14 Oct HPE Extends Its Cybersecurity Capabilities And Earns Two Cyber Catalyst Designations

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HPE has been busy shoring up its already formidable security capabilities. In addition to Silicon Root of Trust built into its ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo, SimpliVity, and Edgeline servers, the company rolled out new functionality that drives end-to-end lifecycle security. On top of this, two HPE hardware and software solutions recently received Cyber Catalyst designations: Silicon Root of […]

14 Oct Do Oracle’s Claims About AWS Pass Scrutiny?

It was a big last week for enterprise IT events. In addition to Pure Storage’s Accelerate event, Oracle held its annual customer and partner pilgrimage, OpenWorld 2019. I attended Pure’s event in my hometown of Austin and had analyst Mark Vena attend the Oracle event in San Francisco. I was able to view the OpenWorld […]

03 Oct Should VMware Change Its Name?

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It was a memorable moment. Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of VMware , and Michael Dell, his largest shareholder, sat on a small riser in a large conference room somewhere deep inside the W Hotel in San Francisco. As the two fielded questions from a room full of industry analysts at the end of their long first day […]

03 Oct Is The Fastest Storage Array In The World Now From IBM?

here are very few architectures in the computing world like a mainframe. It delivers obscenely high levels of performance while simultaneously scaling towards the upper reaches of what you’d believe is feasible. It does this without any performance hiccups. Mainframes are built for continuous up-time. They set the benchmark for the industry in information security. […]

03 Oct CBRS OnGo Is A Game Changer For Wireless Services

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On Monday, after six years in development, the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and its OnGo initiative reached an important milestone in realizing its initial commercial deployment. The service promises to deliver a flexible model for the sharing of wireless spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band that’s been reallocated from military radar applications. Spectrum drives […]

10 Sep The Road To Self-Driving Storage

You’ve already noticed that the data center is in the midst of a revolution. It is no longer a world where you can simply unpack a server or storage array, rack it, and walk away.  The rise of various clouds, edge computing, machine learning, and software-defined everything makes the world increasingly complicated. Your infrastructure is […]

10 Sep AMD EPYC Is Poised For Big Gains, But Not For The Reasons You Think

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AMD garnered a lot of attention with the launch of its EPYC 7002 Series processor a couple of weeks ago, and with good reason. It’s a highly performant part with a feature set that differentiates the product from the rest of market. The press has been very positive in its coverage of EPYC. The strength of […]

22 Aug All Roads Lead To An Epyc “Rome” For Enterprise IT

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In case you weren’t convinced by AMD’s re-entry to the server market with the initial launch of EPYC in 2017, the company today launched an what I consider an incredible follow-on product with EPYC 7002 Series (codenamed Rome). While the market was excited to see the company re-enter the market with the original EPYC CPU, […]

22 Aug AMD And Its Partners Deliver Big At 2nd Generation EPYC Datacenter Launch

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AMD took a big step forward today in the datacenter with its launch of the 2nd Gen EPYC processor and platform. I attended the AMD EPYC Horizon launch in San Francisco, CA, and want to hit the highlights. I will focus more on the high-level messages and meanings while Moor Insights & Strategy server and […]

02 Aug Who Is ‘Really’ Leading in Mobile 5G, Part 4: Infrastructure Equipment Providers

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There’s lots of buzz these days around 5G and what it promises to deliver beyond today’s 4G LTE networks. Billions of dollars are being spent globally by carriers to upgrade their core and access networking infrastructure to support new services for consumers and businesses alike. This article is Part 4 of our series, focusing on […]

24 Jun Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Coverage At HPE Discover 2019

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Blogs/Articles: HPE Delivers Storage And Convergence At Discover 2019 (June 18, 2019) Aruba Shines At HPE Discover 2019 (June 20, 2019) HPE Discover 2019: GreenLake, Edge, And Intelligence Rule The Day (June 20, 2019) HPE Reveals Its XaaS, HCI, AI, And Storage Hand At Las Vegas Discover 2019 (June 24, 2019)

20 Jun HPE Discover 2019: GreenLake, Edge, And Intelligence Rule The Day

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I begin this article with a confession: I walked/dragged myself to HPE Discover 2019 feeling a little burned out. It is the last show in what seems like a very long conference season, and though every conference is unique, and every technology vendor has a compelling story, it’s easy to start feeling like Charlie Brown […]

18 Jun HPE Delivers Storage And Convergence At Discover 2019

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It seems like it’s been a long time since either storage or HCI were front and center at an HPE event. Hewlett Packard Enterprise fixed that this week with a flurry of announcements during its keynote at its marquee HPE Discover event in Las Vegas. HPE’s has a robust storage portfolio. Its Nimble Storage and […]

17 Jun Things Are About To Get Interesting In Chipville, Datacenter

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There’s been a lot of noise in the datacenter CPU market over the last few months. Intel launched its 2nd Generation Scalable Xeon Processor (codenamed Cascade Lake). Arm is winning in the cloud and seems to be finding momentum with its N1 & E1 processors. And let’s not forget AMD —in addition to finding momentum in the HPC space, the […]

17 Jun The Year Of The Customer: Cisco Live North America 2019

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I attended Cisco Live North America 2019 last week in San Diego, CA. The company is currently on a roll, delivering solid financial performance as CEO Chuck Robbins celebrates his fourth year at the helm. Cisco’s premier event punctuated its recent success, with an overarching theme of enabling customer and partner success. In this column, […]

14 Jun Aligning Storage Vision And Storage Products At Dell Technologies World

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Dell Technologies World (DTW), held a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, is one of the most important events in the computer industry. It’s an event where nearly fifteen thousand technology professionals gather to hear one the industry’s most powerful companies’ vision for the future. There are visionary keynotes, celebrity sightings (the B-52s, Will.i.am!), parties, […]

08 Jun Aruba Shines At HPE Discover 2019

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I attended HPE Discover this week in Las Vegas. It was no surprise to hear the company speak of its continued investment in edge, announcing an additional $1 billion earmarked for channel referral fees and rebates to align its sales motion to solution offerings. At last year’s event CEO Antonio Neri announced a $4 billion investment in […]

08 Jun HPE Reveals Its XaaS, HCI, AI, And Storage Hand At Las Vegas Discover 2019

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Last week I attended HPE Discover 2019 in Las Vegas with Moor Insights & Strategy analyst colleagues Rhett Dillingham, Matt Kimball (analysis here), Steve McDowell (analysis here), and Will Townsend (analysis here). Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a company I follow very closely and as such, I never miss the opportunity to attend its premier customer and partner event […]

30 May Is It Too Late For Juniper Networks To Catch Up With Cisco And Aruba?

Cisco Systems’ impressive earnings performance this week begs a question: why has Juniper Systems annual revenue somewhat stalled? For the past few years, Juniper has seemingly been playing catch-up relative to the heavyweight enterprise networking solution providers. A history of non-accretive acquisitions, multiple runs at building out a Wi-Fi portfolio, misses in delivering software-defined networking (SDN) […]

10 May Intel Demonstrates At Data-Centric Day That It’s The Datacenter Technology Company To Beat

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I’m a bit remiss in getting this out but thought it was important to talk about Intel’s Data-Centric Day in San Francisco beyond my tweetstorm and numerous press citations. The big story from the event is that Intel is now the full datacenter technology provider to beat, with huge investments in compute, storage, and networking. […]