20 Jan How Qualcomm Approaches Its Automotive Business, With $6.5B In Design Wins

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Qualcomm is a semiconductor company best known for its efforts in the realm of smartphone connectivity with its popular Snapdragon brand of modems, application processors and now RF. While smartphones are undoubtedly the company’s bread-and-butter, Qualcomm plays significantly in a number of other areas. A great example of this is its $6.5 billion (backlog) automotive […]

09 Jan Cisco Increases Its Societal Impact As Documented In Its 2019 CSR Report

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As leading a technology industry company, I have the blessing to cover a wide range of topics. While new technology releases and developments certainly make up a large portion of my coverage, I also like to devote time researching the human side—company culture and CSR, for example.  While Cisco Systems is indisputably on the leaderboard […]

20 Dec Celebrating 20 Years Of ON Semiconductor With CEO Keith Jackson

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ON Semiconductor may not be a household name, but it’s player in semiconductors and  a company that I’ve taken special interest in over the last several years due to its increased participation in sectors I focus on (namely autonomous vehicles) and impressive growth (it moved up 23 ranks on the 2019 fastest growing companies list). […]

02 Dec Nuvia Datacenter Processor Company Comes Out Of Stealth And It Looks Provocative

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I have been in and around processors for nearly 30 years as a systems OEM, search engine, chipmaker and now CEO of Moor Insights & Strategy. I tell anyone who will listen that semiconductors are sexy and it doesn’t take much convincing nowadays. You just need to look to the trillion-dollar (or near) club Apple, […]

15 Nov Why No One Should Be Surprised Cisco Named ‘World’s Best Workplace’ For 2019

Several weeks ago, the workplace culture authority Great Place to Work Inc., in conjunction with Fortune, released the latest iteration of its 25 World’s Best Workplaces list. Topping the list for the first time ever was Cisco, nudging out previous title holders Salesforce and Hilton.  Cisco is a company that I watch very closely, and […]

28 Oct Arm TechCon 2019: 15 Years And Getting Stronger

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This week I’m attending the 15th annual Arm TechCon event in San Jose, CA. TechCon is Arm’s premier industry event, where developers, analysts, and media gather from all around to hear the latest from the semiconductor giant. Over the last several years, Arm has been working to stake out its claim in the so-called “5th wave of […]

23 Sep How Should We Rate Lattice Semiconductor CEO Jim Anderson After One Year?

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I spent over 20 years in “big tech,” most of those years as an executive, and I was always getting performance appraisals from the CEO, formally or informally. As a tech industry analyst, I get to give the CEO performance appraisals, which can be a lot of fun, especially when the performance is good. After […]

23 Sep IBM Continues To Invest Big In High-Performance Computing

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IBM has a long and rich heritage of success in HPC (high-performance computing) markets and workloads. The first IBM HPC system I paid attention to was BlueGene, announced in 2004, which, according to IBM, was “built to help biologists observe the invisible processes of protein folding and gene development.” Hence the name. This was during […]

19 Aug AWS Reinforces Which Cloud Company Has The ‘Magic’ With Its Q2 Results

Last week was a fun one if you are into tracking quarterly cloud progress from Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, and Amazon AWS. While most of the stories have already been told about Microsoft and Google, I wanted to focus in on AWS’s quarterly performance as reflected in their earnings numbers. AWS reports numbers that are […]

19 Aug The Qualcomm-Tencent Deal Demonstrates That The US And China Need Each Other

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Today, Qualcomm announced a sweeping, strategic collaboration agreement with Tencent Games covering 5G, smartphones, augmented and virtual reality, and personal computers. While I don’t pay too much attention to these kinds of non-binding, collaboration agreements, this one is interesting for many reasons above the current icy relationship between the US and China. While there wasn’t […]

06 Aug Microsoft Wins Big In AT&T Cloud Deal Valued At $2B

The fight for cloud computing dominance is at its peak and the leaders are starting to show their faces. When it comes to IaaS, Amazon AWS has a big lead, followed by Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba, and Google Cloud Platform. If you were wondering where Oracle was, Gartner doesn’t place the company in its […]

06 Aug Intel Registers Solid Q2 Earnings And Its Future Opportunities Look Even Brighter

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I had the chance to talk with Intel CEO Bob Swan this week, which made earnings that much more interesting. We chatted about Intel’s long-term objectives and strategies, but before I dive into that, I wanted to touch on what Intel announced yesterday. Solid Q2 earnings Intel yesterday served up very solid earnings for Q2 […]

31 Jul Frank Azor Joins AMD As ‘Chief Gaming Architect’

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Today, AMD confirmed the rumor that Frank Azor, formerly of Dell and Alienware, will be joining AMD to head up its cross-platform gaming efforts. I believe this is a big win for AMD as Azor is a gaming icon across the industry and has demonstrated he “gets” the gamer, game publisher, and, of course, the […]

26 Jul Did Lenovo Defend Its TOP500 Supercomputer Throne At ISC 2019?

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ISC 2019 took place last month in Frankfurt, Germany. While I was unable to attend the annual supercomputing conference in person this year, one thing that always catches my eye at the show was the release of the latest Top 500 List of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. This latest iteration of the list is […]

26 Jul HP Inc. Continues Rich Legacy Of Sustainability As Outlined In 2018 Report

As a technology analyst, I spend a lot of time jet setting from conference to conference, covering the latest greatest advances in technology and IT solutions. Another part of what I cover, though, is the kinder, gentler material that’s under the hood—company culture, CSR, and the like. Environmental sustainability is a huge issue that in […]

25 Jun Cisco Leans Into People And Culture At Its 2019 Customer And Partner Event, Cisco Live

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The week before last, I attended Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego, CA. If you follow our analysis and articles, you know that Cisco System is a company Moor Insights & strategy’s analysts and I follow very closely. We follow them closely in compute, cloud, storage, networking, software, security and its leadership. One of the […]

08 Jun Salesforce.com’s Tableau Acquisition: Admitting Organic Innovation Failure?

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Technology companies believe in two certainties: to survive, you have to grow, and to grow you have to innovate. There are two ways to innovate; organically leveraging internal R&D and inorganically through partnering, M&A and corporate investment arms. In the software and SaaS world, mergers and acquisitions have become a dime a dozen in the […]

22 May Lattice Semiconductor Looks Like A Different Company At Its Financial Analyst Day

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Monday, Lattice Semiconductor held its Financial Analyst Day (FAD), which I attended in person at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square in New York City. This is a day, like all major public companies have, where senior management discusses their plans for the future with its major institutional investors and a handful of press and […]

15 May ON Semiconductor And Globalfoundries Both Win With Its $430M Fab 10 Deal

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Last month, ON Semiconductor and Globalfoundries announced a $430 million agreement to transfer ownership of Globalfoundries 300mm Fab 10 in East Fishkill, New York, to ON Semiconductor. While the deal is still pending regulatory approval and closing conditions, I wanted to give my quick take on the news. The deal The transition of ownership of […]

02 May AMD’s 50th Anniversary Reminds Us Why The Company Matters

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This week, AMD celebrated its 50th anniversary. I wanted to weigh in on the occasion, as I have been in and around the company, its customers, partners and competitors for close to 30 years. I spent roughly a decade as a hardware OEM at Compaq, NCR, and AT&T, over a decade in chips at AMD, […]