01 May RESEARCH PAPER: CIOs Are Driving Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is today’s most visible IT trend, propelled by an almost limitless amount of information from vastly different sources that can help accelerate decision making. The need to become more agile by speeding up decisions is driving changes in business, led by the CIO. Motivated by the need to deepen customer engagement and increase […]

07 Apr RESEARCH BRIEF: Time To Reassess VDI?

The world of VDI (Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure) has been quietly innovating without many IT staff being aware of how much has changed and the implications of the improved VDI experience. Compared to five years ago, today’s best VDI experience is very different, driven by improvements on the server, networking and thin client. On the server […]

19 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: Open Networking Leads Digital Transformation

Companies see digital transformation as a way to help them accelerate their business by leveraging mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and social media to drive better insight and speed decision making. But before they can transform their businesses, they need to transform  their network first, because traditional network architectures hamper digital transformation instead of propelling […]

06 Sep AMD Expands MxGPU VDI Designs With HPE At VMWorld 2016

(Source: Advanced Micro Devices) VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) has been growing at an alarming rate and is expected to continue to grow as a whole over 25% the next five years. The VDI industry is made up major players like VMware, Citrix, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft, NetApp and Red Hat all of whom have been working […]

06 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Validated System for Virtualization Brings Intelligent Automation to Life

For more than a decade, server virtualization has increased datacenter efficiency, allowing IT to save money and improve productivity. However, even in virtualized environments, many IT organizations find themselves with infrastructure that is significantly underutilized, as the available resources do not always match the needs of each application. Converged systems have emerged as a category of solutions that combine server, […]

11 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Service-Defined Infrastructure Will Shape Future Converged Systems

Many view a hybrid cloud deployment model as the path to the flexibility for both traditional and cloud-native workloads. On the private cloud side, converged systems have emerged as an approach for IT to improve efficiencies and lower overall costs. On the public cloud side, IT organizations value the ability to stand up infrastructure in minutes without worrying about […]

11 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Streamlines Converged Systems Business to Align with Market Needs

IT organizations are quickly increasing their scope to provide applications and services that drive competitive differentiation for the business. Many IT organizations see the hybrid cloud as the path to stay on pace with market requirements and help drive long-term business growth. This change in IT requirements is driving a shift in the market to infrastructure that is […]

18 May NVIDIA’s New Tesla M10 Could Drive Enterprise VDI Reassessment

NVIDIA is well known for its leadership in graphics processors (GPUs) for gaming, but their business is quickly diversifying with significant growth in other areas like their datacenter and automotive businesses. Within the datacenter, NVIDIA has been evangelizing a vision for a number of years about the benefits of GPUs for accelerating workloads in high-performance computing and web-scale datacenters. The company […]

12 Apr Network Virtualization And International Travel: A Non-Tech Business Primer

(Photo credit: John Fruehe) As I write this I am sitting on a flight to Hong Kong. It is a long haul, and I feel like data being shuttled through a network. I often have conversations with business people who hear the marketing buzz of SDN, NFV, network virtualization and how these technologies are going […]