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07 Apr Vendors Need to Plan Ahead When Enabling Applications for the Cloud: Part 1

A wise man once said, “Buy what you can…Build what you need…Integrate for competitive advantage.”  With the evolving cloud market, this motto is even more relevant today than the early days of client/server enterprise applications. Both end-user DevOps and technology vendors are moving at a hyper-rate to migrate their applications to the cloud and out […]

30 Mar Like a Dog Chasing its Tail: Everything Comes Full-Circle

Over the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work in, around, and on the idiosyncratic world of the industry analysts. The experience, witnessed both as a practitioner and as a consultant, in helping over two dozen organizations and our firm training over 3,500 marketing and analyst relations professionals, has taught me a […]

16 Mar OCP Summit: Canonical Enables Interoperability for OpenStack Clouds

I spent the first part of this week at the Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara where industry leaders came together to collaborate and innovate on next generation scale-out datacenter architectures. There was much discussion at the Summit about what it means to truly be “open” and many provided proof points and demonstrations of initiatives […]

10 Mar RESEARCH PAPER: Multivendor Datacenter Supply Chain Suits Multivendor Clouds

Large service providers like Facebook and Amazon are undergoing rapid growth due to consumer adoption of mobile computing and emerging Internet of Things (IoT) devices and infrastructure. IT is at the heart of their business, and the datacenter is their factory. They are increasingly focused on total cost of ownership (TCO) which includes both the acquisition […]

25 Feb RESEARCH BRIEF: Bringing Intelligence to the Cloud Edge

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The telecommunications industry is moving to cloud-based technologies at the network edge to help tackle the explosion of mobile video consumption, service mobility, virtualization of Customer-Premise Equipment (CPE), the Internet of Things (IoT), and other latency-sensitive applications. But unfortunately today, much of the compute still happens at the center of the network or on the client device. […]

24 Feb Vidyo Beats Video Collaboration Giants At The Department Of Defense

Video collaboration installations are dominated by Cisco Systems, Huawei, Logitech International SA’s LifeSize and Polycom Inc. It’s a big market and even even the collaboration leader, Cisco, recognizes that the market is shifting given their software-defined collaboration investments in WebEx. “Software-defined everything” is all the rage these days in the IT industry, and hopefully you have heard of SDN […]

12 Nov Cisco Systems Earnings Preview – The Balancing Act Continues

As Cisco Systems is expected to announce their earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2015 today, the company faces a long list of challenges in order to meet or beat the expectations put on the company by analysts and investors, but their biggest challenges will be long-term, where open networking, SDN and the cloud are the […]

03 Nov Does Stratus Have The Formula For OpenStack Success?

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This weekend was Formula 1 racing weekend. In my hometown, Austin Texas. Many may not believe it, but Austin is actually home to a US Formula 1 race track, and there are other international races here. Each year tens of thousands come from all around the world, representing the pinnacle of wealth, and they descend on Austin, […]

03 Nov RESEARCH BRIEF: High Availability For Private Clouds

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When moving from traditional IT to private cloud, there is generally a tradeoff between elasticity and availability, so only applications that do not demand the highest levels of availability can move to the cloud. Coding high availability (HA) into cloud applications generally has been complex and laborious; ongoing maintenance creates both a cost and liability for […]

28 Oct Is Dell Opening Networking’s Pandora’s Box?

I love Pandora, the music service that lets me customize my music stations to what I want to hear, letting me design my stations around my actual needs. If you remember the Pandora story, she was the first woman created by the gods, and she opened the box that needed to remain closed. Very fitting as […]

28 Oct RESEARCH PAPER: Is Dell Driving the Open Future of Networking?

While enterprise computing and storage have both gone through a standardization metamorphosis, enterprise networking has lagged. Enterprise networking remains one of the few areas of proprietary vertical integration in IT. But the need for businesses to move faster and be more agile is putting pressure on IT to adjust to strategies that will help their businesses […]

21 Oct Troubled IBM? — 3Q14 Earnings Disappoint

As IBM continues to divest itself from its pesky, low margin hardware businesses, the company has seen revenues continually shrink, and this quarter profits and outlook did not meet Wall Street expectations. And the stock got hammered, now down $20 a share. IBM reported revenues of $22.4 billion, which generated $3.5 billion in profit, down 17% where IBM had […]

25 Jun Can Lenovo Level the Playing Field for SMBs?

While the 2014 FIFA World Cup is capturing everyone’s attention, I started thinking about playing fields. The World Cup brings together a set of teams from around the world, but it is clear that smaller teams like Honduras and Cameroon just aren’t staffed or financed to take on the real powerhouses like Brazil and Germany. The […]

09 Jun RESEARCH PAPER- HP Apollo 6000 System: Density-Optimized Server Packs a Performance Punch

Hyperscale and enterprise datacenters have become increasingly conscious of efficiency, ensuring the optimal amount of hardware resources are dialed-in to the specific needs of their workloads. For many workloads, density-optimized servers have evolved to deliver on the promise of OPEX savings (power/cooling, space) without sacrificing system performance. HP is expanding their density-optimized portfolio with the […]

09 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: Rack Scale Server Segmentation 2014

Moor Insights & Strategy has published commentary and detailed analysis describing the changing scale-out datacenter market for almost two years. In that time, datacenter server hardware segments and descriptive terminology have become fairly complex. Service oriented datacenters must balance their mix of compute capability and power consumption within an increasing density per cubic meter of […]

09 Jun RESEARCH PAPER: HP Apollo 6000 and 8000 Advanced Cooling Solutions

CPU transistors have gotten smaller, and server component power has dropped consistently with each new generation. But datacenters are still up against the proverbial wall with pressures on both power and cooling, as they attempt to maximize their use of datacenter floor space and compute resources. Compute density has increased dramatically over the last decade, pressuring […]

19 May RESEARCH PAPER: Is “Scalable Blade” an Oxymoron?

Blade servers solved the problem of density for businesses, but they did so with compromises that limited their appeal for many applications. As complexity of both applications and environments grew, blade infrastructures were limited in their effectiveness for the task. Customers were relegated to lower-density rack servers for their more scalable applications. And while purpose-built […]

13 May Vidyo Gets The Jump On Next Generation Telemedicine: But What About Cisco Systems And Polycom?

I had the honor of chairing the board of one of the U.S.’s most well-regarded hospitals, the St. David’s Medical Center, in Austin, TX. I remember thinking many times during board meetings how so many different technology solutions could help improve the quality of patient care, lower costs, or make life a lot easier for doctors and […]

12 May Intel’s Four OpenStack Pillars For Private Clouds

Unless you have been living under a datacenter technology-free, rock, you know that this week is the OpenStack Summit 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. OpenStack has fast become the open standard for what I consider a “cloud operating system,” or everything your cloud apps will run on. While there’s the public cloud, every one of the […]

10 May RESEARCH PAPER: Finally, Telemedicine That Works

The healthcare industry is under extreme pressure to transform itself.  Telemedicine was always viewed as a promising technology to drive this transformation, but the cost and inflexibility of most solutions, combined with varied and inconsistent policy hurdles, prevented telemedicine from becoming a widespread reality.  Now, however, a new direction in telemedicine and the governing body’s […]