02 Sep Why Apple Should Build a TV

While I don’t believe it, to many, it appears that Apple has already won the smartphone and tablet wars, so the next logical conclusion is “what’s next”. Many articles about the Apple in the TV business rumors (not to be confused with the “hobbyist” Apple TV) focus on what a lousy business TVs are or questioning if Apple […]

02 Jul The Future Personal Music Cloud

While many can easily see the need in the future for a Personal Video Cloud, there is a lot more uncertainty about a personal cloud for music. There seem to be three schools of thought for everything and this applies to the Personal Music Cloud, too. In this blog I will be talking about these different points […]

10 Mar Digital Media Adapters Part 13- Product Segmentation and Conclusion

Two and a half months ago when I started the DMA (Digital Media Adapter) for Living Room series, I had no idea how complex and difficult this would be. The sheer number of devices, content, and usage models was daunting. To boot, I don’t blog or evaluate products for a living, so much of this […]

03 Mar Digital Media Adapters Part 12 – HTPC Conclusion

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So far, I have looked at the AMD Fusion Theater PC (FTPC) on a wide variety of content, including video,music, pictures and games. I’d like to close out the AMD FTPC section of the living room DMA series by discussing some of the other variables compared to the other DMAs. Networking The AMD FTPC comes standard with a […]

28 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 11 – Games on the HTPC

So, here’s a brief recap for anyone just joining this series. I have looked at the following DMAs: Apple TV,Google TV, Boxee Box, WD TV Live Hub, Roku XD S, and the Xbox 360 S. Now I am looking at a Windows 7AMD Fusion Theater PC (FTPC). So far, I’ve looked at the video playback capabilities and the AMD FTPC’s ability to […]

21 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 10 – Photos and Music on the HTPC

In Part 9, I looked at how my new VISION Technology from AMD based Fusion Theater PC (FTPC) handled video, and it was definitely a champ. Today, I’m going to take a look at what I can do with other digital media that I frequently access in the living room. What can my FTPC do with my photos […]

16 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 9 – Video Playback and the HTPC

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In part 8 of this series, I introduced the concept of the Fusion Theater PC (FTPC). An HTPC built with a Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) using VISION Technology from AMD. In part 9, I’m going to start by looking at the first function of an FTPC. How does it handle video? Let me be blunt; the FTPC played […]

14 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 8 – The HTPC

So let’s recap where we are… I have looked at the following DMA’s: Apple TV, Google TV, Boxee Box, WD TV Live Hub, Roku XD S, and recently the Xbox 360 S. Now I will look at a Windows 7 Fusion Theater PC (FTPC). Living room PCs have had marginal success outside of the most sophisticated enthusiasts for a myriad of […]

03 Feb Digital Media Adapters Part 7 – Xbox 360 “Slimline”

So far I have looked at the Apple TV, Google TV, Boxee Box, WD TV Live Hub, Roku XD S and now I will look at the Xbox 360. The original Xbox was introduced in 2001 and the Xbox 360 in 2005. For this analysis, I used what is known as the Xbox 360 S for “slimline”, which became available in […]

12 Jan Digital Media Adapters Part 5 – Western Digital TV Live Hub

This is part 5 in a multi-part series on digital media adapters for the living room. This time I explore Western Digital’s TV Live Hub. So far I have explored the Apple TV, Logitech Revue with Google TV, and the Boxee Box. Each one of these devices has great benefits, but also has drawbacks as well. Is the […]

03 Jan Digital Media Adapters Part 4 – Boxee Box

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This is Part 4 in the series, “Digital Media Adapters”.  So far, I have looked at the Apple TV, Google TV, and now I will take a look at the Boxee Box. I remember Boxee as one of the most talked about DMAs in recent history and it won a ton of awards at CES 2010.  It was going […]

30 Dec Digital Media Adapters Part 3 – Google TV

In my last blog, part 2 of “Digital Media Adapters” (DMAs), I looked at the Apple TV, a well-known digital media adapter.  In this, part 3, I will take a look at the Logitech Revue with Google TV (GTV). The GTV is a very unique DMA, almost a low performance living room PC without the storage capabilities.  […]

30 Dec Digital Media Adapters Part 2 – Apple TV

This is part 2 in a blog series about “digital media adapters” (DMA) or “Internet-enabled living room devices.”  In Part 1, I introduce the term DMA, which is essentially a living room device that gives access to commercial and personal movies, music, pictures, and even access to the web in some cases.  In part 2, I […]

29 Dec Digital Media Adapters Part 1 – Introduction

It’s difficult to get online today and NOT see an ad, announcement, rumor or discussion on the new breed of TV-connected computing devices like the Apple TV and Google TV. Also known as a “digital media adapter” (DMA), media extender, Internet-enabled living room device, or by one of about ten other terms, DMAs are popping […]

08 Sep Should the PC Be Worried about the Best DMA To Date?

I have believed for years that if someone with just minor technical understanding wants to watch their digital videos or photos on their big-screen TV, the PC is still the best choice. Question is, how close are we getting to the DMA (Digital media adapter) catching up to the PC? After years of personal testing, sifting through […]

22 Apr Secret Find of the Family Network Administrator: HP MediaSmart Server

My name is Patrick Moorhead and I am vice president of advanced marketing at AMD. Most of what I focus on is the non-traditional marketing like developing the new strategies to change the ways we would like people to relate to AMD’s technologies, new ways to leverage our platforms into the marketplace and new ways to […]