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12 Dec Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Coverage At AWS re:Invent 2019

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Articles: Amazon Plugs Quantum Cloud Computing Braket Into AWS (Dec. 11, 2019) by Paul Smith-Goodson AWS Wavelength Could Supercharge 5G (Dec. 10, 2019) by Will Townsend The Top Five AWS Re:Invent 2019 Announcements That Impact Your Enterprise Today (Dec 9, 2019) by Patrick Moorhead AWS Goes All In On Arm-Based Graviton2 Processors With EC2 6th […]

12 Dec HPE Tells Investors It’s All About Services At Its Annual Securities Analyst Meeting

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As a tech industry analyst, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a company I follow very closely on a variety of fronts. One annual event that I always make sure to tune into is HPE’s Securities Analyst Meeting, held in New York City, where the company gets to talk directly to investors about its progress, financials and […]

02 Dec Adobe MAX Highlights: New Apps And Updated Business Outlook

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Last week, the Adobe Max 2019 conference took place in Los Angeles, CA. Those in attendance at the annual event include Adobe partners, developers and creative professional customers that all come together to see the latest solutions. This year around 15,000 in total descended on LA to attend. As an amateur content creator, digital media and […]

02 Dec Dell EMC PowerOne: Is The Future Of Autonomous Infrastructure Here?

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Dell Technologies has been busy in the press since it launched PowerOne. What is PowerOne? What does it mean for enterprise IT? And is it really autonomous infrastructure? The next few paragraphs will address these questions. For a deeper dive on PowerOne, visit the Moor Insights & Strategy site. PowerOne – pragmatic innovation drives the autonomy journey Autonomous […]

02 Dec Dell Technologies Expands Service Offerings At Its 2019 Summit

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This week I, and many of the Moor Insights & Strategy team, attended Dell’s annual Technologies Summit in my home base of Austin, TX. With Dell’s wide-ranging family of companies, there’s always a little something for everyone at these events. Here is my coverage from 2017.The emphasis this year was services, a new automated infrastructure platform, and 2030 […]

02 Dec IBM And Bank Of America Are Developing A Financial Services-Ready Public Cloud

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Most of my cloud analysis has consisted of horizontal IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions. While most technology markets start vertically until the shared vertical elements connect to create horizontal opportunities, the cloud market has done quite so far in its horizontal orientation. The current cloud market has addressed 20% of IT workloads, but the other […]

25 Nov Is Customer Experience The Future Of Cisco Systems?

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I attended Cisco Systems’ Partner Summit in Las Vegas last week. I’ve participated in many Cisco events in the past, but this one was decidedly different. Beyond the core focus on its partner community, there was a resounding theme around customer experience (CX). From my perspective, CX encapsulates the understanding of how a customer deploys and consumes […]

25 Nov Microsoft Goes All-In On Hybrid Cloud And Edge At Ignite 2019

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I jumped straight from Samsung’s SDC event in San Francisco and analyst life on the road continued in Orlando, where I attended Microsoft’s annual Ignite customer conference for all things enterprise IT. The event is an industry can’t-miss, and I make a point of attending every year to find out what Microsoft has cooking for big and […]

14 Oct Oracle Taps Openness And Its Inner Consumer Persona At OpenWorld 2019

Oracle held its annual OpenWorld event once again at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. The world’s third-largest software company by revenue (in 2018) made several interesting and important announcements, many of which have been well-covered by journalists and analysts. The company invited me to attend its Industry Analyst event at Oracle Park, home […]

03 Oct Dell’s PowerMax Wears An Optane Bow-Tie

You’ll notice my friend James Myers, from Intel, when you inevitably see him roaming the halls of your next tech conference. He’s hard to miss, with a warm smile and distinctive bow tie that draw you instinctively closer. If it’s his friendly demeanor that attracts you, it’s the depth of his passion for a specific set […]

03 Oct IBM Galvanizes Its Place In Secure And Private Workloads With New z15 Platform

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In the world of computers, one of the oldest and best-known in the industry is the IBM mainframe, which has existed since the 1960s. This week IBM unveiled the latest addition to its Z mainframe portfolio, a new platform called the “z15”, which was designed with data privacy, security and hybrid multicloud in mind. Let’s take a closer look at the offering, and what it […]

03 Oct Amazon’s AWS Gave Us A Deeper Dive Into Outposts, And It’s Looking Really Good

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When I started my firm eight years ago, I used to receive a bunch of shots when I said the cloud world was headed hybrid. Now that reality has set in, gone are the drunken-sailor days of notions that 100% of the data would be processed and stored in the public cloud. The realities of […]

08 Jun Pure Storage’s Upcoming Accelerate Event Is the Place To Be If You View Data As A Strategic Asset

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I attend around 40 technology vendor or tech association events each year. That gives me a better understanding of each company’s strategies and offerings so that I can make recommendations and, for the lack of a better term, “grade” the vendors on their capabilities. This September 15th-18th Pure Storage will hold its annual Accelerate conference at the Austin […]

30 May IBM Makes The Mainframe More Accessible With New ‘Tailored Fit Pricing’ Program

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If you have followed my datacenter research and writing over the past decade, I have focused on X86, POWER, Arm, and accelerated infrastructure. Given the rise of cloud models and the reality that many mission-critical enterprise apps are staying on the mainframe, I felt it time I started to give the platform more attention. IBM’s […]

10 May Google Spiritually Commits To Multi-Cloud At GCN 2019

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I recently attended the Google Cloud Next 2019 event in San Francisco and wanted to weigh in on what I consider the highlights. The annual GCN conference is a must-attend for anyone connected with Google Cloud and its enterprise capabilities, and this year’s event was a solid one with several announcements with new leader Thomas […]

03 Apr Simple Factors To Consider When Selecting A Strategic Public Cloud Provider

One of the bigger debates in the IT world the previous five years had been about whether to go public or private cloud. For the most part, the majority in the tech world believe that it is a “hybrid” world, one spread between on-prem and public clouds. Amazon AWS’s announcement of Outposts at its last […]

01 Feb What Do Cisco Systems And A Famous Church In Spain Have In Common?

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I attended Cisco Live! Europe 2019 this week in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. Famous for its amazing cuisine of tapas, paella, and ham, the city also features architectural wonders like the La Sagrada Familia, designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Construction started in 1882 and the story is that it’s been under […]

10 Dec Amazon AWS Builds Toward A Shift In Processor And Server Market Power At Re:Invent

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AWS recently introduced another impressive list of new and improved capabilities at its annual re:Invent conference. I believe the most important news items from this year’s event are AWS’s entry into the broader hardware market, via vertical integration of its own processors into its cloud infrastructure, and expansion of that cloud infrastructure into private, on-premises […]

10 Dec Amazon AWS Expands Its Market Opportunity And Lowers Customer Costs At Re:Invent 2018

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It has been a bit over a week since AWS re:Invent 2018 ended in Las Vegas. I had the chance to attend Amazon’s premier conference for all things AWS with 50,000 other on-site participants (100,000 online) and it was a great opportunity to see what’s new in its #1 market share cloud services portfolio. The […]

05 Dec Moor Insights & Strategy Analyst Coverage At Amazon AWS re:Invent 2018

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Columns/reports: Amazon AWS Expands Its Market Opportunity And Lowers Customer Costs At Re:Invent 2018, by Patrick Moorhead (December 10, 2018) Amazon AWS Builds Toward A Shift In Processor And Server Market Power At Re:Invent, by Rhett Dillingham (December 10, 2018) AWS Expands Compute Instances With Graviton A1 And Makes Arm Neoverse Real At re:Invent, by […]