demonstrated by Intel’s Project Alloy VR headset announced […]

02 Mar AMD Ryzen Desktop: AMD Said It Would Be Awesome And It Is For Certain Workloads

When Advanced Micro Devices announced nearly two years ago the Zen CPU architecture would provide an architectural improvement of 40%, my initial reaction was skepticism but with a healthy dose of optimism, too. For the last few years, AMD had some small wins and even some big wins like sweeping the Xbox and the PlayStation […]

23 Feb NVIDIA GeForce Has Moved From Graphics Card To Gaming Platform

NVIDIA is coming off the best year in the company’s history thanks to the growth of AI and NVIDIA’s position in that market. However, if you look at NVIDIA’s latest earnings, over 60% of their revenue still comes from gaming. NVIDIA’s gaming division had a fantastic quarter with 67% growth which I attribute a lot […]

09 Feb The Future Of Virtual Reality: Mobile VR Platforms In A Battle

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(Source: Anshel Sag) While everyone obsesses over whether Sony , Oculus or HTC HTCCY +% sold more virtual reality (VR) headsets last year, Google and Facebook have been waging a silent platform war. This war of platforms ultimately comes down to the inherent belief that smartphone VR is going to be the primary driver of […]

18 Jan PC Gaming Gets A Big Boost At CES 2017

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Many different PC vendors announced new systems at CES 2017, with some launching entirely new lines of PC gaming hardware. Companies like Lenovo and Samsung Electronics launched new brands for their gaming notebooks, while others like Dell and Hewlett-Packard introduced new products and updated existing ones that had just been introduced late last year. With […]

09 Jan NVIDIA Doubles Down On Automotive And Cloud Gaming, Adds Smart Home Capability At CES 2017

At this year’s CES 2017, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang presented in the CES opening keynote his vision for the company’s future to the audience, explaining where he believes the company will succeed in the future. I also liked that Huang simplified AI and graphics so more could understand it. Of the areas where NVIDIA participates […]

20 Dec 2016: The Year VR Didn’t Meet Expectations, Sort Of

As 2016 ends, many people look at the projected sales figures of the different VR headsets and are left disappointed. However they shouldn’t be, because their expectations were too high. Firms projected astronomical numbers for the size of the VR market going into 2020 and beyond, which included unrealistic expectations for 2016 as well. I […]

14 Oct Facebook’s Oculus Connect 3 And The Future Of Virtual Reality

As you may know, Facebook bought Oculus back in 2014 for a cool $2 billion. This deal kick started a VR revolution and has accelerated the worlds of AR and VR. However, Oculus has had major challenges since being acquired and has struggled to deliver products on time; Oculus delivered its Oculus Rift headset later than […]

12 Sep Synaptics SecurePad Integration Into Clevo Gaming Notebooks Gives Us A Glimpse Of The PC’s Future

Identity protection is one of the key aspects of overall security and protection against attacks. Nobody cares more about protecting their identity than gamers many of whom have thousands of dollars’ worth of games and in-game content. People are getting hacked everywhere, inside games and outside games and getting compromised. In some cases, people get their credit card […]

24 Aug HP Rebuilds High-End Gaming Offerings With New OMEN Products And Partnerships

(Image: HP) Although the PC market has been considered stagnant and lacking in innovation, the gaming segment has mostly been an outlier, showing the most growth outside of new form factors like convertibles. In the boutique gaming space, a small crop of unique players provide their own take on the highest-end of the high-end PC […]

16 Aug Consumer Graphics Competition Spills Over Into Pro Graphics

At SIGGRAPH 2016, both Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and NVIDIA announced new professional graphics cards and a multitude of new software and features. The theme of their announcements was improved performance and scalability, showing both companies’ engagement in VR. AMD and NVIDIA touted capabilities to help creators and artists build new VR environments and improve the experience. Almost […]

12 Aug NVIDIA’s Indie Spotlight Program Helps Independent VR Game Developers

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and NVIDIA have always been known as companies heavily focused on improving the gaming experience for their customers. This includes offering some of the fastest GPUs as well as the quality software to make using them even better. Both companies spend untold amounts of money on helping developers build better games with their […]

12 Jul Pokémon GO And Google Tango Would Be A Match Made In Heaven

(Image source: Anshel Sag) In less than a week after its release Pokémon GO has become a global phenomenon. According to SimilarWeb, Pokémon GO has surpassed Tinder in the US for installs on Android devices. It has also nearly passed Twitter for daily active US users. Currently, the US, New Zealand and Australia are the only […]

20 Jun AMD Unveils Full Radeon RX 400 Models And Positioning At E3

At E3 2016 in Los Angeles, California Advanced Micro Devices disclosed the numbering and targeted use cases of their full line of Polaris-based GPUs, branded as the “Radeon RX Series” of graphics cards. Advanced Micro Devices had previously disclosed some details about the new Radeon RX series of graphics cards at Computex 2016 in Taipei just a […]

24 May AMD Brings More Console Features To PC Gaming With New ‘Shader Intrinsic Functions’ For GPUOpen

Advanced Micro Devices made a big press splash when they won all three major game console platforms. Their presence inside the Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PS4 and Nintendo Wii U has benefited the company financially at the operating income level and has governed how they design their future GPUs. As Advanced Micro Devices has remained with the […]

16 May NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 Poised To Claim The Gaming And VR Performance Crown

NVIDIA has been teasing the promise of Pascal for years, but this year Pascal’s performance became much more real. With the announcement of the Tesla P100 based on Pascal, NVIDIA was able to show the neural-network world what Pascal was really capable of. However, that chip is very different from the gaming-focused Pascal chip that NVIDIA launched […]

17 Mar The Far Reaching Implications Of Crytek’s VR First Initiative And AMD Partnership

Many announcements from game publishers, developers and hardware partners have come out Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) 2016 in San Francisco this week. One of the biggest that got less attention than it deserved was the growth of Crytek’s VR First initiative and their partnership with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Both AMD and Crytek have been pioneers in […]

20 Jan Synaptics ‘IronVeil’ Brings Biometric Security To The Desktop PC

Synaptics IronVeil technology on a ThermalTake gaming mouse (Credit: Anshel Sag) Over the last week, there have been some important announcements related to client device security. Intel announced Authenticate yesterday, and late last week, Microsoft reiterated support for Intel’s Skylake with its Credential Guard. Security is becoming one of the most important things that businesses and consumers think about when it […]