24 Jan CES 2020’s Most Compelling PC Gaming Announcements

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CES is a mad show, featuring thousands of new product announcements every year. I’ve gone through many of the CES 2020 announcements and filtered through to find what I believe are the most compelling. Gaming is an important market segment for the majority of the PC makers and virtually everyone had something to announce in […]

24 Jan AMD Increases CPU And GPU Performance With New Ryzen 4000 Series Laptop Platform

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This week I am attending CES in Las Vegas covering a lot of consumer electronic news. Every year, I see companies taking the stage launching a wide spectrum of products and this year was no different. Silicon is red hot right now in every tech sector and that includes chips for notebook and desktop computers. […]

20 Jan How Qualcomm Approaches Its Automotive Business, With $6.5B In Design Wins

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Qualcomm is a semiconductor company best known for its efforts in the realm of smartphone connectivity with its popular Snapdragon brand of modems, application processors and now RF. While smartphones are undoubtedly the company’s bread-and-butter, Qualcomm plays significantly in a number of other areas. A great example of this is its $6.5 billion (backlog) automotive […]

09 Jan Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15 Four Week Review: Sleek, Simple, Sexy

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Earlier this fall, Microsoft broadened its well-reviewed Surface portfolio with the new Pro X, as well as a 15” iteration of the Surface Laptop 3. The ultra-thin Pro X 2-in-1 stole the show somewhat at the original announcement (see my coverage here). I went on to review the Pro X after three weeks of use, and […]

01 Jan If You’re A Creator, You Must Check Out The Dell XPS 15 7590

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Dell is consistently one of the most forward-thinking laptop brands on the PC  market. The Austin-based PC maker remains at the top in large part because of its excellent Dell XPS line, which releases hit after hit. XPS was the first PC brand to go toe to to with Apple’s Macbook line and holds its […]

27 Dec What North’s Focals AR Glasses Taught Me About Augmented Reality

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Earlier this year, I bought myself a North’s Focal AR glasses, with a discount I received for my participation in Intel Capital’s Global Summit. Today I wanted to share with you my review of the AR glasses, and the main takeaways from my experience with them. A personalized experience First, I stopped by the Focals […]

20 Dec Game Review: Illusion Ray Studio’s The Beast Inside

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Polish indie developers Illusion Ray Studio released a Kickstarter in April 2018 for a Survival-Psychological Horror game titled ‘The Beast Inside,’ followed up with a demo in early March 2019. An immense level of hype surrounded the title, which received the support of over 2,000 backers. The title was finally released on October 17th, 2019. You […]

20 Dec Qualcomm’s XR2 5G Brings Together The Best In Immersion And Connectivity

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Qualcomm is the undisputed leader in mobile XR, a position it has more or less held since this most recent wave of VR and AR devices excited the market. Qualcomm helped to pioneer many of the technologies that make mobile XR possible today and is the technology behind many of the most successful XR devices, […]

12 Dec Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Coverage At AWS re:Invent 2019

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Articles: Two AWS Re:Invent Announcements That Will Have Long-Lasting Impact On The Enterprise Datacenter (Dec 16, 2019) by Matt Kimball Amazon Plugs Quantum Cloud Computing Braket Into AWS (Dec. 11, 2019) by Paul Smith-Goodson AWS Wavelength Could Supercharge 5G (Dec. 10, 2019) by Will Townsend The Top Five AWS Re:Invent 2019 Announcements That Impact Your […]

12 Dec Intel Taps MediaTek For Its 5G Laptop Designs

Intel’s journey on 5G has been quite an interesting one. The company was it’s slated to compete with the likes of Qualcomm, Huawei, and Samsung in 5G. Eventually, after a few stumbles, the company fell short of expectations and ended up spinning off the majority of the company’s efforts in a $1 billion transaction with […]

12 Dec MediaTek Surprises With Dimensity 1000 5G Smartphone SoC

MediaTek has a long history of being a competitive player in the smartphone market. The company’s position has always been one that many have considered being a mid-tier and low-end solution provider with many of the most popular phones in the world selling with its chips in volumes that would surprise anyone. However, most of […]

12 Dec What Does Half-Life: Alyx Mean For The PC VR Market?

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I’ve covered the VR market for a long time—as an analyst for Moor Insights & Strategy for the past 5 years, and even earlier when I was a journalist covering the industry for my own website. When Valve and HTC flew me out to Seattle for the HTC Vive’s launch in 2016, there was a […]

06 Dec Why Game Streaming Needs 5G

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In the initial reviews of Google’s Stadia platform, many cite latency as a significant issue for the quality of the experience, especially over a wireless signal. This was the downfall of many previous game streaming services, including one of the first live game streaming services, OnLive. Even the ones currently in existence don’t do very […]

02 Dec Smartwatches Are The Future, But What’s Going On?

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There are lots of wearables out there today and the market is very broad and saturated at nearly every end of the spectrum. The number of headphones, earbuds, smart watches, fitness bands and smart glasses on the market can be overwhelming. What’s promising about the market is that lots of wearables have gotten considerably better, […]

02 Dec My Apple Card Got Stolen: Here’s What Happened

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I’ve had my physical Apple Card for several months, alternating between using it as a primary credit card and a secondary card. While I’m a proponent of NFC payment methods, I signed up for the physical card because I was attracted to the premium-looking titanium makeup of the card. Several weeks ago, to my surprise, […]

02 Dec NVIDIA Gets Tiny With Jetson Xavier NX

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When people think about NVIDIA, they think either AI/ML/DL, automotive or gaming. In fact, Moor Insights & Strategy ML analyst, Karl Freund,  wrote this week how “NVIDIA ran the tables on MLPerf”, an industry-leading ML benchmark. NVIDIA is also a player in the robotics and embedded AI space as well and last week NVIDIA made […]

02 Dec Microsoft Surface Pro X Three Week Review: Exceeded My Expectations For My Productivity Use Case

As a tech industry analyst, I’m in the enviable situation that I don’t have to rush out my reviews or hit a certain embargo deadline. I can take my time; wait for any updates I hear about from earlier reviews and make the experience mine. I can load all my data and apps, take a […]

25 Nov Samsung Further Solidifies Its Multi-Billion Device Developer Opportunity At SDC 2019

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The week before last, I attended what I believe is Samsung’s most important industry event, SDC 2019 (Samsung Developer Conference) in San Jose, CA. The event always presents a great opportunity to learn about Samsung’s new and emerging technologies and ecosystem capabilities that will power the next generation of Samsung’s wide array of smart devices—from […]

14 Nov Samsung Improves And Expands The Mobile Experience With One UI 2

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A few years ago, I believe the general industry consensus was that Android phones didn’t provide the best overall smartphone experiences. The hardware may have been ahead in certain areas, but some felt Android phones felt a bit sluggish, maybe even the experience degraded over time and seemed complex.  After my experiences with the Galaxy […]

14 Nov Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 For Zoom Rooms Widens Its Smart Office Value Proposition

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Collaboration tools are huge in tech right now, with heavyweights (think Microsoft, Google, Cisco) young upstarts (such as Slack and Zoom), and veterans (think Poly) alike all vying to get in on the action. This flurry of activity is due in part to technological advancements in video and audio services, and to other factors such […]