18 Apr Is Cisco Opening Up With Its DevNet Group?

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Cisco DevNet logo When you’re big, it seems like everyone is gunning for you. Much the same could be said for Cisco Systems . Chided in the past for locking in its customers with a closed approach to delivering networking solutions, the company is now embracing an open standards approach. I had the opportunity recently […]

02 Apr The Curious Case Of Carbonite And The Democratization Of Disaster Recovery

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Every time I hear the name Carbonite, I flash back to the days of listening to sports radio on my daily commute and hearing the commercials promoting the protection of your personal data. It seemed like every five minutes there was another once-hopeless person who was saved by the magic of Carbonite’s data protection and […]

19 Mar Google Confirms POWER9 Processor Data Center Deployment At OpenPOWER Summit 2018

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The OpenPOWERSummit was held today in Las Vegas, NV Three “flavors” of systems architecture are currently vying for the datacenter- Arm, POWER, and X86. The OpenPOWER Foundation represents the ecosystem for all things POWER—a collaborative, open-source effort to challenge and upend traditional x86 architecture’s dominance in the industry. Each year, more companies sign on as […]

14 Mar Nutanix Aims To Bridge HCI And Cloud With Acquisitions

There are two trends right now that are changing the way IT organizations deploy services to their customers: converged/hyper-converged infrastructure and the movement of workloads to the cloud. Both are focused squarely on making IT more efficient in both cost and operational overhead. Nutanix, a pioneer who largely invented the HCI space, continues to share […]

12 Mar Data Is Escaping Your Data Center And What You Can Do About It

While I do have the flair for the dramatic, I don’t mean to alarm anyone by saying this, but your data is escaping from the datacenter. The volume and velocity of data are increasing at such a rapid rate, and being generated and consumed increasingly away from the traditional IT datacenter, that there is no other […]

06 Mar Packet Deploys EPYC-Based Dell EMC Servers: Here’s Why You Should Care

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Bare metal cloud provider Packet is expanding its cloud offerings with the launch of a new, single processor/single socket offering based on Dell  EMC ’s R6415 rack server. This server is designed around the AMD EPYC SoC, a processor designed for scale out implementations and positioned for cloud. Packet’s offering features plenty of compute resources: […]

01 Mar Hyperconvergence At The Rack Level: Dell EMC Launches Innovative New Solution

I have been thinking quite a bit recently about Dell EMC and its approach to converged infrastructure. This has been triggered by both an organizational change at Dell, and the opportunity I’ve had to take a deep look at the new Dell EMC VxBlock 1000 converged infrastructure solution. I wanted to go ahead and share […]

27 Feb How Does HyperFlex 3.0 Impact Cisco’s Position In The HCI Space?

Cisco Systems recently released HyperFlex 3.0 to the market, strengthening its hyperconverged offering considerably. This release sports a number of new features that deliver on Cisco’s vision of any app on any cloud at any time, with a strong focus on simplicity.  The real question is, how does Cisco compare against Nutanix and Dell EMC […]

22 Feb Can Stratus Make It On The Industrial Edge?

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Stratus launched its new ztC Edge system last week, as part of the company’s push into the industrial edge computing market. This is a move that makes sense, but it’s also a move that will put Stratus in competition with some very well-established edge players. It will additionally put Stratus in competition with Operation Technology […]

21 Feb Hewlett Packard Enterprise Releases iLO Amplifier Pack With Server System Restore

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HPE iLO Hewlett Packard Enterprise has released an update to its iLO Amplifier Pack, making Server System Restore available to customers who have already purchased or downloaded the iLO Amplifier Pack. Server System Restore is a feature that enables the automatic restoration of server operating environments, through the iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition license, following […]

15 Feb Data Needs A Strategy – Who Can Help Create One?

I have been thinking a lot about data recently. This has been stimulated by some things that I have seen that have really highlighted how the world is changing.  Google, for example, has just this week begun offering dedicated (but expensive) machine learning capabilities in the cloud with TPU training and inference. Thinking about artificial […]

15 Feb Intel Goes After The Growing Edge With New Xeon D Server Processor

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Xeon D is targeted at the edge Last week, Intel announced its new Intel Xeon D-2100 processor family, a follow-up to the company’s Intel Xeon Scalable Platform launch last year (read my initial coverage here). The new offering is geared towards bringing many of the capabilities of Xeon Scalable Platform to edge computing and other […]

13 Feb Lenovo Focusing On Server Security, Just Talks Less About It

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Lenovo’s multi-layer security system architecture Many datacenter vendors are ramping up their security efforts in response to the increased threat from hackers who are better organized and motivated to go after the datacenter server. Moor Insights & Strategy analysts and I have researched and written a lot about datacenter security lately, focusing in on server […]

06 Feb Dell EMC Expands The PowerEdge Portfolio With AMD EPYC Offerings

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Dell EMC, AMD   Dell EMC launched its Advanced Micro Deviceslineup in China today, a few months after announcing its reengagement with AMD . This is an important milestone for both Dell EMC and Advanced Micro Devices. For Dell EMC, it is a furthering of the company’s strategy of delivering choice in the marketplace. For […]

03 Feb HPE Cloud Volumes Is An Intriguing Storage Service Offering

Enterprise IT is an increasingly cloud-aware undertaking—more and more applications and data are migrating to Amazon.com AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft ’s Azure. It’s important to note though that not all workloads are following suit with the widespread cloud migration. This fact is driving the industry to focus on supporting hybrid cloud solutions—solutions that […]

30 Jan Could Cisco Be One Step Closer In Delivering Its Network Intuitive Vision?

It seems like intent-based networking is on the lips of every C-level executive and IT administrator these days. It’s not necessarily a new concept—it’s just been slapped with a slick new marketing term (not unlike other technical platforms of the past, I might add). I’ve written about intent-based networking from several perspectives and you can […]

28 Jan Datacenter Storage Matters More Than Ever In 2018

Data has always been a strategic resource since the beginning of IT. It’s simple- organizations or sensors collect it, analysts mine the data, analyzing it from every conceivable dimension—all in an attempt to turn that data into something tangible to make money or save money. The world is producing more data than ever before, and […]

19 Jul The Shape Of Things To Come? AT&T Rolls Out The Red Carpet In Hollywood

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I had the opportunity to spend two days with AT&T at its Shape Tech & Entertainment Expo. Over 10,000 attendees got a glimpse into the back lots of Warner Bros. Studios and what AT&T has in store as its acquisition of Time Warner is expected to close in the fall around Labor Day. (Source: Will […]

13 Jul Lenovo Moves The Datacenter Ball Forward At NYC Transform Event

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Lenovo held their Transform event in NYC This past week I attended the Lenovo Transform event in New York City. During the opening keynote, I literally had a front row to some big Lenovo enterprise announcements. The overarching narrative of the day was that Lenovo wants to move from being a PC company to being a […]

13 Jul Microsoft Releases Azure Stack Enabling Hybrid Cloud Among Key Market Levers Versus AWS

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Microsoft’s Inspire conference announcements included two significant items related to its Azure cloud computing business. The biggest was the announcement that the Azure Stack offering for private deployment is now ready for order from OEM launch partners Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Lenovo . The second was a $250M sales and marketing investment in […]