09 Feb Cisco Takes Spark Collaboration To A New Level With Spark Board And Spark Meetings

The business collaboration, meetings and video space is hot right now, and huge companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco Systems, HP Inc. and Intel and startups like Vidyo and Slack are introducing new technologies and platforms to take advantage of these shifts. While this term initiates my gag reflex, “digital transformation” is at the heart of […]

25 Jan Vidyo Hits GA For Its Video CPaaS Solution

As I’ve written before, video is hot right now. Just look at video’s integration into everything from Intel drones inspecting solar panels to Ring door bells to Phillips ICU beds and RBC banking apps. If you spent any time at CES 2017 like I did, this would be evident that everything is becoming video enabled. […]

15 Dec RBC Turns To Video Banking To Enhance SMB Customer Experience As Part Of Digital Banking Initiative

Over the last five years, I’ve been closely following the embedded video and video collaboration markets and technology as it moved from a fixed-location, lower-quality, proprietary value proposition to a higher-quality, anytime-anywhere experience. I have written several articles showing how different verticals are transforming the fields of healthcare, defense, and banking. I’ve said it before, and […]

30 Aug Vidyo Aims To Disrupt Video Banking After Seeing Success In Healthcare And Defense

Commercial video services are a funny thing- they seem to go through ebbs and flows of industry excitement. One day it seems boring and the next thing you see is live video from a drone, Google releasing Duo, a patient traveling on a dogsled to receive care from a doctor a 1,000 miles away… and then […]

29 Jul Telemedicine Puts A Doctor In The House, Literally

Video tower from my medical office (Photo credit: Lawrence Chu, MD, FACS) I have a friend who is a family physician, and he has made a dramatic change in his practice. He told me of the daily struggles and the extended hours he would spend every day, missing family events and even putting off vacations. […]

14 Dec Kaiser Permanente Gives Vidyo’s Platform The Healthcare Seal Of Approval With $10M Investment

While I don’t normally write about funding, it gets really interesting for me when a leader in an industry makes investments in a targeted startup supporting many market trends my firm been analyzes. This happened today with Kaiser Permanente making a $10M strategic investment in software-defined video collaboration firm Vidyo for them to further build out […]

24 Feb Vidyo Beats Video Collaboration Giants At The Department Of Defense

Video collaboration installations are dominated by Cisco Systems, Huawei, Logitech International SA’s LifeSize and Polycom Inc. It’s a big market and even even the collaboration leader, Cisco, recognizes that the market is shifting given their software-defined collaboration investments in WebEx. “Software-defined everything” is all the rage these days in the IT industry, and hopefully you have heard of SDN […]

13 May Vidyo Gets The Jump On Next Generation Telemedicine: But What About Cisco Systems And Polycom?

I had the honor of chairing the board of one of the U.S.’s most well-regarded hospitals, the St. David’s Medical Center, in Austin, TX. I remember thinking many times during board meetings how so many different technology solutions could help improve the quality of patient care, lower costs, or make life a lot easier for doctors and […]

10 May RESEARCH PAPER: Finally, Telemedicine That Works

The healthcare industry is under extreme pressure to transform itself.  Telemedicine was always viewed as a promising technology to drive this transformation, but the cost and inflexibility of most solutions, combined with varied and inconsistent policy hurdles, prevented telemedicine from becoming a widespread reality.  Now, however, a new direction in telemedicine and the governing body’s […]