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21 Jan Verizon Buys Intel Media And OnCue Creating A Large Opportunity

Today Verizon and Intel announced that Verizon will purchase the assets of Intel Media, the group that created what was disclosed today as the “OnCue” set top box and services. While I am disappointed that Intel didn’t take this fully to market, I do believe this could be a huge opportunity for Verizon if they play their […]

12 Dec Why Web Giants Buy Dell Infrastructure

There is no Santa Claus. It’s crushing as a 7 year old to come to that realization after years of believing in the narrative. But the jolly man in a red suit isn’t the only myth being exposed these days. Also, the supply chain for some of the world’s largest cloud data centers isn’t necessarily […]

12 Dec RESEARCH PAPER: Dell and Red Hat Collaborate to Deliver OpenStack for Enterprise

Highlights of the Dell – Red Hat Joint Announcement on 12/12/2013 Dell and Red Hat will expand their collaboration to co-engineer enterprise-grade OpenStack for private clouds. Dell is the first company to “OEM” Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) OpenStack Platform, containing RHEL, KVM, and OpenStack. Dell has joined the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner […]

12 Dec RESEARCH PAPER: Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS), a Strong Alternative to DIY in Hyperscale

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Over the last decade, large search engine, social media, and cloud providers have built giant datacenter capacity to power their internet services, and they have found themselves needing a new type of server to support their massive scale. For these organizations, their IT infrastructure is the cost of goods sold for the services they provide. […]

11 Nov INVESTOR CORNER: NVIDIA- How the Cloud Could Add 50c to Annual EPS

Moor Insights & Strategy “Investor Corner” is content specifically written for the professional investment community.  This analysis was written by Steven Eliscu as part of Investor Corner, L-sq Advisors, November 11, 2013.  See important disclosures and disclaimers below. NVIDIA’s F3Q14 results on November 7th highlighted that the bear case of too much PC market exposure and a lack of […]

28 Oct Calxeda’s Latest Technology Moves The Company Up The Cloud Server Food Chain

Calxeda today announced its second generation server SoC at the ARM TechCon trade show. Code named “Midway”, the EnergyCore ECX-2000 is based on a quad-core 32-bit ARM A15, and the single chip integrates IP such as an 80Gb “Fleet Fabric Switch”, 10Gb Ethernet, and a dual- core ARM A7 processor to offload systems, power, and […]

23 Oct RESEARCH PAPER: Behaviorally Segmenting the Internet of Things (IoT)

The industry needed a useful, functional model of the Internet of Things (IoT) to frame recent developments in the space.  But Moor Insights & Strategy could not find one that was sufficiently vendor-neutral, technology-neutral, and jargon-neutral, and at the same time, both simple to understand and comprehensive.  So we created our own.  Unlike previous attempts, […]

14 Oct RESEARCH NOTE: Software Defined Networking and Emerging Server Form Factors

Does the answer to network complexity live in network virtualization or rethinking the server chassis? Virtualization on standardized hardware is a key IT trend that began in the late 1990’s with the consolidation and virtualization of storage using SAN and NAS technology.  Costs plummeted, customers had greater control and deploying/ reprovisioning became a more seamless […]

03 Oct RESEARCH NOTE: Understanding Lenovo’s Server Position

In today’s server market, there is much focus on the big three, Dell, HP and IBM, who collectively hold approximately 70% of the unit shipments (68.4% in Q2 2013 according to IDC).  The top two, Dell and HP truly control the market volume with IBM holding a very distant third, having declined over the last […]

07 Sep VMware NSX: Is it too Soon to Claim Victory?

This past week VMware made their new virtual networking product, VMware NSX, the star of VMworld, their premier North America event. But as VMware flexes its muscle at VMworld both excitement and apprehension surround the announcements and their plans for future leadership in network virtualization. We believe that those who claim VMware delivered a solid […]

