20 Mar Marvell Delivers Huge 5G Enhancements And Announces Samsung And Nokia Wins

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Marvell has a long track record in supporting cellular infrastructure dating back to the 3G networking era. My principal Patrick Moorhead captured his insights in this regard at Marvell’s inaugural analyst event in late January. If interested, you can find that article here. This article contains contributions from him as well. The company made two strategic […]

14 Mar TechChill 2020 Is Hot For Connectivity

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Last week marked my second visit to the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, for the ninth annual TechChill startup event. The show focused not only on 5G (my main love), but also blockchain, MedTech, FinTech, and Greentech—that’s a lot of tech! I spent nearly three days in the Baltics with a number of innovative companies and startups. […]

02 Mar What Does VMware Changing Its Licensing Model Mean For Enterprise IT?

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VMware recently announced a change to its software licensing model that caps the number of cores supported in the CPU, effective April 2, 2020. Why did VMware do this? What is the real impact to IT? And what does this mean for the VMware ecosystem and competitive landscape? The next few paragraphs will try to tackle these […]

21 Feb Cisco Live Europe 2020 Delivers CX And IoT

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I attended Cisco Systems’ Live European regional event in Barcelona last week, which happened to coincide with the Chinese New Year celebration. From my standpoint, Cisco successfully celebrated customer experience (CX) with several key announcements. I would like to share my insights from the conference.  Why is customer experience such a big deal?   Many organizations laud […]

10 Feb Cisco’s New Silicon One Brings The Company Into The Merchant Networking Silicon Business

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Cisco is a company I follow very closely and have for nearly a decade as an industry analyst. For those who don’t follow Cisco closely, it is well-known for its networking infrastructure but since CEO Chuck Robbins’ entrance, it has diversified into a software, security, and services play. Apparently that’s not the only big changes […]

03 Feb Cisco Systems’ Dual Path To SD-WAN With Meraki And Viptela

The SD-WAN market is expansive. At my last count, over 60 different SD-WAN solution providers were in the market, both large and small. Soon I expect that this number will begin to rapidly consolidate and a half dozen or so dominant players will emerge. I believe Cisco Systems will be one of those SD-WAN victors […]

01 Jan Two AWS Re:Invent Announcements That Will Have Long-Lasting Impact On The Enterprise Datacenter

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AWS re:Invent came and went, and what a week it was. While the total number of announcements out of the conference was huge, the company itself made 13 significant announcements. These ranged from 5G to edge to core infrastructure to Quantum computing. Moor Insights & Strategy Principal Analyst Patrick Moorhead provided some great coverage that […]

27 Dec Cisco Systems Goes Big On The ‘Next’ Internet

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Cisco Systems launched a strategic initiative today to bring unprecedented scale to next generation networking and the Internet, dubbed the “Internet for the Future.” I would like to provide insights and summarize the three key components of the new strategy: custom silicon, optics and software enhancements. Our principal analyst Patrick Moorhead attended the event in San […]

25 Nov Leadership In The Modern Networking Infrastructure World

As an analyst that covers all things networking, spanning the enterprise to carrier cellular services, I’m often asked what defines a modern infrastructure approach. From my perspective, it encapsulates several common elements that include software-defined tools, a fully integrated technology feature stack and a microservices, cloud-native architecture supported by containerization. Many established networking infrastructure providers, […]

03 Oct CBRS OnGo Is A Game Changer For Wireless Services

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On Monday, after six years in development, the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and its OnGo initiative reached an important milestone in realizing its initial commercial deployment. The service promises to deliver a flexible model for the sharing of wireless spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band that’s been reallocated from military radar applications. Spectrum drives […]

02 Aug Who Is ‘Really’ Leading in Mobile 5G, Part 4: Infrastructure Equipment Providers

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There’s lots of buzz these days around 5G and what it promises to deliver beyond today’s 4G LTE networks. Billions of dollars are being spent globally by carriers to upgrade their core and access networking infrastructure to support new services for consumers and businesses alike. This article is Part 4 of our series, focusing on […]

17 Jun The Year Of The Customer: Cisco Live North America 2019

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I attended Cisco Live North America 2019 last week in San Diego, CA. The company is currently on a roll, delivering solid financial performance as CEO Chuck Robbins celebrates his fourth year at the helm. Cisco’s premier event punctuated its recent success, with an overarching theme of enabling customer and partner success. In this column, […]

08 Jun Aruba Shines At HPE Discover 2019

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I attended HPE Discover this week in Las Vegas. It was no surprise to hear the company speak of its continued investment in edge, announcing an additional $1 billion earmarked for channel referral fees and rebates to align its sales motion to solution offerings. At last year’s event CEO Antonio Neri announced a $4 billion investment in […]

30 May Is It Too Late For Juniper Networks To Catch Up With Cisco And Aruba?

Cisco Systems’ impressive earnings performance this week begs a question: why has Juniper Systems annual revenue somewhat stalled? For the past few years, Juniper has seemingly been playing catch-up relative to the heavyweight enterprise networking solution providers. A history of non-accretive acquisitions, multiple runs at building out a Wi-Fi portfolio, misses in delivering software-defined networking (SDN) […]

18 Apr The Linux Foundation And Its Networking Superpowers

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I’ve written before about the Linux Foundation and the power of open, standards-based networking. Open source is having a significant impact in both the enterprise and with carriers around the globe. It’s also rubbing off on companies such as Cisco Systems, who are embracing a design philosophy that no longer locks customers into a specific networking stack. […]

25 Mar Enterprise Networking Providers Weigh In On 5G And Wi-Fi

As an industry analyst that covers all things related to network connectivity, I have a unique perspective—I spend a lot of time with enterprise networking companies as well as operators, service providers, and telecommunication infrastructure firms. Each makes a compelling argument for why their solutions are best suited for any given deployment. Lately, though, tier […]

13 Feb CBRE, Aruba, Cisco, And Mist Drive Experience-Based Networking

As an analyst that covers all things networking, I’m afforded an opportunity to meet and advise many different companies around the world. Networking has certainly become interesting recently with the promise of 5G and the advent of software-defined features that drive capabilities such as automation and self-healing. However, at the end of the day, networking […]

13 Nov Cisco Systems And David Goeckeler’s Vision For Networking

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Before the kickoff of Cisco Systems’Partner Summit 2018 in Las Vegas this week, I had the opportunity to gain some insights from David Goeckeler, Executive Vice President of Networking and Security. David has responsibility for the entire connectivity infrastructure portfolio for the networking giant. His vision for the future of Cisco is decidedly multi-domain and cloud-centric. […]

13 Nov Cisco Systems And Its Bridge To Possible

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Cisco unveils new branding campaign at the Cisco Partner Summit 2018.   WILL TOWNSEND Before I was an industry analyst, I spent a considerable amount of time working in the IT distribution channel. First at Compaq, then HP (after the merger of the two companies), and lastly at a number of smaller start-ups. Some of my […]

08 Nov CenturyLink Field Delivers A “Fan”-tastic Networking Experience

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WILL TOWNSEND I had the recent opportunity to tour CenturyLink Field, home to the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC. Built in 2002 upon the same site that the original Kingdome stood, the venue is a marvel of architecture and engineering. Paul Allen, may he rest in peace, was the famous Microsoft  executive credited for winning […]