20 Mar Tesla Is Years Ahead Of Competitors With No Signs Of Stopping

A lot of the leading car manufacturers in the world are playing catch up with Tesla. I believe this is because many of them simply didn’t believe that Tesla could deliver. But if you look at Tesla’s volume for the Tesla Model 3, there are some significant proof points that the company has. In fact, […]

14 Mar HP Inc. Tackles The Nefarious Cybersecurity Problem Few Will Acknowledge: The Office Printer

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Over the past few years, it’s been seemingly impossible to read the news without seeing a headline about a massive data breach, ransomware attack or some other type of security failure. Today, cybercrime could be considered the single greatest threat facing businesses in the modern world. The numbers are staggering. Cybersecurity Ventures forecasted in late 2018 that […]

06 Mar Arm And The Economist Shows 3X Internal IoT Deployment Increase Since 2013

The semiconductor giant Arm is a company that I’ve followed closely for quite some time, and thanks to some very concerted strategic efforts made by the company over the last few years, I’m sure I will be following for a long time to come. Over the last couple years, I’ve written repeatedly that the company’s […]

02 Mar Arm Ups Its IoT Intelligence Game With New Chips

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When you think of end-point IoT, the company you should really be thinking of is Arm. The semiconductor giant has staked out a claim on what it calls “the 5th wave of computing”—the crucial intersection of the emerging technologies of AI, IoT, and 5G. I’ve watched with interest as the company continues to build out its […]

02 Mar Honeywell And Verizon Go After The Smart Meter Market Together

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I’ve been familiar with Honeywell for quite some time and you’ve heard of them for sure if for nothing else than consumer HVAC. Historically it fell outside of my purview of coverage due to the fact that it was primarily focused on operational technology. However, the company has been making very big moves lately that […]

14 Feb Honeywell Demonstrating That It’s An IIoT, Not Just An OT Company

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Honeywell is a company best known today for its operational technology (OT) presence in the commercial flight and industrial sectors. Its technology is deeply integrated throughout transport aircraft, satellites, defense agencies, manufacturing and chemical plants, refineries and commercial office buildings. All of these scenarios are incredibly ripe for a digital transformation and exemplify the target […]

24 Jan Qualcomm Officially Enters Self-Driving Market With Snapdragon Ride Platform And Extends Partnership With GM To Include ADAS

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Known traditionally for its ubiquitous mobile semiconductors powering most of the planet’s smartphones and tablets, Qualcomm has leveraged its expertise and IP to elbow its way into other emergent sectors—namely, automotive, IoT, and datacenter edge ML. I’ve covered these automotive moves fairly extensively, from its CES announcements last year, to last week when I shared some […]

02 Dec IoT Device Security Concerns Could Limit IoT Growth

Would you deploy an IoT device if you knew it could be hacked? Surprisingly, the answer is usually “yes.” Even though security exploits are frequently reported, billions of devices are deployed every year because, in most cases, the tangible benefits of IoT solutions outweigh any perceived risks. However, a big increase in device breaches would […]

22 May The Name Of The Game At Lenovo Accelerate 2019 Was ‘Intelligent Transformation’

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Last week, I attended Lenovo Accelerate 2019 in Orlando, Florida. It was an exciting event, and not because it took me 13 hours to get there from Austin, but rather, the content. This year, Lenovo combined its business partner event, Accelerate, and its premier customer event, Transform, into one big event around the theme of […]

19 Mar RSA 2019: The Industry Grapples With Cybersecurity As A Business Strategy

There has been a lot going on in the realm of cybersecurity over the past couple of weeks, from RSA in San Francisco (the largest cybersecurity show), to what may turn out to be one of the most devastating cyberwarfare attacks in recent history. The world of cybersecurity is growing, the stakes are high, and […]

14 Mar ON Semiconductor Ready For A Growing Auto Electrification Market

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ON Semiconductor is a company that I’ve been watching very closely over the past year. Spun off of Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector back in 1999, the company has made a name for itself manufacturing power and signal management, discrete, logic, and other custom devices for a variety of industry applications. Lately, its influence is on […]

12 Mar Kontron Communications Doubles Down On Core, Edge And Smart Infrastructure

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Montreal, Canada-based Kontron Communications (KCI) is one of those companies that, while few have heard its name, enables some of the most innovative, cutting-edge services in the technology industry. Last year, KCI acquired software defined networking (SDN) provider Inocybe, expanding its automation capabilities, pivoting the company towards the Smart Infrastructure marketplace, and growing its global […]

01 Mar Huawei Denies Then Plays The Blame Game Over Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

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This week at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona Spain, Huawei’s chairman Guo Ping deflected recent criticism his firm has received over security flaws and backdoors in its products. Guo immediately turned his ire to America and the National Security Agency (NSA) and its program called PRISM. This NSA program allowed the agency to access highly sensitive […]

27 Feb IoT Cybersecurity Goes To College And It Does Not End Well

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When I think of Internet of Things (IoT) security, it’s like sending a kid off to college. You send them off with the best intentions, hoping they will make the right decisions, attempting to correct them with limited information when they mess up, but ultimately, they are essentially on their own. When they fail, someone […]

15 Feb Three Things To Know About Cybersecurity In 2019

Every year, it seems, pundits and egg-heads (like me) write down our predictions. Most of the time they are self-serving. However, looking into my crystal ball, I think 2019 is going to be a defining year at the intersection of physical and cybersecurity. The Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in artificial intelligence are some […]

07 Feb NVIDIA Gears Up For An Even Larger GTC 2019

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It’s that time of year again. Every spring NVIDIA kicks off its annual series of GPU Technology Conferences (GTC) with a real “humdinger” of an event held in San Jose. Last year, I wrote that GTC 2018 was the place to be if you are in any way involved in AI or machine learning. That story holds […]

31 Jan Intel Demonstrates New Technology And Fab Progress At CES 2019

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Last week I attended CES 2019 in Las Vegas, where the tech industry gathered in force to unveil the latest and greatest in consumer electronics technology. I’ve been working around the clock to provide coverage of the biggest announcements, and no coverage of the conference would be complete without talking about Intel. I published an […]

16 Jan NVIDIA Resets The Self-Driving Bar Again With AutoPilot Supporting ‘Level 2+’

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Last week I attended CES 2019 in Las Vegas and took in all the consumer electronics news I possibly could, from all the leading companies in the consumer electronics, software and semiconductor sectors. I am in what some would call the “recovery phase” of CES. Days started at 6AM and ended around midnight in the […]

10 Jan Initial CES 2019 Observations: Patrick Moorhead

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I spent the week in Las Vegas and wanted to share with you my initial CES 2019 observations: What happened: Intelligence: Amazon Alexa dominated the show with its services and partners while Google tried really hard to catch up with Amazon, even going so far as to build a roller coaster ride to get attention. […]

10 Jan Qualcomm Expands Presence In The Automotive Market At CES 2019

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This week I’m attending CES 2019 in Las Vegas. All eyes in the tech industry are on the annual show for all things consumer electronics, where everyone from startups to industry stalwarts showcase their latest and greatest technologies. Qualcomm is on full throttle right now—last month it announced the new Snapdragon 855 mobile platform—the first […]