26 Sep RESEARCH BRIEF: Smart Packaging and the Future of Brands

Technology innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT) are forcing companies to adopt perpetual change. No industry, segment, or market is immune. Consumers are forcing both brands and the packaging industry to evolve to focus on bringing products to the market that reduce costs and increase revenues…while driving brand awareness, sustainability, competitiveness, food safety, shelf life, and consistency. Further, […]

10 Sep Intel IDF: High Risk, High Reward — Intel Steps Up Its Game

Source: Christoper R. Wilder At A High-Level Two weeks ago my colleagues, Patrick Moorhead (@patrickmoorhead), Jimmy Pike (@SR_fellow), and I (@skydevr) attended the Intel Developer Forum (IDF). This show is the place where hardware and software developers go to gaze upon new technologies, platforms, and solutions coming out of Intel. Like most vendor conferences, there was considerable […]

08 Sep The Future Of The Storage Business

An acquaintance recently asked me where I thought the storage business was going. I thought this was a great question, and I am going to share my thoughts here as well. If we look at what has been occurring in the industry, the first thing we see is that crucial executives have been leaving EMC in […]

29 Jul Information, Intelligence, And The Internet Of Things Are Fundamentally Changing The Supply Chain

(Photo credit: Christopher R. Wilder) The digital economy is changing the game for supply chain customers. Value chains are shifting rapidly, while technology advancements are disrupting old-style operations. Additionally, traditional value chains are also on the move. Hardware Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are moving to capitalize on software and services models. Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) […]

23 Jun Hewlett-Packard Elevated The Enterprise Conversation At Discover 2015

Hewlett-Packard is becoming two different companies on November 1, and what will be known as ‘Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’ is looking to address the criticisms that it isn’t really a solutions company. Some of the criticism is actually created by many of its competitors like IBM and Oracle Corporation based on what Hewlett-Packard markets, messages and sells, but ironically, driven […]

03 Jun Offshore Cloud Provider Calligo Leverages Old School Fundamentals to Compete in the New Economy: Nefarious Characters Need not Apply

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Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Julian Box, CEO of Calligo Limited. Calligo is an upcoming cloud provider based on the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands off the Coast of France.  Many people think that doing business in the Channel Islands means tax-shelters and nefarious characters.  Some of this may be […]

03 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: Spring 2015 ONUG Meeting Highlights

Today’s networking world is complex, antiquated and full of proprietary products. The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) was built by end users around the idea that open networking is essential to helping business by providing agility and flexibility. Unlike many other consortiums, ONUG is driven by the end customers, not the vendors. ONUG members put together the […]

28 Apr Decoding HP’s “Compute” Call To Server Arms

Hewlett-Packard currently holds the #1 worldwide market share in servers in terms of revenue and units, so when the #1 guy stands up and makes technology and market declarations for IT, the industry should probably pay attention. This is true for what Hewlett-Packard calls “Compute”, which is the company’s take on how IT needs to be […]

28 Apr RESEARCH PAPER: HP’s Vision for Tomorrow’s IT

The forces of mobility, cloud, security, and big data are driving a sea change in the role of IT. Their combined impact is creating new business opportunities while simultaneously transforming the customer engagement model. Faced with this environment, today’s traditional hardware-centric view of IT and slow pace of innovation cannot meet future business requirements in a […]

27 Apr RESEARCH BRIEF: Fifty Shades of Open Networking

Most networking vendors are getting on the “open networking” bandwagon, but unfortunately many appear to be approaching it defensively with a foot in both the proprietary and open camps. They see open networking as a hedge against a market that is pushing towards more openness, while they hope to keep selling proprietary products. The continuum of offerings […]

08 Apr RESEARCH PAPER: Datacenter Memory and Storage: Past, Present, Future

The server industry is in the middle of a once-every-20-years shift. What has happened in the past is a good indicator of what is about to happen. Given radical past transitions, it is very likely that many of today’s key technologies probably will fade out of the market by the year 2020. This paper focuses on server […]

03 Mar MWC: Intel Helping Service Providers To Optimize End-To-End IoT Value Chains

IT is in the crosshairs of a major data center architecture transition driven by a phenomenal rise in factors including Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and real-time analytics, finding a deeper relevance in the current business landscape. Over the last year, Intel developed the concept of software-defined infrastructure (SDI) as the next step in datacenter transformation. One of […]

03 Mar RESEARCH PAPER: Intel SDI Enables Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligence

Intel’s concept of software-defined infrastructure (SDI) extends the definition of the software-defined datacenter (SDDC). SDI is a re-evaluation of system architecture driven by the requirements of business flow, workloads, and specific applications—not by a menu of hardware available to purchase at the moment. SDI could transform mainstream datacenters and has the potential to displace current datacenter […]

03 Mar MWC: Dell’s New ProSupport Leverages IoT And BigData For Enterprise-Class Client Device Support

All PC manufacturers, including the big three comprising Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Lenovo , are looking to lower support costs and improve the support experience. Client-device support for PCs and tablets has traditionally lagged behind the datacenter and enterprise apps, and that generally speaking, continues to be the case. Most current models of client device support generally involve the traditional manual support […]

24 Feb Springpath: Out Of Stealth Mode And Worth The Wait In Storage Software

Last week, Springpath came out of a two year stealth mode, introducing software that runs on standard servers on a subscription model which stores, manages and guards data across both enterprise and cloud scenarios. That is very different from not only the traditional storage players like EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and NetApp Inc., but also upstarts like Nutanix, Simplivity, and Nexenta. […]

28 Oct RESEARCH PAPER: Is Dell Driving the Open Future of Networking?

While enterprise computing and storage have both gone through a standardization metamorphosis, enterprise networking has lagged. Enterprise networking remains one of the few areas of proprietary vertical integration in IT. But the need for businesses to move faster and be more agile is putting pressure on IT to adjust to strategies that will help their businesses […]

27 Sep RESEARCH PAPER: HP: Protecting Printers With Enterprise Grade Security

In today’s Internet of Things (IoT) environment, security is not only critical, it’s essential. Newly connected IoT devices such as thermostats, vending machines, HDTV’s and wearables create some of the largest potential security gaps in the IT infrastructure. As users demand mobility, cloud-based applications and collaboration, both inside and outside their company or organizations firewalls, the threat […]

19 May RESEARCH PAPER: Is “Scalable Blade” an Oxymoron?

Blade servers solved the problem of density for businesses, but they did so with compromises that limited their appeal for many applications. As complexity of both applications and environments grew, blade infrastructures were limited in their effectiveness for the task. Customers were relegated to lower-density rack servers for their more scalable applications. And while purpose-built […]

29 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is Intel’s Future for the Datacenter

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Moor Insights & Strategy believes that IT is on the cusp of a major datacenter architecture transition. This transition will be driven by 24×7 global business reach, dramatically increased use and depth of business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics (Big Data), and pushing sensors and intelligence into our physical world in the form of the […]

28 Aug ARM-Based Processors In Storage Servers: Why Would Anyone Do That?

If you’re listening to VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger at VMWorld yesterday, the question of whether ARM-based processors might fit well into storage servers boils down to a straight-up processor performance and drivercompatibility issue.  As reported yesterday, Gelsinger reportedly says, “Even if you reduced the power consumption of ARM CPUs to zero,” x86 will still win”.  First, is […]