17 Oct Five Questions IT Should Consider Before Buying Any More Enterprise Storage

Stop buying enterprise storage and read this. Modern companies now recognize their most valuable asset is the data running their business. This data (and keeping it or not) may be the most challenging IT discipline. Not only is the underlying technology changing unbelievably quickly, its growth is astronomical. Some estimate worldwide storage will reach >40ZB in […]

27 Sep What Does The New Dell EMC Mean For The Enterprise Storage Market?

(Photo credit: Patrick Moorhead) The confluence of mobility, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (Iot) are causing massive increases in the volume of data that needs to be moved, processed and stored by IT. Still, despite this unprecedented acceleration in demand, total vendor revenue for enterprise storage systems has been flat to declining over […]

29 Aug HPE Synergy Shows Promise And Progress With Early Adopters

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has placed a big bet with HPE Synergy—the company is a pioneer in the composable infrastructure market, and is the furthest along in customer enablement. In the rapidly changing world of IT, composable infrastructure could be the next big thing in enterprise infrastructure. Designed to treat hardware like software (what is often referred to as, “infrastructure […]

25 Aug CASE STUDY: HudsonAlpha Adopts HPE Synergy to Accelerate Genomics Research

Composable infrastructure enables IT to create flexible pools of infrastructure resources that can be allocated based on workload needs to automate operational changes at scale. Composable infrastructure is a new solution category still in the early stages of adoption. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) released the HPE Synergy platform in December 2015 as the first platform in the market built […]

22 Aug RESEARCH BRIEF: Dell & EMC are Positioned to Become a Converged Systems Powerhouse

Enterprise IT organizations are transitioning to private cloud to drive efficiency within their datacenters. Many have turned to converged systems to improve time to market and to lower costs. Converged systems are pre-integrated configurations combining server, storage, and networking with unified systems management. Converged systems are different from traditional hardware platforms in that they are designed with a modular building-block […]

27 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: OpenStack Network Maturity

The maturity of OpenStack is accelerating the move to cloud technology, enabling businesses to stand up their own private clouds as well as allowing telecom and cloud service providers (CSPs) to expand their public cloud offerings more easily. While networking was often cited as an OpenStack inhibitor in the past, we increasingly see improvements and alternatives that are […]

26 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Bets on Intelligent Automation for Converged Systems Strategy

Converged Systems are an increasingly important segment of IT Infrastructure, as they provide increased agility and time-to-market for delivering private clouds. Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) sees the infrastructure market transitioning from a hardware-centric deployment and management approach to an approach that is defined by the services that are being delivered by the cloud. One of the key enablers […]

11 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Service-Defined Infrastructure Will Shape Future Converged Systems

Many view a hybrid cloud deployment model as the path to the flexibility for both traditional and cloud-native workloads. On the private cloud side, converged systems have emerged as an approach for IT to improve efficiencies and lower overall costs. On the public cloud side, IT organizations value the ability to stand up infrastructure in minutes without worrying about […]

11 Jul RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Streamlines Converged Systems Business to Align with Market Needs

IT organizations are quickly increasing their scope to provide applications and services that drive competitive differentiation for the business. Many IT organizations see the hybrid cloud as the path to stay on pace with market requirements and help drive long-term business growth. This change in IT requirements is driving a shift in the market to infrastructure that is […]

02 Jun Dell’s Cooling Innovation For Scale-Out Computing

At Dell’s Enterprise Innovation Days conference, Dell’s Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI) group publicly unveiled their new liquid cooling solution, ‘Triton’. Let’s dive into what this could mean for some of Dell’s scale-out datacenter customers. The ‘Triton’ design represents the culmination of more than 6 years of design and evolution; ‘Triton’ achieves a performance level for […]

08 Mar Sony’s Optical Archive Could Kill Tape Data Archiving

Tape had always been the preferred medium for datacenter archive, even though it could be difficult to deal with and was a medium that (because it literally touched the recording head) degraded every time you recorded or read the tape. Plenty of enterprise information is archived on tape, but that is about to change. We […]

08 Mar RESEARCH PAPER: Everspan Changes Archiving

The combination of increasing regulatory accountability and significantly larger data sets is driving enterprises and service providers to rethink their storage archiving. Existing methods of archiving—via tape or even hard drives—are starting to show their limitations as the realities of today’s needs poke holes in those approaches. Data today is being generated in significantly greater amounts and needs to […]

12 Jan Is Amazon The Next Big Silicon Vendor Or The Next Broadband Provider?

When Amazon.com started selling books online, bookstores were worried but not many others really seemed to to care. Music and video followed, and suddenly people buy everything from Amazon. Businesses even host their IT on Amazon’s servers while entire industries have blossomed around the vendor. Previously Amazon quietly entered the CPU business through their acquisition of Annapurna […]

23 Nov RESEARCH PAPER: The Journey to Composable Infrastructure

Today’s digital economy is driving IT as a focal point for competitive differentiation. But siloed, traditional IT architectures often are not equipped to provide the flexibility that today’s business-critical applications require. In addition, many IT organizations are transitioning to a DevOps methodology for application development which involves continuous integration, automation, and measurement throughout the process. DevOps requires an agile infrastructure […]

08 Oct RESEARCH BRIEF: Has Optical Archiving Come of Age?

Data capacity requirements continue to ratchet upwards because of both new applications that demand massive data sets as well as increasing demands for regulation and accountability. Businesses are required to store more data than ever before; some data sets may be huge but used only once or twice, and much of the data may never need to be accessed […]

26 Sep RESEARCH BRIEF: Smart Packaging and the Future of Brands

Technology innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT) are forcing companies to adopt perpetual change. No industry, segment, or market is immune. Consumers are forcing both brands and the packaging industry to evolve to focus on bringing products to the market that reduce costs and increase revenues…while driving brand awareness, sustainability, competitiveness, food safety, shelf life, and consistency. Further, […]

10 Sep Intel IDF: High Risk, High Reward — Intel Steps Up Its Game

Source: Christoper R. Wilder At A High-Level Two weeks ago my colleagues, Patrick Moorhead (@patrickmoorhead), Jimmy Pike (@SR_fellow), and I (@skydevr) attended the Intel Developer Forum (IDF). This show is the place where hardware and software developers go to gaze upon new technologies, platforms, and solutions coming out of Intel. Like most vendor conferences, there was considerable […]

08 Sep The Future Of The Storage Business

An acquaintance recently asked me where I thought the storage business was going. I thought this was a great question, and I am going to share my thoughts here as well. If we look at what has been occurring in the industry, the first thing we see is that crucial executives have been leaving EMC in […]

29 Jul Information, Intelligence, And The Internet Of Things Are Fundamentally Changing The Supply Chain

(Photo credit: Christopher R. Wilder) The digital economy is changing the game for supply chain customers. Value chains are shifting rapidly, while technology advancements are disrupting old-style operations. Additionally, traditional value chains are also on the move. Hardware Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are moving to capitalize on software and services models. Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) […]

23 Jun Hewlett-Packard Elevated The Enterprise Conversation At Discover 2015

Hewlett-Packard is becoming two different companies on November 1, and what will be known as ‘Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’ is looking to address the criticisms that it isn’t really a solutions company. Some of the criticism is actually created by many of its competitors like IBM and Oracle Corporation based on what Hewlett-Packard markets, messages and sells, but ironically, driven […]