15 Nov ONUG Provides A Front Line View In The War On Stagnant Networking

Twice a year the largest companies get together to help plot out the future. Businesses are now talking about digital transformation, changing their IT to adapt to the new age of digital information, analytics and cloud technologies. But their traditional networks are holding them back. Network innovation is starting to be driven by the buyers—not […]

15 Nov RESEARCH PAPER: Fall 2016 ONUG Meeting Highlights

Every six months, the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) gathers to discuss developments in open networking and focus on the work of their respective project teams. Each meeting brings ONUG closer to the goal of driving open networking requirements back to the market through a concerted effort to map user input and feedback into specific use cases that vendors […]

03 Nov RESEARCH PAPER: Speed, Efficiency, & Scale for Data-Intensive Workloads

The way companies think about data is changing dramatically—from exponential increases in the amount of available data to the way in which it is structured and used. How effectively a company turns its data into actionable insights is now seen as a competitive differentiator. A new class of data-intensive applications has emerged to allow organizations […]

20 Oct Software-Defined Networking: Not Just For Datacenters Anymore

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization have promised to revolutionize the datacenter. SDN breaks the tight connection between the forwarding plane (moving data from point A to point B) and the control plane (the rules that dictate how applications and users access data), while NFV virtualizes those hard-coded functions that used to be delivered […]

19 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: Open Networking Leads Digital Transformation

Companies see digital transformation as a way to help them accelerate their business by leveraging mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and social media to drive better insight and speed decision making. But before they can transform their businesses, they need to transform  their network first, because traditional network architectures hamper digital transformation instead of propelling […]

17 Sep Can Huawei Shift From Carrier Leader To Global Cloud Player?

Huawei Connect 2016 was all about the cloud (Photo credit: Patrick Moorhead) Huawei Technologies is a large, $60B China-based company that, while many in the U.S. may not be familiar with, is a very big name in the carrier and telco equipment and consumer smartphone space—especially in China and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). The […]

06 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Validated System for Virtualization Brings Intelligent Automation to Life

For more than a decade, server virtualization has increased datacenter efficiency, allowing IT to save money and improve productivity. However, even in virtualized environments, many IT organizations find themselves with infrastructure that is significantly underutilized, as the available resources do not always match the needs of each application. Converged systems have emerged as a category of solutions that combine server, […]

29 Aug HPE Synergy Shows Promise And Progress With Early Adopters

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has placed a big bet with HPE Synergy—the company is a pioneer in the composable infrastructure market, and is the furthest along in customer enablement. In the rapidly changing world of IT, composable infrastructure could be the next big thing in enterprise infrastructure. Designed to treat hardware like software (what is often referred to as, “infrastructure […]

25 Aug CASE STUDY: HudsonAlpha Adopts HPE Synergy to Accelerate Genomics Research

Composable infrastructure enables IT to create flexible pools of infrastructure resources that can be allocated based on workload needs to automate operational changes at scale. Composable infrastructure is a new solution category still in the early stages of adoption. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) released the HPE Synergy platform in December 2015 as the first platform in the market built […]

22 Aug RESEARCH BRIEF: Dell & EMC are Positioned to Become a Converged Systems Powerhouse

Enterprise IT organizations are transitioning to private cloud to drive efficiency within their datacenters. Many have turned to converged systems to improve time to market and to lower costs. Converged systems are pre-integrated configurations combining server, storage, and networking with unified systems management. Converged systems are different from traditional hardware platforms in that they are designed with a modular building-block […]

27 Jul Cisco Live 2016: Analyst Take On Important Security And Networking Announcements You May Have Missed

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins kicking off Cisco Live (Photo courtesy Patrick Moorhead) Cisco Live is Cisco Systems’ annual education and training conference, held in multiple countries worldwide and attended by their customers, partners, resellers, press and analysts. Two weeks ago, I attended the U.S. analyst conference held in Las Vegas, July 11-12, called C-Scape, which […]

27 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: OpenStack Network Maturity

The maturity of OpenStack is accelerating the move to cloud technology, enabling businesses to stand up their own private clouds as well as allowing telecom and cloud service providers (CSPs) to expand their public cloud offerings more easily. While networking was often cited as an OpenStack inhibitor in the past, we increasingly see improvements and alternatives that are […]

26 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Bets on Intelligent Automation for Converged Systems Strategy

Converged Systems are an increasingly important segment of IT Infrastructure, as they provide increased agility and time-to-market for delivering private clouds. Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) sees the infrastructure market transitioning from a hardware-centric deployment and management approach to an approach that is defined by the services that are being delivered by the cloud. One of the key enablers […]

11 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Service-Defined Infrastructure Will Shape Future Converged Systems

Many view a hybrid cloud deployment model as the path to the flexibility for both traditional and cloud-native workloads. On the private cloud side, converged systems have emerged as an approach for IT to improve efficiencies and lower overall costs. On the public cloud side, IT organizations value the ability to stand up infrastructure in minutes without worrying about […]

11 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Streamlines Converged Systems Business to Align with Market Needs

IT organizations are quickly increasing their scope to provide applications and services that drive competitive differentiation for the business. Many IT organizations see the hybrid cloud as the path to stay on pace with market requirements and help drive long-term business growth. This change in IT requirements is driving a shift in the market to infrastructure that is […]

11 Jul Software Is Eating The Network, Through SDNO

Back in 2011, Marc Andressen famously made the statement “software is eating the world.” The network is now on software’s plate. We are seeing software-defined networking and software-defined storage starting to come into the mainstream, joining software-defined servers—or what has traditionally been called “virtualization.” As infrastructure starts to become more amorphous as  to virtualized software […]

11 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Software-Defined Network Orchestration Arrives

Business transformation is happening as companies exploit technology to drive a competitive edge. But manually managing the pace of change in today’s constrained networks is breaking the business model and holding companies back from the innovation they seek. To be more agile, businesses need to address their network orchestration with tools that can automate the management and configurations of […]

05 Jul The Latest IT Transformation Is Being Led By The Phone Company

I recently spent a week in Berlin attending the OPNFV Summit, the conference for the group building a common, open source platform for hosting virtualized network functions (VNFs) like firewalls, monitoring and load balancers. OPNFV’s goal is to deliver a standardized, open source platform for VNFs that carriers like AT&T, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica […]

05 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Campus Networking Transformation

Post Image

Every business today, small to large, is compelled to be more agile and flexible in order to respond to business changes. Mid-market businesses—the medium-sized part of the market that is both large and fast growing—face a particular challenge in the campus networks that connect all of the end users in their workspaces throughout the organization, due to the complexity […]

28 Jun Cisco’s Networking Academy Trains 1M Students Per Year To Fill 8M Networking Jobs

This week I close out my examination of Cisco Systems’ CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs, with a closer look at one of their flagship initiatives—the Cisco Networking Academy referred to as “NetAcad”. This follows my holistic look at the CSR program and my deep-dive on TacOps and community partners. In terms of tangible impact, this 20-year […]