25 Jun Cisco Leans Into People And Culture At Its 2019 Customer And Partner Event, Cisco Live

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The week before last, I attended Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego, CA. If you follow our analysis and articles, you know that Cisco System is a company Moor Insights & strategy’s analysts and I follow very closely. We follow them closely in compute, cloud, storage, networking, software, security and its leadership. One of the […]

08 Jun Salesforce.com’s Tableau Acquisition: Admitting Organic Innovation Failure?

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Technology companies believe in two certainties: to survive, you have to grow, and to grow you have to innovate. There are two ways to innovate; organically leveraging internal R&D and inorganically through partnering, M&A and corporate investment arms. In the software and SaaS world, mergers and acquisitions have become a dime a dozen in the […]

22 May Lattice Semiconductor Looks Like A Different Company At Its Financial Analyst Day

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Monday, Lattice Semiconductor held its Financial Analyst Day (FAD), which I attended in person at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square in New York City. This is a day, like all major public companies have, where senior management discusses their plans for the future with its major institutional investors and a handful of press and […]

15 May ON Semiconductor And Globalfoundries Both Win With Its $430M Fab 10 Deal

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Last month, ON Semiconductor and Globalfoundries announced a $430 million agreement to transfer ownership of Globalfoundries 300mm Fab 10 in East Fishkill, New York, to ON Semiconductor. While the deal is still pending regulatory approval and closing conditions, I wanted to give my quick take on the news. The deal The transition of ownership of […]

02 May AMD’s 50th Anniversary Reminds Us Why The Company Matters

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This week, AMD celebrated its 50th anniversary. I wanted to weigh in on the occasion, as I have been in and around the company, its customers, partners and competitors for close to 30 years. I spent roughly a decade as a hardware OEM at Compaq, NCR, and AT&T, over a decade in chips at AMD, […]

27 Apr Who Are Apple’s iPhone Contract Manufacturers?

This coming Monday, a highly anticipated trial between Qualcomm and Apple will start in San Diego. The legal showdown is the next, important chapter of a two-year conflict between the two technology powerhouses and now, in this trial, Apple’s contract manufacturers. You can get caught up to speed on the prior two years here. Next week’s […]

12 Apr Cisco Trumpets A Unique Decibel, An Early-Stage Venture Company

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From its leadership in software, security and networking technology, to its extensive CSR efforts, Cisco Systems is a company I follow very closely. One thing I really like about Cisco is the interest it takes in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, vital for a large company.  It’s vital for every large tech company because the typical cycle of a tech company […]

28 Mar FTC Case Against Qualcomm Gets Weirder With Northern District of CA Court Ruling

A week ago today, the US Northern District Court of California’s Judge Koh issued its FTC ruling on a case against Qualcomm that I believe from the start could be considered a clown show. I think this case is important to the wireless industry, competition, and even national security and am taking a hard stance on this.  […]

19 Mar How Cisco Fosters A ‘Conscious Culture’ Within The Company

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Cisco Systems is a company that I follow very closely. While the company is well-known (and rightfully so) as a networking, security and software powerhouse, one of the things I appreciate about this company is its focus on the human element—whether we’re talking about its Networking Academy, which trains approximately 1 million people per year in IT […]

13 Mar The 10 Most Bizarre Things About The FTC-Qualcomm Case

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It has been two months since closing arguments were presented in the FTC versus Qualcomm Trial, and Judge Koh could issue a verdict at any moment. In these past few months, I have been analyzing what a ruling might mean. I’m not a lawyer, but have seen a lot of antitrust action and was considered […]

07 Mar HP Demonstrating Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

HP Inc. is a company that I follow very closely. I covered the company extensively at CES 2019 this year and was impressed by the array of new, innovative displays it brought to its PC line (you can see my coverage here). It’s no secret that the company excels at delivering powerful PC offerings, but that’s […]

01 Mar IBM Rolls Out Big Customers At Think 2019 Using AI, ML, DL On Power Systems

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There was a tremendous amount of news delivered at this year’s IBM THINK 2019, which I personally attended along with my senior storage analyst colleague Steve McDowell. One thing that impressed me, which didn’t get much press, was the number of rich conversations from IBM customers on how they were using Power Systems to help […]

12 Feb AMD Cranks Out An Inspiring Q4 2018 And Full Year 2018

After coming off of what I considered a successful CES 2019 showing headlined by CEO Lisa Su (wrote about that here), today Advanced Micro Devices announced its Q4 2018 earnings, full-year 2018 results, and forecast. Unlike some of the other earnings announcements we have seen so far, AMD appears to have bucked many of the trends like China […]

24 Jan Cisco’s 2018 CSR Report Shows Continued Commitment To Positive Change

Cisco Systems is a company I follow very closely, for its networking, UC and security portfolios, but also for its truly one-of-a-kind corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts worldwide. There are a lot of great, innovative tech leaders in the industry, but none, in my opinion, have demonstrated the same years of commitment towards being a […]

06 Jan ON Semiconductor Unveils Automated Developer Tool Ahead Of CES 2019

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If you follow my writing on Forbes, you know I’ve been tracking ON Semiconductor much more closely this past year. The company, through acquisitions and organic growth, has become a much more relevant company for me to track. I’ve written on the company’s inroads in the automotive and self-driving car space (you can read here and here), and […]

12 Dec Beyond 10nm: Intel’s New Tech Strategy

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I had the chance to spend a few days with Intel executives at its recent industry analyst summit held at the company’s Santa Clara headquarters, and it was a real eye-opener as it laid out its new technology strategy for the next decade. Net-net, I believe this strategy is right for Intel and its customers, […]

08 Dec Cisco Meraki Eyes Market Disruption Through Simplification

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I recently spent time at Cisco Meraki headquarters, located in the trendy, up-and-coming Mission Bay district of San Francisco. The spectacular views of the water from the complex nearly sent me tumbling down the stairs. I toured engineering, sales, and support areas with Todd Nightingale, Meraki’s Senior Vice President and General Manager. Nightingale has been […]

15 Nov HPE’s Increased Stability And Consistency Noticeable At Investor Event

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HPE CEO Antonio Neri addresses financial analysts at last week’s SAM.  HPE Last week, Hewlett Packard Enterprise held its annual Securities Analyst Meeting (SAM) at the New York Stock Exchange. The annual event represents the company’s opportunity to talk to investors about its past progress and financials but more importantly, talk about its future opportunities. […]

13 Nov Cisco Unveils New ‘Bridge To Possible’ Branding Campaign

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Imagery from “Bridge To Possible”. CISCO When it comes to corporate brands and campaigns for enterprise tech companies, I believe Cisco Systems is one of the best. This isn’t just myopinion. In the past year, according to Interbrand, Cisco’s brand ranking improved 8% and is #15 on the list of 2018 Best Global Brands. In 2016, […]

05 Nov Stop Betting Against Dell’s DVMT Conversion- You Look Foolish

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Michael Dell, chief executive officer of Dell Technologies Inc., speaks during an interview on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S.,   (Photographer: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg) Given the recently announced Dell Technologies’ DVMT conversion planand the potential for investors to be able to invest in the entire company, I thought […]