10 Feb HP Inc. Goes More Vertical With New Education Chromebooks At BETT 2020

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HP Inc. is a company that’s been synonymous with PCs for many years now, and one of the ways it maintains its edge is with its rapid release cadence, willingness to take some innovation risks, and a focus on the channel. With CES 2020 barely in the rear view (see my coverage of the company’s […]

03 May Microsoft Goes After Google With New Education Products And Services

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Microsoft held its special Education event on Wednesday, and announced a handful of new products and services designed for and geared specifically towards teachers and students. While Microsoft dominates the installed educational base, Google Chromebooks and G Suite have grown in popularity in K-12 over the past few years as have Apple MacBooks for high […]

20 Apr Samsung Chromebook Plus Review: Great Display And Design, Still Early Days For Android Integration

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Samsung Chromebook Plus The Chromebook market has been one of the bright spots in the computer market along with Windows convertibles and detachable PCs. While Chromebooks don’t run a full, desktop operating system, it does run Chrome OS which gives it some pluses, namely simplicity, security and browser familiarity with some disadvantages too. These limited […]

13 Mar Google Cloud Next ’17: Impressive, But Hard To Find Definitive Differentiators After Day 1

I attended Google’s annual, enterprise-focused event, Google Cloud Next ’17, last week in San Francisco, paying close attention to all the announcements coming out of the three-day event. I attended their industry analyst event as well, held the day before. The conference is Google’s chance to showcase its achievements from the past year, as well […]

15 Jan Samsung Slowly Filling In Its Computer Line With New Notebooks And Chromebooks Announced At CES 2017

Samsung Electronics is best known for mobile products like smartwatches, smartphones and tablets and of course, HDTV and appliances, but not so much as a computer company. I wasn’t expecting Samsung to be so computer-heavy this year at CES 2017, but they really were. Of course, Samsung will always have new TV announcements and the […]

19 May Google Pulls Google Play Store And Android Apps Into Chromebooks At #IO16

I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Google’s success with Android and Chrome OS had to eventually find some sort of merging of the two platforms. Two separate platforms in this environment was unsustainable. I am still not convinced that Chrome OS will remain its own operating system, but that’s […]

14 May Ten Things Google Should Answer At This Year’s Google I/O

Every major technology company has a big, annual gathering of their ecosystem. Apple has WWDC, Microsoft has BUILD, Facebook has F8 and Google has I/O. Next week, Google is holding I/O ’16 in Mountain View and I will be in attendance. Since last year’s I/O, many things have changed in the industry, which sets the backdrop for the event. Since […]

19 Feb RESEARCH PAPER: Choosing Chromebooks for Education

A broadening trend in K-12 education is the use of Chromebooks, driven by digitization of educational tools and materials. The heart of Chromebooks, Google’s Chrome OS, is a free operating system, which is maintained and updated by Google over the cloud and helps lower acquisition costs for school districts. According to Google, Chromebooks give “students, teachers, and administrators a […]

12 Feb Will Gen 3 Chromebooks Finally Hit the Mark?

Now on their third generation, Chromebooks have taken a deserved perceptual and business beating over the last few years. Generation one and two were flawed in many basic ways, with high prices, sluggish performance, and lack of robust off-line capabilities. This makes Lenovo’s and HP’s latest entry into the category all that puzzling. Is their entry […]