21 Aug Intel’s Disaggregated Server Rack Is A… Mainframe Replacement?

There’s been a lot of discussion about “disaggregated” servers, racks and datacenters since Facebook and Intel promoted their vision for the phrase at the Open Compute Summit at the start of this year.  Haven’t we spent the last few decades disaggregating datacenter architecture? And if so, what does disaggregation mean now, is it something different? I’ll try to be succinct as […]

20 Aug RESEARCH NOTE: Intel’s Disaggregated Server Rack

Does “Disaggregation” Really Mean Anything? There’s been a lot of discussion about “disaggregated” servers, racks, and datacenters since Facebook and Intel promoted their vision for the phrase at the Open Compute Summit at the start of this year.  Haven’t we spent the last few decades disaggregating datacenter architecture?  And if so, what does disaggregation mean […]

24 Apr RESEARCH PAPER: AMD’s Disaggregated Servers

AMD SeaMicro’s disaggregated server enables large and small data center operators to optimize their hardware performance profile for specific applications. Today’s modular x86 servers are compute-centric, designed as a least common denominator to support a wide range of IT workloads. Those generic, virtualized IT workloads have much different resource optimization requirements than hyperscale and cloud […]

09 Apr HP’s New Servers Take a Page from the Smartphone Playbook

Yesterday, HP launched the Moonshot 1500 server, targeted at scale-out datacenters that drive today’s and tomorrow’s mobile applications, internet, big data and IoT. In its its first instantiation, Moonshot increases density, or the numbers of servers in a given space, by up to 8X. So for every rack of HP Proliant servers today, you could put up […]

08 Apr RESEARCH PAPER: HP Moonshot- An Accelerator for Hyperscale Workloads

Hyperscale data center customers have specialized workloads, and they are asking for specialized architectures and equipment to accelerate those workloads, with the goal of increasing data center density while decreasing power consumption and other costs.   In 2010, HP gave its Moonshot team a charter to break out of HP’s mainstream enterprise value propositions. Creating differentiation […]

08 Apr HP Moonshot: Say Goodbye to the Vanilla Server

HP launched today a game-changing line of servers called the HP Moonshot 1500. It is easily their biggest server launch sinceHP introduced the industry’s first X86-based server in 1989.   At a high level, the Moonshot 1500 is the beginning of the slow death of the vanilla, homogenous server and the rise of specialized servers for […]

27 Dec Dell’s End-to-End Play is a Long Way from Personal Computers

As I go back analyze content from Dell’s second annual Dell World conference, one theme in particular stands out – Dell’s E2E (end to end) vision and strategy.  Dell as a CTO (configure to order) PC manufacturer is somewhat of a distantmemory now, which shines an even brighter light on their E2E capabilities.   In a nutshell, Dell […]

17 Dec Dell’s “Five Forces” Will Define its Future

Dell held its second annual Dell World conference in Austin, Texas last week.  This young and energetic conference was a refreshingly honestand candid look at Dell’s transformation from PC assembly to global services and solutions.  Where most corporate conferences focus on selling what’s in or about to enter the sales cycle, Dell World focused on telling Dell’s story for the rest […]

04 Dec Evernote and Sugarsync: Headed in Reverse Windows 8 Gear

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Two of the apps that changed the way I work are Evernote and Sugarsync.  Evernote allowed me to go paperless and Sugarsync allowed me to have access to all my data accessible by any device.  Both of the apps have very robust Windows 7, OSX, Android and iOS capability.  Robustness stops, though, at Windows 8, […]

27 Nov Dell’s CMO Karen Quintos on Dell World 2012

Dell World, Dell‘s conference on IT thought leadership, kicks off on December 12 and is expected to draw thousands to Austin, Texas.  This is the company’s second annual Dell World and will be highlighted by luminaries such as former president Bill Clinton, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, authors ofFreakonomics and SuperFreakanomics, andMichael Dell, Dell’s founder and CEO. It is a critical point […]