29 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is Intel’s Future for the Datacenter

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Moor Insights & Strategy believes that IT is on the cusp of a major datacenter architecture transition. This transition will be driven by 24×7 global business reach, dramatically increased use and depth of business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics (Big Data), and pushing sensors and intelligence into our physical world in the form of the […]

28 Jan Dell Opens Datacenter Networking with Cumulus Deal

Last year, T-Mobile shook up the mobile phone market by decoupling the smartphone from the plan, shining a light onto a dirty secret of the industry – a pricing and integration model was designed to lock customers and profit in. In the same way, Dell is shaking up the networking market, a stable market that loathes change […]

28 Jan Glue Networks: Cisco Systems Secret Weapon For WANs?

The networking market has been nothing, if not rigid, for the last 20 years. Now in the space of a few short quarters, it’s suddenly heating up with talk of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and now even Software Defined WANs. Businesses are becoming more global and more decentralized while at the same time workforce mobility […]

28 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Are Software Defined WANs Ready For The Enterprise?

For too long, enterprises have been locked in a world where the advanced Wide Area Network (WAN) functionality that was required to help expand their businesses and make them more agile has been unattainable due to cost or complexity (or both). As the global business environment continues to speed up, and companies need to be […]

28 Jan POSITION PAPER: Dell Opens Datacenter Networking with Cumulus Networks

Highlights of the Dell – Cumulus Joint Announcement on 1/28/14 Dell and Cumulus Networks are partnering to enable the Cumulus Linux network operating system to be integrated on Dell Networking S4810 and S6000 switches Dell is the first major networking vendor to offer a pre-installed Cumulus solution alongside its own networking operating system – straight […]

27 Jan Is Quanta’s Server Business Out of Gas, Or Just Getting Started?

With the Open Compute Summit just around the corner, the focus will be on web giants and their datacenter infrastructure. Web Giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google have huge datacenter capacity to power their internet services. When these companies were early in growth phases, they partnered closely with the large global OEMs (Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM) to supply their […]

27 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Quanta’s Server Business: Can They Scale Beyond Hyperscale?

Large-scale social media, cloud and search engine providers have become increasing focused on optimizing the capital expenditures for their datacenters. While these hyperscale customers have historically relied on the leading global OEMs (Dell, HP, IBM-now Lenovo) for their server infrastructure, the largest of these companies (i.e. web giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon) have “eliminated […]

06 Jan INVESTOR CORNER: ARM-based Microservers are Dead; Long Live ARM-based Servers

Moor Insights & Strategy “Investor Corner” is content specifically written for the professional investment community.  This analysis was written by Steven Eliscu as part of Investor Corner, L-sq Advisors, January 5, 2013.  See important disclosures and disclaimers below. In the world of server processors, especially the ~$2.5bn (2013) opportunity for those x86 processors used in the cloud, the […]

12 Dec Why Web Giants Buy Dell Infrastructure

There is no Santa Claus. It’s crushing as a 7 year old to come to that realization after years of believing in the narrative. But the jolly man in a red suit isn’t the only myth being exposed these days. Also, the supply chain for some of the world’s largest cloud data centers isn’t necessarily […]

12 Dec Dell Executing Cloud Flanking Move With Red Hat

When Dell backed away from developing their own public cloud a few months back, some were thinking Dell would essentially exit the cloud services business. Today at Dell World in Austin, TX, Dell made some announcements that clearly showed it’s very much doing what it takes to become a cloud player.  What I consider to […]

12 Dec RESEARCH PAPER: Dell and Red Hat Collaborate to Deliver OpenStack for Enterprise

Highlights of the Dell – Red Hat Joint Announcement on 12/12/2013 Dell and Red Hat will expand their collaboration to co-engineer enterprise-grade OpenStack for private clouds. Dell is the first company to “OEM” Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) OpenStack Platform, containing RHEL, KVM, and OpenStack. Dell has joined the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner […]

12 Dec RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS), a Strong Alternative to DIY in Hyperscale

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Over the last decade, large search engine, social media, and cloud providers have built giant datacenter capacity to power their internet services, and they have found themselves needing a new type of server to support their massive scale. For these organizations, their IT infrastructure is the cost of goods sold for the services they provide. […]

03 Nov New Lenovo Servers Won’t Drive Significant Market Share Shift

Last month, I wrote an overview of the Lenovo Group server business outlining their opportunities, strengths, weakness, and threats. I offered recommendations for Lenovo Group to break out of their current market share position in the “other” category and make a serious play in the server market. At last week’s Lenovo’s server announcement, I was hoping to see something very different, but […]

03 Nov POSITION PAPER: Lenovo ThinkServer RD540 and RD640- Small Steps Forward

In September, 2013, Moor Insights & Strategy published an overview analysis of Lenovo’s server offering entitled, “Understanding Lenovo’s Server Position”, and stated that there was an opportunity for Lenovo to break out of their current market share position in the “other” category and make a serious play in the server market. With Lenovo’s latest server […]

14 Oct Network Virtualization Versus Next Generation Servers: Who Wins?

Virtualization on standardized hardware is a key IT trend that began in the late 1990’s with the consolidation and virtualization of storage using SAN and NAS technology.  Costs plummeted, customers had greater control and deploying/re-provisioning became a more seamless and agile process.  Then in the early 2000’s, compute became virtualized on x86-based platforms, bringing those […]

14 Oct RESEARCH NOTE: Software Defined Networking and Emerging Server Form Factors

Does the answer to network complexity live in network virtualization or rethinking the server chassis? Virtualization on standardized hardware is a key IT trend that began in the late 1990’s with the consolidation and virtualization of storage using SAN and NAS technology.  Costs plummeted, customers had greater control and deploying/ reprovisioning became a more seamless […]

09 Oct Are Frustrated Cisco End Users Now Driving The SDN Agenda?

Unbeknownst to many, there will be a very important meeting tonight that could have a significant impact on SDN’s (Software Defined Networking) future. Tonight, the ONUG (Open Networking Users Group) board of directors, including executives from Bank Of America, Citigroup, Fidelity Investments, GAP Inc, JP Morgan Chase, and UBS will meet with the leaders who are defining SDN standard.  While I’m […]

03 Oct RESEARCH NOTE: Understanding Lenovo’s Server Position

In today’s server market, there is much focus on the big three, Dell, HP and IBM, who collectively hold approximately 70% of the unit shipments (68.4% in Q2 2013 according to IDC).  The top two, Dell and HP truly control the market volume with IBM holding a very distant third, having declined over the last […]

30 Sep Can Lenovo Repeat What They’ve Done With PCs In Datacenter Servers?

Lenovo has been on quite a roll lately in PCs and phones.  They recently took the #1 global PC spot from Hewlett-Packard and have the #2 smartphone share in China.  As a company, Lenovo is very interested in driving revenue beyond the PC, and while its smartphone business has received a lot of attention, their server […]

25 Sep Dell’s Oracle OpenWorld Announcement Portends To A Very Close Future

Today, Michael Dell announced in San Francisco at Oracle OpenWorld that Dell and Oracle are once again deepening their business relationship.  I will outline what these announcements are below, but the most interesting thing about today’s announcement is about what this could mean in the future.  It seems that with every successive Dell-Oracle announcement, the relationship gets deeper and wider.  Oracle and […]