20 Mar Marvell Delivers Huge 5G Enhancements And Announces Samsung And Nokia Wins

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Marvell has a long track record in supporting cellular infrastructure dating back to the 3G networking era. My principal Patrick Moorhead captured his insights in this regard at Marvell’s inaugural analyst event in late January. If interested, you can find that article here. This article contains contributions from him as well. The company made two strategic […]

20 Mar Intel Aggressively Updates Xeon And Announces Key 5G Product Lines

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Last week Intel made waves with big announcements in two of its major growth areas. In the latest volley in the datacenter wars between Intel and AMD, it announced new additions to its Intel Xeon Scalable platform, optimized specifically for performance and performance-per-dollar. In 5G network infrastructure, Intel also announced a new 10nm SoC for […]

14 Mar Why 5G Patent ‘Value’ Is More Important Than The ‘Number’ Of Patents

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Metrics are very important in society and business as they save time for everyone involved to get to certain levels of cognition and determine which widget or company is better at something. Whether it’s “miles per gallon,” automobile “0-60”, appliance energy rating labels, number or quality of patents or performance benchmarks, they all serve to […]

12 Dec Intel Taps MediaTek For Its 5G Laptop Designs

Intel’s journey on 5G has been quite an interesting one. The company was it’s slated to compete with the likes of Qualcomm, Huawei, and Samsung in 5G. Eventually, after a few stumbles, the company fell short of expectations and ended up spinning off the majority of the company’s efforts in a $1 billion transaction with […]

12 Dec MediaTek Surprises With Dimensity 1000 5G Smartphone SoC

MediaTek has a long history of being a competitive player in the smartphone market. The company’s position has always been one that many have considered being a mid-tier and low-end solution provider with many of the most popular phones in the world selling with its chips in volumes that would surprise anyone. However, most of […]

06 Dec Why Game Streaming Needs 5G

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In the initial reviews of Google’s Stadia platform, many cite latency as a significant issue for the quality of the experience, especially over a wireless signal. This was the downfall of many previous game streaming services, including one of the first live game streaming services, OnLive. Even the ones currently in existence don’t do very […]

19 Aug Apple’s Purchase Of Intel’s Modem Business Is All About 5G

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This afternoon, it became official: pending regulatory approvals, Apple  will acquire the majority of ’s smartphone modem business. The deal includes IP, equipment, leases, and roughly 2,200 Intel employees, to the tune of roughly $1 billion. This was almost destined to be, from the very day that Apple announced Intel would be its modem supplier of choice. Intel […]

22 Jul XR And 5G At AT&T Shape 2019: A Match Made In Hollywood

I recently attended my first AT&T Shape conference at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles, California. This year’s event focused heavily on 5G as a cornerstone technology, and how it will drive the entire company forward for at least the next decade. As such, AT&T  brought in a lot of partners and exhibitors to demonstrate exactly what 5G means […]

27 Jun Who Is ‘Really’ Leading In Mobile 5G, Part 3: 5G Mobile Handsets

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Note: Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Anshel Sag contributed significantly to this article. Unless you are living under a rock, you know 5G is the next generation of mobile networks and will be the connectivity backbone most devices in the future. Because of the crucial nature of 5G and how it will help shape the […]

20 Jun Qualcomm And Lenovo Announce The World’s First Prototype 5G PC

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Qualcomm is on a roll, its 5G modem leadership solidified by recent partner 5G announcements across carriers in the US, Europe, and Asia. While nearly all of these 5G devices have been smartphones, many have wondered when the first 5G PC would hit the scene. That question was answered at Computex 2019, with Qualcomm and Lenovo ’s joint […]

17 Jun MediaTek’s 5G SoC Stands To Bring More Competition To 5G Devices

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Late last year, MediaTek announced that its M70 5G modem was in the works and would support all kinds of 5G networks and standards—a fully featured 5G modem. Then, at MWC, the company demonstrated the modem’s capabilities with partner equipment, showing some impressive Sub-6Ghz speeds. At Computex, MediaTek followed up with the announcement that it will integrate […]

12 Jun Who Is ‘Really’ Leading In Mobile 5G, Part 2: 5G Mobile Chipsets

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Note: Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Anshel Sag contributed significantly to this article.  Two weeks ago, we kicked off our 5G leadership series here, starting with 5G technology innovations and standards. As we continue the series, we wanted to move on to 5G chipsets, which we define as chipsets that go into 5G consumer mobile devices versus, let’s say, IoT or IIoT devices. There is also another aspect of […]

15 May Who Is ‘Really’ Leading In Mobile 5G, Part 1: Tech Innovations And Standards

Note: Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Anshel Sag contributed significantly to this article.   5G is a new technology that everyone, including U.S. President Donald Trump, is talking about. So, naturally, everyone wants to talk about 5G and how they are leading in the space. However, the reality is that mobile 5G is a broadly encompassing […]

19 Mar Did The Industry Deliver On 5G At MWC 2019?

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This year is shaping up to be the year of 5G, with virtually every single company talking up their 5G game in one way or another. Since many of the first 5G smartphones and networks are expected to launch in 2019, MWC Barcelona 2019 was a prime opportunity for everyone to make their announcements and […]

05 Mar Real 5G And AI Converge With Enterprise Networking At Mobile World Congress 2019

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“Intelligent connectivity” was this year’s theme for Mobile World Congress (MWC), the preeminent event focused on mobile communications held last week in Barcelona. Once relegated to cellular devices, infrastructure and mobile services, over the past thirty-two years the show has expanded to include much more. From my perspective, the notion of intelligence from the GSMA […]

27 Feb Qualcomm Conducts The Mobile 5G Orchestra, Cranking It To 11 At MWC 2019

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona is always the biggest show of the year for the mobile industry, especially the carriers, operators, and handset OEMs. However, one of the biggest enablers of everyone in the mobile ecosystem that has been pushing mobile 5G is Qualcomm. This year’s show was all about 5G and how everyone at the […]

27 Feb Qualcomm Pushes Further Into Automotive Market At MWC 2019

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It’s that time of year again—Mobile World Congress 2019 is now underway in Barcelona. I’m in attendance, along with several other members of the Moor Insights & Strategy team (Anshel Sag, Will Townsend, Chris Wilder), and a boatload of other analysts and industry folks—all here to see the latest in mobile technology, at the premier […]

26 Feb Samsung Blew Me Away At Unpacked 2019

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Last week, I attended Samsung’s Unpacked event in San Francisco and am attending Mobile World Congress 2019 this week. Held on practically the eve of MWC Barcelona, Samsung utilized Unpacked to unveil an impressive new array of devices (yes, including that foldable phone you’ve been hearing so much about). I wanted to talk about a […]

24 Feb Expect Samsung To ‘Bring It’ At MWC 2019 Even After Unpacked Event

It’s another February, and once again I’m in Barcelona, so it must be that time of year again for Mobile World Congress (MWC). I think this is my 15th MWC. I know some things will continue to remain the same, like great tapas and the world’s best ham and cheeses and the possibility of public transportation […]

16 Jan If The FTC Case Against Qualcomm Seems Like a Clown Show Right Now, It’s Because It Started That Way

If you haven’t been following the FTC versus Qualcomm case and are in tech, you probably should. What’s likely at stake are future inventors’ rights to monetize their inventions, the U.S. government becoming an IP price fixer, U.S. 5G competitiveness and in related industries like self-driving cars and smart cities and potentially national security. If […]