31 Jul AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT And 5700 Consumer GPU Product Reviews Indicate Its Degree Of Competitiveness

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Check out the coverage on AMD’s new 3rd Generation Ryzen desktop processors. Last Sunday, AMD officially announced the availability of its AMD Radeon RX 5700 series consumer graphics cards. Along with the new graphics cards, AMD announced its 3rd Gen Ryzen desktop processors which I wrote about last week here. Like Ryzens, the 5700 Series announcement was a […]

21 Jun HP Takes Innovation Past Thin, Light And Low Power At Computex 2019

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Last week at Computex 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan, HP Inc., announced its updated lineups of business and consumer laptops that you can expect to see for corporate Windows 10 refreshes and the “back to school” buying season. HP Inc. announced growth last quarter in its PC business with a 2% improvement and big commercial gains […]

07 Mar NVIDIA Is Right: Higher Hz Rates Help With Battle Royale Games

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There has been some discussion in the gaming and financial community if it makes sense for hugely popular Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite and the recently released Apex Legends, to benefit from a high-end GPU. When I saw NVIDIA’s headline on its analysis, I thought, “duh” everybody knows this. Apparently, everyone doesn’t know this as […]

07 Feb NVIDIA Gears Up For An Even Larger GTC 2019

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It’s that time of year again. Every spring NVIDIA kicks off its annual series of GPU Technology Conferences (GTC) with a real “humdinger” of an event held in San Jose. Last year, I wrote that GTC 2018 was the place to be if you are in any way involved in AI or machine learning. That story holds […]

28 Jan Lenovo Boosts Legion Gaming Line At CES 2019

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CES 2019 showcased a multitude of PC gaming announcements from many different vendors, including Lenovo . Lenovo has been building up its Legion line of gaming hardware for the last few years and is starting to refine it, with new gaming laptop, desktop, and monitor offerings. PC gaming is growing at such a fast rate that no […]

10 Jan Initial CES 2019 Observations: Patrick Moorhead

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I spent the week in Las Vegas and wanted to share with you my initial CES 2019 observations: What happened: Intelligence: Amazon Alexa dominated the show with its services and partners while Google tried really hard to catch up with Amazon, even going so far as to build a roller coaster ride to get attention. […]

07 Jan HP Inc. Takes OMEN To New Heights At CES 2019

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HP Inc. made a lot of big announcements at CES 2019, including some long-awaited OMEN products. HP  has done quite a good job of rebooting the OMEN gaming brand over the last few years and growing its overall gaming business around the brand. With the growth of PC gaming and the success of eSports, every major PC manufacturer […]

06 Jul The 4 Biggest Takeaways From E3 2018

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The recent E3 video game conference in Los Angeles attracted over 69,000 attendees, including myself. The enthusiasm was palpable—there was so much ambient noise, I was tempted to wear my Boise noise cancellation headphones while walking the show floors. That inconvenience aside, there were a number of important messages that came out of E3 that […]

10 Apr Is The Alienware AW958 The Beginning Of The End Of Razer Mouse Dominance?

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This blog was written by Patrick “Pico” Moorhead. You can see his bio below. PC gaming mice are an essential aspect of how well you participate in gaming.  I have had the pleasure of trying out close to 25 mice over my gaming career and believe the gaming mouse is as vital to the quality […]

05 Apr Dell Springs Into Action With New XPS 15 And G Series Gaming Notebooks

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The new Dell G7 15″ from the company’s new G Series of gaming notebooks. We got a taste of what to expect from Dell  in the coming year at CES 2018, but there are always new surprises not mentioned at the big conference. Dell announced this week that it is freshening up its several of […]

30 Jan Esports Is The New College Football

Remember that time your mom told you to pay more attention to playing Super Mario Brothers? Neither do I. If the recent news stories are to be believed, though, moms might start warming up to the idea of letting their children play more video games. For those that haven’t been paying attention, eSports is a massive, […]

21 Jan HP Announces New Premium Notebooks, Game Streaming, Alexa Desktop And 3D Cameras At CES 2018

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Continuing our coverage of CES 2018, today I will be providing a rundown of all the new products unveiled by HP, Inc. at the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.  You can see all of our analyst’s CES 2018 content here. HP is now the #1-unit market share leader in PCs and printers and […]

08 Jan NVIDIA Takes G-Sync To The Next Level With 65-Inch BFGD At CES 2018

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NVIDIA’s BFGD display technology When I first saw that NVIDIA was making a “BFGD”, I thought that they were going to be making something for Doom. However, these BFGDs are a short name for Big Format Gaming Displays. While new displays are usually not that exciting, NVIDIA has succeeded in making things interesting with their […]

08 Jan AMD Continues Their 2017 Momentum With New Ryzen And Vega Announcements At CES 2018

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AMD CEO Lisa Su presents at AMD’s 2018 CES Tech Day 2017 was a great year for Advanced Micro Devices on all measurements which was made all that more impressive given it was on the heels of the company suffering many years of challenges. No longer is anyone discussing AMD’s “survival,” but rather the industry is […]

17 Jul E3 2017 Key Analyst Takeaways: All About New Platforms

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E3 is one of the world’s biggest gaming shows and arguably the one with the most fanfare and attention from industry watchers. All the biggest game publishers make their biggest announcements of the year at E3, and many of their developer and hardware partners do as well. So naturally, E3 is a generally important show […]

31 May NVIDIA Slims Down Gaming Laptops Below 20mm With New Max-Q Design

NVIDIA has without a doubt been the company leading the charge to bring desktop-class gaming performance into laptops. Thanks to NVIDIA, we have desktop processors like the GTX 1080 in notebooks and virtually every gaming notebook today is VR ready. Because of NVIDIA’s efforts, we have seen some laptop manufacturers sacrifice thickness for the sake of […]

17 May Google’s New Standalone Daydream VR Headset Fuses Daydream And Tango

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It has been known for quite some time that Google is working on a standalone VR headset. Standalone headsets are much more complex systems, because they incorporate not only the compute and display within the device but also the battery and tracking system. This can most easily be demonstrated by Intel’s Project Alloy VR headset announced […]

02 Mar AMD Ryzen Desktop: AMD Said It Would Be Awesome And It Is For Certain Workloads

When Advanced Micro Devices announced nearly two years ago the Zen CPU architecture would provide an architectural improvement of 40%, my initial reaction was skepticism but with a healthy dose of optimism, too. For the last few years, AMD had some small wins and even some big wins like sweeping the Xbox and the PlayStation […]

23 Feb NVIDIA GeForce Has Moved From Graphics Card To Gaming Platform

NVIDIA is coming off the best year in the company’s history thanks to the growth of AI and NVIDIA’s position in that market. However, if you look at NVIDIA’s latest earnings, over 60% of their revenue still comes from gaming. NVIDIA’s gaming division had a fantastic quarter with 67% growth which I attribute a lot […]

09 Feb The Future Of Virtual Reality: Mobile VR Platforms In A Battle

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(Source: Anshel Sag) While everyone obsesses over whether Sony , Oculus or HTC HTCCY +% sold more virtual reality (VR) headsets last year, Google and Facebook have been waging a silent platform war. This war of platforms ultimately comes down to the inherent belief that smartphone VR is going to be the primary driver of […]