07 Dec Even More Smart Home Products For The Holiday Season

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With about a month left before Christmas, I’d like to provide another round of great tech products worth consideration when doing your holiday shopping. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of these unique, affordable products. TCL 6 Series 65” Smart TV (Model 65R617) stands out in a crowded market Over the past […]

14 Nov More Smart Home Products For The Holiday Season

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Many consumers don’t consider themselves to be tech-savvy, and it can be particularly challenging to find a great tech gift for a family member in this rapidly changing product landscape. It is my ongoing mission to shed light on some of the best smart solutions on the market. A few weeks ago, I detailed five […]

08 Nov Why The Smart Home Needs The Retail Channel

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For all the promise and potential of the smart home, the category has always been a little like Jello—difficult to nail down and challenging to define. If you ask 10 consumers what it is, you’ll likely get 10 different answers. Some define a smart home as the simple possession and use of a digital assistant […]

05 Oct pHin Reinvents Residential Pool Chemical Treatment

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There’s something in the water.   CONNECTEDYARD Some of my fondest memories from growing up in northern New Jersey center around the in-ground pool my father installed at our home when I was in my teens. For my dad, the pool was a labor of love and a not too subtle device for getting my mom, […]

21 Sep IFA 2018: 5 Big Consumer Technology Reveals

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The IFA technology showcase in Berlin last week was a sprawling affair, attracting over 230,000 consumers, journalists, and industry pundits from all over the world. Historically it has been geared towards European consumers, but due to the conference’s late August timing, more and more companies are using it as a platform to announce new products […]

06 Sep How Crestron Paved The Way For The Smart Home, And More

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If you’ve worked in an office or a university campus in the past 40 years or so, the name “Crestron” is probably not unfamiliar. Founded in 1971 and based in a cozy corner of Northern New Jersey, Crestron Electronics is a ubiquitous technology presence in corporate conference rooms, theaters, Las Vegas sports books, university lecture […]

06 Jun Intel Gears Up For 50th Birthday With New Smart Home Announcements

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This week Computex is being held in Taipei, Taiwan. Intel took the opportunity of Asia’s biggest IT tradeshow to make several important announcements in advance of the company’s 50th birthday next month. The announcements largely reinforced the company’s commitment to legacy PCs, but also underscored many of the infrastructure elements of its new smart home […]

05 Jun Apple WWDC 2018 Recap: Siri Gets A Badly Needed Shot Of Adrenaline

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Apple Event logo. This week I’m attending Apple WWDC 2018 in San Jose. Day 1’s keynote was an entirely software-based affair, surprising some who were expecting to see more hardware-related announcements or refreshes of current products. Apple executives took to the stage at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to announce numerous (if incremental) enhancements […]

13 Mar Robots Are The Future Smart Assistants

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Sony’s new Aibo robot dog As any techie could tell you, smart home assistants are all the buzz right now, with Amazon.com , Apple , Google, Microsoft , and others with significant stakes in the market. While the current assistants available offer a wide range of capabilities, at the end of the day, they are […]

31 Jan Paladin Armor Seeks To Redefine Smart Home Security

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Paladin Armor, Inc. “Home security” is a broadly defined moniker that in my view does a disservice—no single company owns the home security ecosystem because it is so large, and glutted with many “me too” products. The sheer expansiveness of the category can overwhelm the average consumer, and the amount of very similar smart products […]

23 Jan Top Smart Home And Home Automation Products From CES 2018

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Consumer Technology Association  As expected, last week’s CES was an expansive affair, with 3,900 exhibitors presenting interesting (and more than a few head-scratching) products and solutions across 240,000 square feet of floor space at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center. More than 184,000 attendees visited this year’s show (a CES record), and while […]

16 Jan Intel Dazzles At CES 2018 Keynote And Gives Progress On Neuromorphic And Quantum Computing

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  Intel CES 2018 This past week, I and several other members of the Moor Insights & Strategy team camped out at CES 2018 in Las Vegas to learn as much as we can about the latest in consumer electronics technology, trends and company strategies. The conference is not only a great opportunity for startups to […]

16 Jan Samsung Builds A Wall And Expands Intelligent Home Footprint At CES 2018

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Samsung CES 2018 Last week, I and several other members of the Moor Insights & Strategy team attended CES 2018 in Las Vegas. One of the companies I was most looking forward to hearing from was Samsung, particularly in the realm of IoT and the smart home sector. Samsung is the 800lb gorilla and owns […]

08 Jan Intel Doubles Down On The Smart Home At 2018 CES

In response to the tremendous growth occurring in connected devices within the home, Intel  announced today a comprehensive 5-point strategy focused on bringing more intelligence to the home, along with other new advanced capabilities. This new strategy is great in that it accentuates a partnership element and is highly focused on facilitating solutions that make consumers’ lives more convenient, […]

27 Apr Why Amazon Really Created Echo Look, A Camera In Your Bedroom And Bathroom

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To the horror of some and the amazement of others, Amazon.com announced yesterday the Amazon Echo Look, what Amazon.com calls a “hands-free camera and style assistant”.  Echo Look is a new device with a camera and microphone intended to be in your bathroom, bedroom or closet. That’s right, a camera in the most private spaces […]

31 Jan RESEARCH PAPER: Consumer Networking Gains Wi-Fi Mesh

Consumers traditionally deploy a single Wi-Fi router for the home and adapt their usage around the router. But, changing needs are rendering this strategy unworkable for many homes as the coverage area needs are increasing, the prevalence of mobile devices is changing the access patterns and a host of consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices are now entering the […]

09 Jan NVIDIA Doubles Down On Automotive And Cloud Gaming, Adds Smart Home Capability At CES 2017

At this year’s CES 2017, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang presented in the CES opening keynote his vision for the company’s future to the audience, explaining where he believes the company will succeed in the future. I also liked that Huang simplified AI and graphics so more could understand it. Of the areas where NVIDIA participates […]

18 Jan A Disappointing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) For Home Automation

(Photo credit: Mike Krell) Anyone who attended CES would have seen a huge space allocated to home automation with products and services from ADT ADT, Honeywell International, iControl, Lowe’s Cos, Vivint, and so many others. From a consumer’s perspective we saw every kind of home automation product you could currently think of. I saw: Hubs Light […]

30 Nov Experience And Scale Matter In The Home Improvement HaaS Space

I have been covering the home improvement HaaS (humans as a service) space for a while now, and if there’s one thing I am evangelizing is that the notion of experience and scale matters. I know that sounds basic, but that’s the reality, and one that is challenged by some. I am all for changing […]

16 Oct Is “Home Automation As A Service” The Future?

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As I prepare to head to CEDIA this week to visit with companies such as Comcast, Control4 Corporation, Core Brands Nortek, Honeywell International, Insteon, and Napco Security Technologies, I’ll be excited to see what’s new in the Home Automation space. Tradeshows are a fountain of information, and as I try to determine who (and what) consumers are […]