03 Apr The Networking And Carrier Tech Industry’s Proactive Response To COVID-19

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We are living in unprecedented times. As a product marketer and sales executive, I experienced the impact of other infectious diseases and viruses in tech such as SARS, the Avian flu and H1N1. However, in 2020 we live in an always connected, social media driven, instant news cycle. Has connectivity, the very topic area that […]

03 Apr Running These Workloads? You Should Take A Look At The IBM Z15

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Talk to any IT administrator about what they look for in a server platform and performance, openness, and security will top the list. Specifically, run my most demanding applications fast, enable my organization to support the range of workloads that power my modern business, secure my environment and protect my data. Ask those same IT […]

30 Mar Carrier Networking 101: Decoding The Acronyms

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It’s no secret that 5G is big tech news these days. As an analyst, I spend considerable time with the largest carriers and cellular networking infrastructure providers in the world, including their silicon providers. I also spend time with the CBRS Alliance as well as the Linux Foundation networking and edge working groups. In all […]

20 Mar Marvell Delivers Huge 5G Enhancements And Announces Samsung And Nokia Wins

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Marvell has a long track record in supporting cellular infrastructure dating back to the 3G networking era. My principal Patrick Moorhead captured his insights in this regard at Marvell’s inaugural analyst event in late January. If interested, you can find that article here. This article contains contributions from him as well. The company made two strategic […]

20 Mar IBM Simplifies Storage With Updated FlashSystem Line

You would never suspect, as you walk into the offices of IBM storage in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park (RTP), that you’re entering the hallways of a nearly seventy-year-old enterprise. That’s how long it’s been since IBM invented the hard disk drive and spawned an industry. The offices are bright and open, full of palpable […]

14 Mar TechChill 2020 Is Hot For Connectivity

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Last week marked my second visit to the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, for the ninth annual TechChill startup event. The show focused not only on 5G (my main love), but also blockchain, MedTech, FinTech, and Greentech—that’s a lot of tech! I spent nearly three days in the Baltics with a number of innovative companies and startups. […]

02 Mar What Does VMware Changing Its Licensing Model Mean For Enterprise IT?

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VMware recently announced a change to its software licensing model that caps the number of cores supported in the CPU, effective April 2, 2020. Why did VMware do this? What is the real impact to IT? And what does this mean for the VMware ecosystem and competitive landscape? The next few paragraphs will try to tackle these […]

21 Feb Analyst Quick Take: Cisco Appoints Dr. Lisa Su To Board Of Directors

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Cisco Systems, Inc. appointed AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su to its board of directors on Monday, January 27th. What does this mean for Cisco? And how does AMD benefit from this appointment? This quick take will attempt to answer these questions and more.  First, what does this appointment mean for Cisco? Cisco employs over 70,000 […]

21 Feb Cisco Live Europe 2020 Delivers CX And IoT

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I attended Cisco Systems’ Live European regional event in Barcelona last week, which happened to coincide with the Chinese New Year celebration. From my standpoint, Cisco successfully celebrated customer experience (CX) with several key announcements. I would like to share my insights from the conference.  Why is customer experience such a big deal?   Many organizations laud […]

21 Feb What AMD And Intel Quarterly Numbers Say About Datacenter Business

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Earnings season is in full swing—both AMD and Intel announced 4th quarter (and annual) results recently. Both companies claimed strong quarters with robust growth. The following few paragraphs will attempt to dissect those numbers in a little more detail and provide some guidance on what these numbers say about the 2020 business outlook. AMD EESC – […]

14 Feb IBM Goes All In On ML Inference With IC922 POWER9-Based Server

IBM is a company that I follow very closely, in particular its System Division, Red Hat and corporate. It has been particularly interesting to watch IBM Systems over the last several years as it has rolled out its POWER9 systems to great success (see my coverage of the initial launch in 2017 here, and a follow […]

10 Feb Scale Computing’s Edge-to-Enterprise HCI

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An unusual stir of excitement emanated from the universe of storage geeks who populate my twitter feed. Usually an unflappable bunch, Scale Computing’s demonstration of its HC3 hyperconverged solution running on Intel small form-factor NUC at a Tech Field Day event last November caught people’s attention. This isn’t how we are used to seeing HCI […]

10 Feb Cisco’s New Silicon One Brings The Company Into The Merchant Networking Silicon Business

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Cisco is a company I follow very closely and have for nearly a decade as an industry analyst. For those who don’t follow Cisco closely, it is well-known for its networking infrastructure but since CEO Chuck Robbins’ entrance, it has diversified into a software, security, and services play. Apparently that’s not the only big changes […]

03 Feb Cisco Systems’ Dual Path To SD-WAN With Meraki And Viptela

The SD-WAN market is expansive. At my last count, over 60 different SD-WAN solution providers were in the market, both large and small. Soon I expect that this number will begin to rapidly consolidate and a half dozen or so dominant players will emerge. I believe Cisco Systems will be one of those SD-WAN victors […]

01 Jan Two AWS Re:Invent Announcements That Will Have Long-Lasting Impact On The Enterprise Datacenter

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AWS re:Invent came and went, and what a week it was. While the total number of announcements out of the conference was huge, the company itself made 13 significant announcements. These ranged from 5G to edge to core infrastructure to Quantum computing. Moor Insights & Strategy Principal Analyst Patrick Moorhead provided some great coverage that […]

27 Dec Cisco Systems Goes Big On The ‘Next’ Internet

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Cisco Systems launched a strategic initiative today to bring unprecedented scale to next generation networking and the Internet, dubbed the “Internet for the Future.” I would like to provide insights and summarize the three key components of the new strategy: custom silicon, optics and software enhancements. Our principal analyst Patrick Moorhead attended the event in San […]

20 Dec AWS Goes All In On Arm-Based Graviton2 Processors With EC2 6th Gen Instances

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I have been in and around processors for nearly 30 years as a systems OEM, search engine provider, chipmaker, and now CEO of analysis and research company Moor Insights & Strategy. I tell anyone who will listen that semiconductors are hot, and it doesn’t take much convincing nowadays. You just need to look to the […]

12 Dec Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Coverage At AWS re:Invent 2019

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Articles: Two AWS Re:Invent Announcements That Will Have Long-Lasting Impact On The Enterprise Datacenter (Dec 16, 2019) by Matt Kimball Amazon Plugs Quantum Cloud Computing Braket Into AWS (Dec. 11, 2019) by Paul Smith-Goodson AWS Wavelength Could Supercharge 5G (Dec. 10, 2019) by Will Townsend The Top Five AWS Re:Invent 2019 Announcements That Impact Your […]

12 Dec HPE Announces Kubernetes-based Container Platform, Touts ‘Industry First’

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise made major waves last week with the announcement of its new HPE Container Platform, which it touts as the “industry’s first enterprise-grade Kubernetes-based container platform.” Enabling the containerization of both cloud-native and monolithic apps with persistent storage, I see this solution as a pretty big deal and paramount to HPE’s future success. […]

02 Dec Dell Technologies Is Livin’ On The Edge

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I attended Dell Technologies Summit 2019 last week in my hometown of Austin Texas. Forgive me if the headline sounds like an Aerosmith song, but the emphasis on this year’s event was decidedly on the edge. There were several strategic announcements, but I would like to take a closer look at the ones that align with my […]